4 reasons to download the Shopguru app! June 05 2013, 0 Comments

Recently we got to know about this great app that have just been launched and we are really stoked about it.

It's called Shopguru and we are totally sold on the idea.

Here's how it works, download the app ( of course) and sign up using Facebook or your email and start earning points.

Now how is that different from other shopping apps?

Well, for starters, the points are easy to score, just browse the good deals that the shops are offering and you get points just for looking!

It gets better, walking into the store gets you points, scanning a specific item as well and definitely more when you start buying!

So here are the 4 reasons we think you should download Shopguru

1. It's a kickass app to finally reward us for shopping ( a good reason to splurge without the guilt)

2. Score points almost anywhere you shop! ( close to 100 merchants over 1000's of stores)

3. Claim your rewards ranging from Starbucks vouchers to iTunes credits, right down to iPad minis!

4. We are on it!

Here are some photos of the launch.

Now that is one bag that we would love to carry around

Download the app here

Remember to use this code erWG to get a head start of 500 points!

and while you are at it, download the Flesh Imp app here too!