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1st Red Bull Flugtag in Singapore

Guess where I headed to last weekend?


The massive platform where the contestants take off at!



Loads of man-made aircrafts have been cruising the skyies (and some landing face-down into the seas) of Vienna, Austria since it first started 20 years back! Singapore was hyped to know that Red Bull Flugtag is finally coming to Singapore!

The Red Bull Flugtag is a competition more of for entertainment and most aircrafts rarely fly at all!

And so there're lots of pretty entertaining and wacky aircrafts taking off a 6 meter ramp at Siloso Beach Sentosa!

Here's a 'long' of xiao long bao! (steamed buns)


I can totally envision the flight of this aircraft.


Among all the aircrafts, the entry I like best is from this team. Can you tell what it is? :


Here's a close up of it:


That's right! The ERP Gantries! Although its flight was a devastating crash, but the crush was a satisfying victory for the team!! And I totally admire the spirit of the team, having spent weeks toiling over their dream aircraft to crash it.

Watch their "victory" right here:

Alas, Team Super Sevens, piloted by Cordelia Daphne, who happens to be a model and style blogger for a female apparel label Femmex won the challenge!

You can catch their flight here: 1st Red Bull Flugtag Singapore

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