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Flesh Imp X Toshiba 'MEME IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!'

Alright guys!
This is the final week where you can win some pretty serious Toshiba Satelite M840 laptops!
These sleek and mean machines come in 3 different colors and you know what, the good folks at Toshiba are doing just that!

1 winner from each category will be selected by our panel of judges consisting of top social media personalities Dee Kosh and Tommy Wee, and of course Vincent from Flesh Imp, as well as Carey Chong from Toshiba!

Here are the details again!

Get your MEME designs going wild with the Flesh Imp ‘MEME it like you MEAN it!’
Win the chance to put the MEME that best represents you on a Flesh Imp Tee Shirt!

Choose from 3 categories that represents you!
Pink – Hey, That’s Cute
Brown – FTW
Blue – Me Gusta Blue

Contest ends 30th September
Designs will be posted on Facebook for public voting. 10 designs will be shortlisted and a panel of four judges will select the winners, tallied with online votes. Judges include Flesh Imp’s founder, Vincent Q, prolific twitter, editor and style meister, Tommy Wee, YouTube-sensation, Dee Kosh and Toshiba’s Assistant Country Manager, Carey Chong.

The 3 winners (one from each category) will be announced in October. There are a total of $4,800.00 worth of prizes up for grabs! On top of that, the 3 winning designs will be printed and made into Flesh Imp’s FLMPLTD Tee Shirts!

Upload your meme at
Shortlisted designs will be showcased on the site and the 3 winners will be selected after the competition closes.

3 top prizes for each category
Toshiba Satellite M840 Blue Horizon
Toshiba Satellite M840 Pink Blush
Toshiba Satellite M840 Gold Blaze

Cut off date for online voting will be 1st October 2012.
The top ten entries will be shortlisted and the panel of judges will judge each entries; tallied with online votes which constitutes 20% of the score!

Each prize consists of:

Toshiba M840 Satellite (worth $1299) + 5 Flesh Imp x Toshiba Winner MEME FLMPLTD Tee Shirt (worth $175) + Flesh Imp Vouchers (worth $150)
Total prizes per winner is $1,624.00
Total prizes for 3 winners is $4,872.00


Cut off date for online voting will be 1st October 2012.
The top ten entries will be shortlisted and the panel of judges will judge each entries; tallied with online votes which constitutes 20% of the score!

The designs will also be made into much-coveted limited edition Flesh Imp x Toshiba FLMPLTD Tee Shirts. These exclusive Tee Shirts, in commemoration of the Flesh Imp X Toshiba will be launched with the announcement of winners!

Contest Mechanics

The winner from each category will be announced by 2nd week of October 2012 and they will be notified via email or/and telephone. Source files for their entries are required. Other information required will be requested. Their designs will also be printed on the Flesh Imp X Toshiba FLMPLTD collection, which will be launched in conjunction with the announcement of the results.

Submission of designs
Submissions can be uploaded on

Rules & Regulations
1. This contest starts 1st September 2012 and ends 30th September 2012
2. Each participant (with valid contact information and email address) will be entitled to only ONE short-listed entry for the finals.
3. Participants will need to provide the organizer with valid contact information and mailing address.
4. All entries must be submitted by midnight (GMT) 30th September 2012. Any entries received after that will not be accepted.
5. All entries must be original artworks.
6. Any entry found to contain any commercial or non-commercial source belonging to other than the participant would be disqualified and immediately barred from taking part in the contest.
7. The winner of the contest will be notified via email or/and phone call on or before 10th October 2012
8. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
9. Flesh Imp Clothings Pte Ltd (hereby named as Flesh Imp) is not liable for any legal claims against the products/services (including, but not limited to, their performance, quality and warranty) for any of the prizes given.
10. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
11. All employees of Flesh Imp and their agencies in relation to their campaign are not eligible to participate in this competition.
12. Flesh Imp reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw the rules and regulations without prior notice.
13. In case of any participant misconduct, Flesh Imp reserves the right to disqualify drawing entries.
14. In case of any disputes, the decision of Flesh Imp shall be final and binding. Flesh Imp reserves the right to vary or modify any of the above terms and conditions.
15. The winning entry may be modified, edited or altered by Flesh Imp and may vary from its original submitted design, subjected to Flesh Imp’s discretion based on its brand and colour guidelines.
16. No graphics or visuals depicting violence, sex, racism and other discriminatory themes are allowed.
17. All winning entries for the contest will be considered property of Flesh Imp and will be used in other Flesh Imp campaigns for a period of up to two years from the date of the judges’ decision.


Q. How many designs can I submit?
A. You may submit as many designs you want but note that only ONE entry per participant is allowed to be shortlisted for the finals.

Q. How and when will I know if I’ve won?
A. The results will be released before or on 10th October 2012 and winners will be notified by email and/or phone.

Q. What criteria will my design be judged on?
A. Our panel of judges will base their judging criteria on their own experiences and aesthetics of design on the essence of the theme. But generally speaking, every design will be judged on the creativity, concept, relevance and combinations of different effects on the MEME and description

Q. When and how will the results be announced?
A. At the end of October, the winners will be announced via and the Flesh Imp FaceBook Fanpage. The winning design from each category will also be made into Flesh Imp FLMPLTD Tee Shirt and launched at the same time. Winners will be notified via email or phone on how to collect their prizes.

Q. What are the formats that I can submit my entry? Any limitations on color and size?
A. You can submit the entries in .jpeg format. We will request for the source file from you if your design is shortlisted by our judges. Please submit the designs in 300dpi

Q. If I am one of the top winners, what do I need to do?
A. We might need you to edit or alter some of the designs, based on the requirements and complexity of the design that will be transferred onto watch. After that, we might need more info on your thoughts and concept of how, why and what the designs represent. Of course, we will also need you to send in the source file of the design for promotion purposes.

Q. If I collaborate with another designer and the entry wins, can both of us get a prize each?
A. No. Only the designer who submitted the winning entry will win the prizes.

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