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Happy Friday the 13th!

As we all know, Friday the 13th is considered an 'unlucky' day of sorts, even though claims do show that there are fewer car accidents happening on this day.

Based on the fear of the number 13, and Friday, this age-old superstition of this special day is also popularised by movies like Friday the 13th and other horror references linked to it.

But instead of letting it becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy by letting the fear manifesting, here are 5 ways to enjoy this special day that happens 1 to 3 times a day ( Although I am sure Friday the 17th or Friday the 28th have the same hit rate :P)

1. Plan a Friday the 13th prank on your friend(s).

Missed the April's fools joke this month? or your friends are just too smart to fall for that obvious ' My dog just died' prank? Friday the 13th, which falls in April this year is your best chance for a ' I didn't see that one coming' April fools.

2. Challenge a Friday the 13th myth.

From no cutting hair to starting a new business, Friday the 13th is a big no-no. For the less adventurous, you might want to challenge the myth by cutting your nails, and if you are a movie director, you might just make it with a movie launch 'Friday the 13th - We almost didn't make it'

3. Propose to your girlfriend / boyfriend .

Make it a memorable one by doing it on one bended knee on this special date. I mean, it might not be a Friday the 13th for your anniversary, but at least you did it in the spirit of overcoming your fear of this supposedly dreaded date. Oh, and you can very well brag to your friends about it after. (disclaimer :  I take no responsibility for any failed marriages )

4. Buy some new clothes

Ah, no one will fault you for some retail therapy on this one. Of course, what better place to go than our very own Flesh Imp Online Store?


Plan an outrageous party with your friends and head out to Zouk or a house party and kick Friday the 13th right in the ass! But remember! If you drink, DON'T DRIVE. Else it will really be a bad ending for Friday the 13th.

Have a good one!


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