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Some like it Short

For some, bermudas are more for casual vibes. 

you know, just hanging out and having a relaxed day out.

But with the prep trend hitting hard for the past year with no signs of seeming to go, bermudas have been a pretty versatile staple in our wardrobe.

Bermudas are typically knee-length which gives the wearer a very casual feel.

With the prep and smart trend, bermudas are getting shorter and having more intricate details and cut, styling and also colours. 

The bermudas we are talking about now are making their way into formal and even black tie events.

Which brings to the next question.

How short should it be?

Unless you love a self-inflicted wedgie, the general rule of thumb is to keep the hem of the bermudas 4 inches from the middle of the knee.

Depending on your height, the idea is to make it short, sharp and look smart.

Anything below the knee might give you that bum effect, while anything too much above the knee will make you look like you are wearing oversized diapers.

One main issue which I am sure that most guys face is the bulging thighs due to soccer and running, which might make your bermudas look tight. So the right fit is important.

Here's some of the styles we think would make wearing bermudas a good choice for both formal and casual occasions effortlessly.


And if you are wondering if we have something for you, check these Flesh Imp ones out.


JADEN is one of our top sellers for this season as we focus on subliminal details along the waistband. Experimenting with colored stripe bands from our factory stocks, we added something that replicates the look of a belt, without adding bulk to it. This gives you a slim fit look when you tuck your shirt or even Tee Shirt in, while maintaining that sharp and preppy look.




My personal favourite, DAX is simple yet sophisticated. I can't imagine how little details like the tri-colored band can make such a big difference to an otherwise plain blue ones. Subtlety at its best, the piping creates a nice touch for both casual and formal events. Throw on a nice belt, and white button ups, finishing the look with a pair of well worn brogues, you be looking like a Oscar nominee.


And if you are like me, now you can say, you like it short too.

Bermudaly yours, 



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