3 fashion tips for the Skinny! June 15 2013, 0 Comments




Yes we know, for some of you lucky ones out there, no matter what you eat and binge, you will remain the same; slim and skinny. Hipster ready.

Being lean usually equates to being mean, and yes, attractive to most and healthy to others, but if you are too thin, it can also be a real problem. So how do we stop your granny / mother / aunties / nephews! / niece / cousins from telling you that 'you should eat more' and offer that last piece of drumstick to you.

Here we have compiled a collection of tips to create your own arsenal of visual illusion to making you look bigger. 

Look ma, no gym!


1. No skinny shirts! Or Tees!

One of the funniest things that skinny guys like most are skinny shirts. That is actually a big fashion myth. Just like blacks make you look darker and whites make you fairer. We will keep that for another time.

So, skinny = No, Slim fit = yes! To hide that small frame, get something fitted that will give you some movement from your torso. Unless you are going for the compression gear look, get something that is not too clingy or of dri-fit fabric. Also, don't go to the extreme and go for something too large, you might end up looking like you stole something from your dad's wardrobe. Our Tees and Shirts start from Size Small, which are fitted, so go for a fitting at the store, and you will see what I mean.






2. Pants on Fire

The general rule of thumb is pretty simple. Unless you want to look like a matchstick, never go for something that emphasises what you want to hide. Go for classic cut and the evergreen flat front. Of course if you are a hipster, you can always go skin tight, but I am guessing if you are already reading this halfway through, you aren't really into that hipster vibe yeah? Find details that draws attention away from your slim frame, like pockets, buttons, belt loop variations and stuff like that. Not only do they accentuate your keen attention for details, but also flatter your build with ease. Oh, and keep those hems cuffed. Keep them loose, but not too low to look like you just came out of a flood. 4-5 finger away from your ankles should do just fine. 

The same goes for shorts or bermudas. While the trend is towards tighter fit and shorter hems, the skinny will have to make do with something slightly bigger to avoid showing pencil thin legs. Go for something colored, or printed like camouflaged patterns to create the visual of a bigger you.






3. It aint heavy

Heavier fabrics add volume and beefs you up almost immediately. However in Singapore, we know that, that might just kill you, so stick to something climate friendly like oxford for shirts and higher thread count Tees. Pants are also better off thicker, as well as khakis work pants. If you can take the heat, ramp up the wool content, or go with layers to use clothes to appear like you have the mass.



So my skinny friends, ( though I secretly hate you guys) the 3 essential tips to make you look bigger, meaner and of course more attractive, without spending too much time at the gym.


Next week, fashion tips for Fat dudes! ( I love this one)


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