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Do It Like a Dude! Wear It Like a Jacket!

I am sure there are days you get so hyped up about some of the new clothes that you have just purchased, and absolutely can't wait to wear them ALL?

That happens to me ALL the time, but hey, you got only one head, one torso and two legs, so unless you have a co-joined twin, wearing 2 different tops or bottoms seem pretty much impossible eh?

But, yesterday we got inspired by someone at our store wearing our latest Oxford shirt like a Jacket and I thought ' This allows you to wear both at the SAME time!'

And so here we are, wearing it like a jacket!

First, we put on our latest Soft Feel Tee ' America' ($29) and slip on our pants Groom ($59).
Throw up that Shirt ' Blu' ($59) and we have a pretty preppy look for the weekend or party night out.

To add on some spice, we got a detail in the form of keychain 'Feather' ($19)

We looking good or what?

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