Let's talk about Tee Shirts October 22 2011, 0 Comments

It has been awhile since we have been talking about our Tee Shirts and it seems like while we have been constantly improving on the print processes, as well as the quality, we have not been telling you guys like we should.

So let's start with the print processes this week.

As you can see, we work on both design and process to bring out the best in all of our Tees.

We have 6 main processes, of which I am sure Water-based and Rubber-based are the more common ones you guys know of.

Lately, water based prints have been the print of choice. The unique characteristics of water based prints is that it allows air and water to pass through, and the permeation means cooler and dryer for the wearer.

With Water-based prints, designs like photo prints, portraits and other lighting effects can be thoroughly presented.

For Rubber-based prints, they tend to have a shiny effect due to the oil / rubber mix found in the paint. Usually, imported Tees have this process, as they are deemed to be more costly to produce. However, it is less popular in Singapore where is it of hotter climate. However, we have come up with creative ways to use Rubber-based prints by mix and matching with 2 or even 3 processes!

We are the first few to use this relatively new print technique, which uses a specially formulated ink to replicate a Gel finishing. Much research and development was put into this print process so that we can achieved a similar 3D effect without the ink seeping into the fabric. The result? A popping effect smooth to the touch, yet, a visually fun print technique to watch.

Over the years, the Emboss-print have taken on many forms and have seen its fair share of variations. For us, its about making it sharper and precise, with accurate emboss-cutting techniques. While other emboss prints have rounded finishing, we are pretty proud to have ours cut to perfection with our screen-cut printing process. Sharp edges with every print makes the emboss stand out more, with better definition. Think of it like HD for LED television.

Flocking, or Felt attache process is the printing technique where Felt material is being transferred to the Tee Shirt, thus giving it a textured feel which makes the design multi-dimensional. In this case, we always experiment with 2 or 3 different processes to give it a twist. Try running your fingers along our Tee Shirts and you will know what we mean!

Last but not least, the latest printing process to hit our Tees is the quirky and interesting Stipple-print. Combining Emboss-print technique with our laser spotting Stipple Screen process, we have *almost* brought CNC precision engineering to Tee Shirts!

That sounds like quite a bit for today's post!

Remember, the next time you head down to the stores, run your fingers through the prints and see if you feel the difference!