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MANicure: The Eternal Gender Debate


Face it.

75% of you reading this post will flinched at the idea of manicures which usually takes about half an hour to what seems like eternity (If you are going YES, i know... then facepalm yourself). It really does not help when most of you would shudder in fear as you imagine the ridicule and humiliation you may suffer if your peers were to find out that you secretly take pleasure in getting your nails professionally groomed.

But there are no boundaries in grooming! It's just personal hygiene!

Getting your nails neatly trimmed is de facto (Not chewing them off). It is just as important as brushing your teeth twice daily.

The chauvinist and egoistic would now go. "Yes. I know it is important to trim my nails. It is personal hygiene.. yada yada yada yada...".

BUT face it!

If you can't cook then you would go out to buy food. If you can't pee straight, you would look for Urologist (Yes this guy is a professional with the problems you might face in your ber donk ker donks).

Male Manicures

So.. if your nails do not look like the above then IT IS TIME TO HEAD OUT to a professional manicurist.

And why?

Would I have disney princess nails?

Nah-uh. There are nail parlours in Singapore catering to Men. Men usually get a basic grooming.

Trim and shape nails. Cutting cuticles. Moisturising and massaging(ooooh) your hands. Getting a clear polish is optional. If your manicurist whips out gel extensions, SPRINT!
Don't look back.

But my friends will make me the running joke of the month..

Tons of celebs do it.. You are no different from the guy that spends $300 a month at the salon. In fact, the chicks dig the guys with professionally done nails. Anyway neatly trimmed nails impress your superior at work.

I really do not want anyone to see me walking into a nail parlour


Problem solved.

Okay, I meant choose a nail parlour that provides services for men to save yourself from the awkwardness of sitting among females who're getting their nails filed.

If you have cash to spare this is good for you

If you are rather tight for the month (Cash wise, if you are thinking about your brother down below. Still. Please go look for a Urologist)

Nah, i'm just kidding. There is ABSOLUTELY no shame in getting help from a professional manicurist. You will have much better nails than the average jock who just chews their nails off. And in the spirit of the London Olympics. In an intense competition, it might all go down the nail. So if you're looking at getting the girl of your dreams. It is time to "nail" out all possibly pitfalls!

Get the drift?! NOW go.

Here's a recommendation:

Check for a Nail Parlor that caters to men's needs on Google to save yourself from awkwardness that you wanna avoid.

Flesh Imp Team

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