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Art Attack!

It’s a pity that Singapore has strict laws against graffiti or mere “vandalism” which are works of art to Art enthusiasts. In all honesty, it would be nice to see more than just the colour of walls, or movie posters and advertisements slapped across a stretch of boring cement. Even so, having a splash of rainbow instead of glue residue on the wall would be a colossal change in my monochromatic life.

Okay, so our Nation gives the red flag to street art. I shrugged to the notion and went onto trusty Google for more information (and images) on street art. Lo and behold! My search was achieved.

Taken from My Modern Met, a blog site where Art enthusiasts unite to share insights of the creativity world, and explore the imaginative side of life, these are not your ordinary I-used-a-can-of-spray-to-express-my-emotions-through-a-series-of-graphics. These incredibly talented street artists took art to another level and made them interactive! It’s best if I show you the art works and let your eyes feast on the wonder of art.

Famed street painter Edgar Mueller transformed a huge slide of a pier into a dramatic ice age scene.

Multi-media installation artist Panya Clark Espinal made everyday objects like a ladder, umbrella and stairs into simple geometric shapes and then screened them to a subway station's walls and floors.

Famed photoshopper Erik Johannson created a street illusion called "Mind Your Step." In the heart of Stockholm.

English chalk artist Julian Beever (aka the "Pavement Picasso") recreated a whitewater rafting thrill ride in Charleston, West Virginia.

Students of Columbus College of Art & Design created this 8-bit mural with a Super Mario Bros. theme.

Don’t you wish you can just jump right into the screen and be part of the street art?

Now here I am wishing my laptop is literally interactive.

In Flesh Imp's efforts to support the freedom to express one's creativity through the hearts of local talents, we embarked in a project Press to Release.

Press to Release

“Press To Release: Flesh Imp for SKL0”,
in support of the freedom to express and create art and of course, to help ease the impending fine for Samantha. From this piece and movement, we hope that the young, aspiring artists out there will continue to nurture their talents and one day, use the Singapore and the world as a platform to showcase their limitless imagination and creativity.

Show your support for our local art scene.
Flesh Imp Team

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