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Flesh Imp Feature Product: Bermudas and Pants

The weather is out to annihilate the entire human race. Recently, an article in the papers reported that the temperature can soar up to a crazy 34 degrees. Honestly serious Singapore? It is bad enough the temperature touched the 30 degrees mark, but to exceed over it is instant death. Beads of perspiration and buckets of sweat are proof that the sweltering heat we are experiencing is RIDICULOUS.

Well, let’s beat the heat by dressing in cooling yet stylish pieces of clothing. No FBTs or you boxers out please. They are a public eyesore and I’m pretty sure people would slam you for being a local hobo.

We have a new range of Bermudas and ankle pants with a quirky twist to the colour! Here we have a bold coloured pair of Bermudas in sky blue! Yes out with the dull, in with the bright! The light grey isn’t too bad itself. Being a versatile hue, I’m absolutely sure that these pairs of Bermudas can be styled with any T-shirt from our store!

Our pants are tweaked to add a touch of style instead of having a plain hue. We don’t have an added patched of cloth sewed at the back pockets, or those tacky dual colour pants which is disgrace to the world of Fashion. Our pants have a touch of blue folded at the leg hole of the pants for an added style. The subtle blue is a brilliant finishing touch to the pants and of course, a staple piece to style with!

Keep cool with Flesh Imp clothing guys! Be in style with these bottoms and keep out giving the wicked edge of fashion!

Flesh Imp Team

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