The Top 5 Essentials in your Wardrobe July 27 2012, 0 Comments

We are guys. Our clothes are strewn all over the floor in our room. A wardrobe you say? Oh wait, so that’s what the huge, hollow compartment is! I thought it was just another storeroom for more junk.

Yes, a wardrobe is where one hangs their clothes and keeps clean laundry, not a decade of MacDonald’s cartons, or that shirt you wore when you first visited Fun Dazzle (that colourful indoor playground has sadly, closed down for good. Pity.). Start gathering the clothes on your floor and clean out that closet of yours! Time to introduce fresh new pieces of clothing and bid farewell to has-beens!

Having an ample number of styles in your wardrobe is vital. It gives you more leeway in coming up with different ways in creating a casual wear, to a preppy approach. For me, I enjoy having an array of patterned T-shirts, or printed ones. One can never have too many T-shirts!

Here are my top 5 MUST-HAVES in the wardrobe!

1. Printed/Patterned T-shirts
• Digital Aztec prints
• Artistic designs

T-shirts with a quirky twist to the plain background, they rock a simple ensemble in a snap! A minimalistic design on the shirt beats a basic tee so why not? I like mine to have intricate patterns with a mix of dull and bold colors, which spruce up my daily pairings of pants and Bermudas.

2. Plaid shirts

Please don’t tie this with a farm boy image, or a hipster-wannabe. Open your mind and eyes to the 21st century, where nearly everyone and anyone dares to wear the wackiest and outrageous. Men these days are braver to wearing intricate patterns and bold colours, especially with the burst of plaid and tartan for Autumn/Fall.

You can wear plaid shirts with jeans for a casual approach. Roll up the sleeves for an added polished touch. I think any guy can pull off plaid, without looking like an escaped clown from the Russian circus. There are even plaid blazers and jackets to style in!

3. Basic T-shirts
• V-necks
• Crew neck

Other than novelty printed Tees, you should have a few basic Tees in your wardrobe. In the name of essentials and the convenience of what a simple plain Tee, the basics are versatile pieces in completing an ensemble.

4. Denim jeans

Denims are classic pieces, especially denim jeans. Fitted, regular rise, straight cuts and skinny jeans are a necessity in the wardrobe of men. You can play with the lengths of jeans by rolling them up mid0way at the calves for a casual style, like into a pair of 3/4s. There are even different styles of jeans like acid-wash, dark blue denims, distressed black, of the array of choices!

5. Bermudas

In this hot and humid weather, Bermudas are a MUST. These 3/4s length bottoms are a savior during the blistering heat.