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Hold on to your shoes Indie music lovers! UK Indie dance floor favourites Hot Chip will be in making their debut performance in Singapore on 26th June! They will be performing at Avalon with hits such as ‘Over and Over’, ‘Boy from School’, ‘Ready for the Floor’ and more! Having produced four albums so far, this Indie quartet enjoys experimenting with electronic tunes and music dance rhythms to compose an Indie-electronica theme to their music. Take it from me, they sound incredibly amazing and different.

Looking at the video for Night And Day directed by Peter Serafinowicz who was behind ‘I feel better’, Hot Chip is not only pleasing to the ears, but to the eyes as well. The chorography of the music video was catchy and had an infectious beat that would send your feet tapping, and head bobbing rhythmically to the tune. The lyrics to Night and Day is close to poetic, with simple words stringed together to form a declaration for a person’s love to another.

“If I can feed this hype you’re making,
It would make the world alright.
The walls that form ourselves,
Will celebrate our lives.
If I could be inside you darling,
And the center of your life,
I’d write the wall upon the page,
We’re living underneath the skies.”

Beautiful music is indeed made with passion, and Hot Chip has clearly defined the use of lyrical meanings to express one’s feelings.

Hot Chip - Night & Day

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