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Flesh Imp Product Feature: Pop Culture Tees

Pop culture is the totality of images, perspectives, trends, attitudes, memes, basically anything and every thing that influences the media which in turn, shapes us in our daily lives. Currently, there is one trend which has never left our minds (despite being reported two weeks ago), is the infamous young artist Samantha Lo (SKL0) who went about roads in Singapore, pasting circular black and white stickers with witty captions on the buttons of traffic lights. Her arrest caused uproar in young Singaporeans, as well as those from the creative arts industries/communities.

In lieu to this controversy, we designed a T-shirt, “Press To Release: Flesh Imp for SKL0”, in support of the freedom to express and create art and of course, to help ease the impending fine for Samantha. From this piece and movement, we hope that the young, aspiring artists out there will continue to nurture their talents and one day, use the Singapore and the world as a platform to showcase their limitless imagination and creativity.

Incorporating the artsy element and pop culture, here we have the concrete jungle: New York and a ragged up USA flag with the iconic Flesh Imp logo substituting as some of the stars. New York and the USA have always been a fiery topic on all aspects of news. Fashion week, Economics, Music, Politics, all these are the highlights in world news. America: The centre of a newsroom. She stirs the media with impact that sends frenzy throughout the world. New York: A melting pot of culture, art and fashion. NYC is the hub of all things beautiful and amazing.

Of course, another city in this world which mashes the best of both art and fashion is the city of lights, Paris. In this design, our T-shirt has a touch of French in it. With the spherical insides of the iconic Eiffel Tower, reads the words “la mode de nos jour” (Fashionable every day) that sits at the corner of the T-shirt. Looks trippy! Yes, trippy is the IN thing in pop culture, with the works of tribal, Aztec and all designs ethnic, which we too enjoy reflecting the styles in our T-shirts too!

There you have it! Flesh Imp features Popular Culture in their T-shirts. Do head down to the stores for more fresh designs before they run out!

Flesh Imp Team

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