Laundry Symbols// How well do you know your Laundry Symbols? September 13 2012, 0 Comments

When we talk about laundry symbols, you and I probably only know these few basic ones (or don't even know some of them at all!) :

laundry symbols for men

I mean, it doesn't even matter since we're not the ones dealing with it.
But no harm gaining more general knowledge, and it'll probably come in handy when you move out or have to help your (lovely) wife out.

If you think that these five symbols are suffice to prepare you for your battle at the laundromat, you're obviously not thinking right.

Here's a comprehensive laundry care symbols I found online:

looooooooong list of symbols

That is one whole lot of symbols to remember. How did the women even do it?

Well fortunately for you guys, Flesh Imp really feel you.
That's why, our laundry care instructions for you are written in words:


Stay in style (with careful laundry washes),
Flesh Imp Team