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Date Night!

Your crush pulls a Carly Rae Jepsen on you and tells you to call her, maybe for a date?

We’re positively sure you won’t decline her offer and in the moment of wonderment, you snap at the thought of your wardrobe.

“What am I going to wear and give a decent impression to the girl?”

Fear not! We’ve got you covered in that department.

“Clothing is the outward expression of the inner person” as renowned Italian designer Giorgio Armani once said. The clothes on your back are what you will communicate to your date on the experience she’s in for. We understand behaviour is the dictation of how your (romantic) evening will go, but showing up in a poor fitting shirt which makes you look like you borrowed the wardrobe of Cee-Lo Green, or wearing a pair of jeans two sizes too small that cramps your legs up (which results in cutting off all blood supply to your feet) would send your date soaking up her pillow at night with tears on why she agreed on going out with you in the first place.

With that in mind, We assure you these tips will get you the girl of your dreams, and too help that your sense of fashion does not equate to Justin Bieber’s style (he has an issue with fitting jeans and wears them 3 sizes too big that it snug nicely, below his butt cheeks).

What should you wear?


A good, fine cut shirt would do the job if you’re indecisive over the prints on T-shirts, or if throwing a vest over your Tee would make you look like a geek (oh girls love the Joseph Gordon-Levitt style by the way). You can button up for a formal appearance, or throw it over a T-shirt for a causal look.

For the love of fashion and looking good, always make absolute sure that your shirts and clean and free from stains. You don’t want to wear a shirt with a 1 month-old ketchup stain on the sleeve, or an unsightly grass stain lingering on the back of your shirt. Have the shirt to be wrinkle-free for an impressionable appearance.


No, we permit you to wear Bermuda shorts on your first date! Save them for subsequent dates when everything is going smoothly and she’s already comfortable with your presence.

Jeans and dress pants, both are excellent choices for presentable bottoms. We would choose dress pants over a pair of jeans as pants are more, professional. Either way, both are appropriate for a first date. Remember to wear them in a perfect fit and length! You would want to feel comfortable throughout the date, and not constantly pull up your pants or tug at your jeans.

That’s just fugly.


Shoes are a no brainer. Just don’t wear a pair of Crocs with socks, or those Havaianas slippers (so what if they cost freaking $50 a pair?) Slippers worn with pants and a shirt would land you in the canal, beaten up. No wait, that’s for Crocs with socks. Either way, you’ll loose the girl, and your friends.

We would go with a pair of wing-tip brogues. Brogues are smart and presentable, or boat shoes! Those are formal-casual which is apt for you if you don’t want to look too formal.

Dos & Don’ts

We’re no Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey in giving the best advices about dating, but here are some points to take note (based on experiences and opinions):

1. DO keep the conversation going with your date and have substantial amount of topics/stories to share.
2. DON’T adjust your shirt or pants in front of your date. It only goes to show that you’re nervous (and she may feel the same too) and uncomfortable. Be confident and smart!
3. DO make sure you’re clean from head to toe; clothes are crisped from ironing and wrinkle-free.
4. DON’T over-spray your cologne. You don’t want China to know what scent you’re wearing. Use 1- 2 sprays on the neck/collar of the shirt and you’re good!
5. DO keep eye contact while speaking to your date. She isn’t on the ceiling or on the floor. Look right at her to show interest and smile!

Flesh Imp Team

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