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The best place for Oxford Shirts

Obviously the best place for Oxford Shirts is in, where else, Oxford.
Take the streets of London, and hit up Saville Row if you are feeling rich and bespoke, and you will know that clothes does maketh a man.

But then, not everyone have that kind of money to blow, so here we are, helping 'maketh of a man' much easier, with much lesser strain on the pocket of your cuffed-up pants.
Here, we hook you up some serious tailored shirts, add that fashionable twist on the pockets, and you have a modern classic in the form of Flesh Imp Shirt Slant Pocket. Setting you back a mere $59, this one is as bespoke as it gets.

Hit the city with our favourite colored pants, Groom, ($59), kick on a pair of Hue, wrap on our nice rucksack Krill, and we are talking about going serious places!

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