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Polo - The Heritage, The Tee and The Style

Lately, Polo Tees have come back pretty strongly, and these semi-formal tops have a deep seated history since 1926 when these 'tennis whites' was made compulsory

Heritage brands like Lacoste and Fred Perry made the Polo Tee a stylish staple, but it was only in 1972 when Ralph Lauren introduced these collared Tee Shirts with his Polo by Ralph Lauren series which made the Polo Tee a wildly popular choice for both sportmens in Polo as well as golf.

These days, however, Polo Tees have already taken a stylish form of its own.
Snipped, Mandarin, Flat, Slim, Tapered, our Polos have combined these quirky processes to stand out from the crowd.

Wear it like you own it!

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