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What a guy should look into while dressing up

Seriously, it’s really all about impressing the ladies, ain’t it?

First off, Dress to Impress.
Bet you didn’t know this but the choice of colour in your outfit does help you exude a certain charm.
Blue is the most popular colour in this case. It makes a person seem trustworthy and it does certainly creates a good impression on you.

Dress smart!
Put on a shirt and a pair of fresh-ironed pants.



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Secondly, women like men who know how to groom themselves.
Trim your eyebrows / clip your nails/ SHAVE (Unless you can pull off a goatee or a handsome moustache).

And we must never forget the hair!
Wax it up! You don’t want some hipster look with hair all over your face.
Take note of little details! It’s all part of looking sauve.

Thirdly, shoes play an important role in dress too. Most women look into the kind of shoes guys wear.
I MUST STRESS that a good pair of shoes has in a person’s style repertoire.

It can most certainly salvage a bad outfit! So do invest in a pair of pumped up kicks! –I mean, a pair of blue suede shoes? Black canvas plimsolls?



Next up, accessorize!
Put on a watch, a pair of shades, some rings, a wrist band. You don’t want to go heavy with your hands. Just a few to bling it up a little.

Spray on some perfume. There’s plenty of science behind the desire to get a whiff from someone who smells good! We are ALL attracted to pleasant smelling things. The next thing you know, she’s already inching closer to have a better whiff! Trust me when I tell you that smelling better is going to make you popular with the opposite sex…

Here’s just a heads up for you guys!
Take note of this and you’re good to go.

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