Flesh Imp Feature Product: Tribal prints T-Shirt June 14 2012, 0 Comments

First thought about Tribal prints: were they really inspired by red Indians who locate in a godforsaken, remote jungle?

Rhetorical question, but I will elaborate on why Tribal prints is a fashion statement, and how you can style them. I understand the simplicity of men’s clothing being only T-shirt and Bermudas or jeans; however you do not want to channel the inner clown in your fashion sense. Tribal prints for males come in either prints or weaves so it’s child’s play in pairing them with your wardrobe staples. Read on a little more to find out how our Tribal prints can spruce up that boring set of plain tees in your wardrobe!

Do not overdo the tribal prints to a large extend when you could be mistaken to be a lost Red Indian from an undiscovered tribe. Pair tribal prints with solid colours, be it on your t-shirt or denims, but make sure they stand out in your outfit. It is imperative to wear them moderately.

Casual is definitely the way to go in donning this ethnic fashion. The look of both Indian motifs and Ikat prints works best through bottoms and shirts, and to the most extreme end, albeit the weather in Singapore is an outcry, outerwear like sweaters or cardigans. Tribal prints are always a statement and any one can instantly feel comfortable in them.

Our Tribal T-shirts are amazingly designed, that features the prints to almost a digital pattern, which mashes the past and present to conclude a compose style. The T-shirts come in three colours with different tribal prints to choose from! You won’t go wrong with any of our designed Tees as they complement almost any wear! Of course, please don’t tarnish the label by pulling a Moscow Circus theme. That is a mortal sin to commit in the Fashion industry.

Flesh Imp Team