7 places to watch the NDP fireworks! ( for free) August 06 2013, 0 Comments

So you are all decked out and ready to go on a super long weekend date with your boo and then you realised most of the places were either too packed, or too boring.

You text your mates for ideas and last-minute double dates but they are either still sleeping or have the weekend all planned out (and some on holiday). 

Well, why not bring your date on a romantic picnic and fireworks session?

Yes, we know those NDP tickets are almost, if not, as hot commodity as those McKitties and McMinions, and we are not asking you to cop those $100 tickets just to watch the parade. 

Here are, not 1, not 2, not even 4, but 7 locations! you can watch the fireworks and have a good time celebrating the National Day with some spectacular fireworks!

You are welcome!

The fireworks should be launching at 'S'

1. Esplanade Waterfront Promenade

This is one of the most convenient location. Dropping off at City Hall Mrt Station and going through the underground walkway will get you to this area without hassle.


2. Esplanade Bridge

The fireworks will be pretty in-your-face over here. It will be a great time to take those ' see, -I- released-fireworks-for-my-girlfriend' photos 


3. Promontary @ Marina Boulevard

Now revamped into a nice green area, this was a hidden spot favorited by photographers. 


4. Marina Bay Sands Waterfront Boardwalk

This is a familiar place to me as my running crew Purple Lights take this route to the Marina Barrage every Wednesday. The timber boardwalk extends all the way to waterfront and trust me the view is gonna be amazing!


5. Helix Bridge

Not the best location though there are protuding platforms along the bridge that breaks away the structure blocking your view. Might be interesting only if it not so crowded.

6. Marina Barrage

This should probably be the best spot for some chilling and picnic while waiting for the NDP to start. Get there early and spend the day having some outdoor fun!


7. Bonus Location - Follow us on Instagram to find out where.

Ok, this location might not be the best, but it might not be that crowded ( judging from last year) and the view is pretty awesome!


HAppy National Day!

- N