It ain't heavy, it's my bag July 15 2013, 0 Comments

Let's bag some goodies!

This season, we dropped a massive collection of native and tribal designs so that you can have a reason to buy new ones!

We go totally ethnic with this one. Combining Teepee Prints with the african eagle symbol to give that tribal vibe. 

Always ready for the urban jungle, TRIBES will do the job 

If too much tribal is not really your thing, then go for something subtler, but without losing hipster points.

SCIN is a optical illusion of prints that gives you a headspin without breaking the bank. 



NEOTIVE is good for that long haul trip, especially if you are a nomad. :P 

Injecting serious neon into the prints, NEOTIVE is tribal meets Klash the Disko kids.

For the less adventurous, AZDIA would be a good choice.

Muted pastel tones for that softer touch. 


As usual, our bags are $27 a pop.

Good deals or what?!