Care for the Sole June 07 2012, 0 Comments

Believe me when I say this, but people usually define the person through the types of shoes one wears. Be it a pair of slippers bought at a shop house or an exclusive, limited edition Doctor Martens eye shoe, they complete the outfit you are wearing and they speak aesthetically.

I understand Singapore does not experience all four seasons in the calendar as we are unfortunately, situated close to the equator. We do experience the occasional monsoons and flashfloods so thankfully; this tropical city have little chances from blowing up due to the intense heat which is hot enough to make an omelette on the road.

Oh right, back to shoes! With the inner child in us that spontaneously take over our bodies, we enthusiastically splash into puddles of water. The consequence of our subconscious fun results in our shoes silently crying from being soaked in dirty water.

The sight of a new Spring/Summer collection at FleshImp sets our adrenaline pumping, which sends us running to the store and our shoes get scratched against the pavement. Instant suicide for the footwear!

Youths these days who are willing to purchase items that cost the earth, upon seeing their shoes in the poorest condition (e.g. scratches on leather, salt stains on suede, stubborn dirt that refuses to go despite rubbing multiple times etc.) would feel their heart rip into a million pieces. Let me assure you, so long you are alive and the apocalypse have not reached your doorstep, there are simple ways to care and clean your shoes!

1. Never wear your brand new pair of kicks in the rain, unless you enjoy walking with 1.5cm depth of water in your shoe then by all I means, I respect you for being “one” with nature, but it is advised that one should wear their new shoes 3 or 4 times before going all hardcore and wearing them on all terrain, and through the harshest of weather.

2. Wet shoes should be stuffed with newspaper and left to dry at room temperature for at least 48 hours before you set foot in them.

3. (Especially for leather shoes) Polish them with an ample amount and allow them to sit for as long as possible. Be sure to remove excessive polish with a brush or cloth, and shine them up like you’re in the Army.

4. (Especially for suede shoes) Use a suede eraser (it is a brick of crumbly rubber) to rub away small spots. After which, use a suede brush to restore the fuzz of the leather. A few minutes later, say hello to a brand new shoe!

5. Wear socks in your shoes to prevent a mass wipe out from the intoxicating perspiration stench given off from your feet. Plus socks are absolutely comfortable and they come in all kinds of designs! Unless you wear them with Crocs then, you should go barefooted.

6. Have a shoe schedule. Not only do you not want to repeat the same pair of shoes simultaneously, you should let them breathe and not constantly wear them. I don’t care how attached you are to that sneakers, or how well it goes with shockingly, all of your outfits, but loafers are the way to go today!

How about that? These easy steps are a sure win in keeping those FleshImp kicks of yours in the best shape and condition!

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