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3 awesome shirts for this National Day Weekend

The weather these days have been insane and the heat is searing hot.

I can't imagine how to look good without breaking a sweat

Well, but you know what this weekend holds! It is the ultra long weekend where Hari Raya meets National Day.

I know the holiday mood is unbearable especially if you aren't out of town for this rare weekend.

So here we have some new arrivals for you to break out for the holidays. 

Be it celebrating the nation's 48th birthday or just taking a chance to hang out in style.

First on the line up we have Curtis, which looks pretty much like Leafy


Look closer and you will see the difference.

This is 'fly-off-the-shelf' potential so be quick!

Next up we have SHARRIF

Yes, we know long sleeves will almost kill you in that heat, but hey, we got your back covered with this one.

Made with lightweight rayon cotton mix, this shirt is that one life saver that keeps you look all swagged out without the sweat-out.

Keep them down or roll 'em up, SHARRIF will keep the style factor in check.

Last but not least, we have BURGESS, which, judging from our staff's reservations, is gonna be a sell-out. 

Polka dots on lightweight rayon polyester mix is what we need in this hot weather. 

Get dotty with this one. Never goes out of style.


So there we have it. 3 perfect pieces for the National Day weekend.

I am going to post some perfect (and free) locations to catch some National Day Fireworks for you and your date!


One Love

- N

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