2 styles for Summer Swag July 23 2013, 0 Comments


You know the thing about Singapore is that there is really no Summer, in fact it is pretty hot the whole time, the only layering you can do is that shimmering perspiration.

But here's a sneak preview of what we can do for this intense weather.

These will drop 30th July so hang in there!


2 summer swag styles you can rock and look cool in this heat wave.

You know how we keep playing around with our short sleeves and experimenting with the processes and techniques, so you will know for this latest drops we have added some collar piping to a slim cut white short sleeves button ups.

For details we added a button on the sleeve, just cause we can :) 

The bermudas this season also seen some awesome fabric that we managed to source, and like the last blog post on how short should we go on those berms, we added a folded panel so that you will know where to stop. 

I can't stop raving about these new belts and I have already copped one in every colour. These waist saving belts have gone a notch up in terms of quality and we are looking at some serious mix-match and mish-mash colour ways. For this get-up, we go for something that matches the collar piping.

Finish the look with some fine looking shades and you are good to go!



We know, you must be thinking it must be cray to wear long sleeves in this heat, but these ones are made with an awesome rayon cotton mix that is thin and lightweight.

We switched some panels around and decided to infuse some slips on the flanks. Bigger dudes will like this as it makes you look slimmer. Choose to roll them sleeves up if you are outdoors or keep them buttoned if you want to stay prepped. 

The bermudas are pretty similar to something we had last season, but I thought it was good to see a re-hash of that in the form of red piping. Sorted like what I used to wear when I was drum major back in school, but this gives a totally new look in the form of shorts.

The belt creates a lighter chirpier summer mood, and similarly finish up the look with some pixel shades.