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Grizzle Grind Crew at FLMP

It's always great to see budding local talents in the music scene and Grizzle Grind Crew is one of the rising stars.
In case you haven't heard, Grizzle Grind Crew is:

ShiGGa Shay
DJ NashD
Tosh Rock
DJ Hund

Shigga Shay has been rocking hits on the radio with 'Rock My World' featuring Vanessa Fernandez and 'Echoes' featuring Sylvia Ratonel and with Shigga Shay's new crew, we can't wait to hear the awesome music they'll be making. Here's the Grizzle Grind Crew at Flesh Imp.

[caption id="attachment_3807" align="alignleft" width="675" caption="Grizzle Grind Crew at Flesh Imp @ Scape."]Grizzle Grind Crew[/caption]

Tosh Rock sporting Flesh Imp en route to Malaysia for Ah Boys To Men Promo Tour.

[caption id="attachment_3813" align="alignleft" width="675" caption="Tosh Rock(2nd from left) with Ah Boys To Men cast. "]Ahboystomen[/caption]

Check out Grizzle Grind Crew's latest hit on their YouTube channel and their Facebook page.

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