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Button Up!

Flesh Imp always pays attention to the finest details of an apparel, from its seams to its choice of threads, we always experiment with different effects before the producing the pieces - right down to our selection of buttons on our shirts. And if you realise, the choices of buttons gives each shirt a different feel.

Here are our new button ups up on our online store,

Flesh Imp Shirt Dough // SGD 59.oo
Navy blue shirt with polka dotted collar lining and sleeve placket.
Choice of buttons are contrasting round buttons in matt wheat colour.

Flesh Imp Shirt Alley // SGD 59.oo
Soft denim-like fabric with quirky coloured buttons.

Flesh Imp Shirt Brenan // SGD 59.oo
Dim grey denim-like fabric with wooden-like plastic buttons of African wenge color. This shirt also features a unconventional rectangular elbow patch.

Flesh Imp Shirt Pokka // SGD 59.oo
Navy fabric with neatly dotted fine prints and inversely coloured sleeve placket.
The white shell buttons give it a stark contrast, especially on the lifted pocket flap.

All our new shirts are in stores now.
You can also get them online at
We're having a promotion of 10% off every SGD50.00 purchase.
Punch in those promo code upon check out!


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