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Introducing Ming Bridges

For the last year we’ve been working on this young 19 yr old named Ming Bridges. Ming’s case was one of many surprises. Half British and Singaporean descent, I first knew of her as a teen actress in OKTO.
Then just last year she approached Xiaohan and me in our FM pop music school and shared with us her big ambitions. She aspires to work with FM and our songwriters to make it as an artiste who sings both English and Mandarin. So I said hmm ok, got looks, young, can act, has a singing foundation. Then I asked ok at Funkie Monkies we have built a reputation of pushing out great singer songwriters, like Jiahui, Jaycee, Serene, so can u write?
She took her guitar out and played me 2 songs that she was too shy to play to others and then I was like ok…tis kid definitely got potential as a pop songwriter. After taking intensive lessons with our school. Boom! She started writing like crazy and what started off as a plan for us to write and find songs for her to release an EP has burgeoned to a full blown album written mostly by Ming herself with more than enough songs to choose from!
So yeaahh I’m proud to present u Ming Bridges. Our new teen in town, with one of the 1st songs she played to us in our school.

Her 1st single, I want you back.

Check it out, its free for download, for one month only.
And tell me what u think:)

I want you back

Lyrics/Music : Ming Bridges
Producer : Eric Ng
Vocal producer : Jim Lim
Arranger/all instruments : Eric Ng
Backup vocal arrangement : Jim Lim
Backup vocals : Ming Bridges
All instruments/vocals Recorded @ the Neater Dump (FM Studio)
Mixed by Frank Lee @ the Neater Dump(FM studio)
Mastered by Leonard Fong @ Resonance Audio.

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