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Flesh Imp x X-mini // The Perfect Sound

Back in the day, people shared music with giant boomboxes over their shoulders or hung out by the jukebox choosing their favourite tunes.

[caption id="attachment_3163" align="alignnone" width="675" caption="BOOM. I wonder if he still has his sense of hearing now."]BOOM. I wonder if he still has his sense of hearing now.[/caption]

Then came along the Walkman and Discman and to share the music, we had to settle for listening to only one side of it while your friend took the other side of the earphones.

[caption id="attachment_3165" align="alignnone" width="675" caption="Sharing ear phones....."]Sharing ear phones.....[/caption]

Today, most of our gadgets feature speakers that we can share music with easily but of course that is not enough for the technology-starved people of our time. The sound quality coming out from these built-in speakers is often too soft or so crackly that we can hardly enjoy the music that is playing. Not cool.

Some of us even resort to this...

[caption id="attachment_3166" align="alignnone" width="675" caption="DIY Speaker"]DIY Speaker[/caption]

Get on with the times and check out the X-mini Capsule Speaker! Want to share your favourite or latest track? Watching a movie from your laptop? You know what to do. Compatible with laptops, mobile phones, tablets and portable media devices, just plug in the X-mini Capsule Speaker to enjoy great quality sound. The pocket-sized X-mini Capsule Speakers is portable enough for you to bring around, offering you Sound Beyond Size anytime, anywhere.

Yay to no more sharing of earwax!


Do you know X-mini Capsule Speaker is a local invention by entrepreneur and now CEO of X-mini, Ryan.

Always providing youths and talents with platforms to showcase their talent, Flesh Imp collaborates with X-mini this October, bringing you The Perfect Sound contest.

Designers can now design their concept of ‘The Perfect Sound’ on a totally new canvas – the X-mini Capsule Speaker:

X-mini II - view 00 BXS white

A template will be provided for you to design on. Submit your designs to starting 1st October 2012!
The top 12 designs (based on number of Facebook Likes) would be showcased on our Flesh Imp 12th Anniversary Party at Velvet Underground on 30th November 2012.

On our anniversary party, judges will select the THREE winning designs!

Flesh Imp will also be unveiling the limited edition Flesh Imp X-mini UNO Capsule Speakers, along with a special capsule collection consisting of a Flesh Imp X-mini FLMPLTD T-Shirt and Bag!

For the past twelve years, it has been a great mix of music, fashion and style. With X-mini as our partner, we are excited to give fans of music and design a chance to on work on something that combines all their interests. As a homegrown urban label, we are proud to be spreading the love for the urban culture and supporting local talent through this opportunity for the community to showcase their creativity with $3,600 worth of prizes up for grasp!

Contest starts from 1st October and ends 31st October 2012. For more details, log on to

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