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USA 2012

I'm back! Err, not exactly back, at least back in Asia. Am stopping by in Taipei for a nite before I head back to Singapore...Finally!

We did 2 concerts in Vegas and 1 at Mohegan Sun, a casino world 2-3 hours from NYC, It was kinda weird coz the concert started at 2am and lasted till 445am and the audience didn't seem to let up! After the gig, I was walking around outside the casino and found it still packed to the max with lots of Chinese people gambling! At 5am! chinese :). As we were leaving the casino the next day to come home. This chinese dude came up to me and asked me if I could spare him some $$ to take a bus to NYC as he had lost all his 2000USD gambling, he said that he came with his friends, but they left 1st and he lost it all...So I gave him 10 bucks to take the bus back, hope he didn't use it to gamble...

As for me? I didn't gamble the entire trip even though we were basically stuck in casinos the last 2 weeks.

Yup, am still very sure I still prefer Asia, however it's not all that bad, here are somethings I do like about the trip.
That blue sky.


The goofy props for goofy pics.




The crazy supply for musicians.

Times Square is ok...You see it all the time on TV anyway...however...


Times have changed! Right smack on the LED billboards of Times Square, I see a huge China news agency ads, showing
China in it's fullest glory. Yeah! Rock on!


And then there's Skrillex, nominated for 5 Grammys this year, 24 YEAR OLD?!? Computer Music


And of coz, Sterling Sound, this is where albums by John Lennon to Mayer, Guns and Roses to Lady Gaga were mastered.


This is Chris Gehringer, his album credits include Lady Gaga(Born this way), Jason Mraz (We sing, We dance, We steal things),
Rihanna(Loud), Madonna(Hard Candy) and Ming Bridges!!!(Who knows).


So I'm back, I'm inspired, and I'm gonna kick some ass! (after kicking that jet lag)

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