Having fun with your competitors November 14 2011, 0 Comments

On 23rd of October, Jiahui, Ngak, Jim, Serene and me attended the Warner Chappell Asia writers gathering in Beijing. For those who don’t know, Warner Chappell houses writers from Damien rice,Radiohead, Timbaland to Jonathan lee, Khalil Fong, Tanya Chua, David Tao and ahem all us Funkie Monkies writers like Xiaohan, Jim, Serene, me and the rest of us.

So we went there and it was a great gathering of songwriters and important guests. We all took turns to perform and everyone had a blast. 大哥Jonathan Lee gave a closing speech, he mentioned that it was fun watch all us taking turns to perform and it’s also interesting that all of us are actually competitors but yet can come together to have a friendly gathering like this. Finally he mentioned that at age 53, he won best lyricist at last years Golden Melody awards and challenged all of us to be able to do that and kick his ass hahah.
And yes, the party WAS a great blast, too bad I can’t post up photos here or a lot of people will come after me! hahha

Yeah as I mentioned in the last post. Competition shouldn’t be the typical kiasu way of hiding your secrets or talents away from your peers. The environment I start with has alway been sharing with each other to create a stronger industry,I had a lot of help from more experienced mentors and peers from the beginning.i ind this crucial especially in times where the music industry is uncertain. So if u’re still acting like that kid in class who uses your book to hide your homework from the rest of the class. Think again:)