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5 ways to Snapback Swag

Snapbacks have been making a silent but surely comeback over the past few seasons and while it is a US / baseball / ball cap kinda trend, the Asian trend was imploded thanks to the K-pop wave.


Like leather pants, Snapbacks might not be for everyone. However, with a little guidance and advise, we might just push your luck and get it working for you. ( sorry, leather pants are still not for everyone, ask Steve Tyler for that one ) 

So before we get moving, let's get this one no-no out of the way.

If you think that Snapbacks are for shielding from the sun then you better off with an umbrella.

Ok, we got that out of the way so here goes

1. If you are wearing snapback for the first time, DO NOT wear it the other way round. Unless of course you are Jay-Z.


here's some rap mogul swag for you.

Of course the other reason for not wearing it this way is this.

(dang ma, I wuz tryin not to get a redneck, so I swung the beak to the back)


2. The best hair style to wear Snapbacks is to have none at all.

Check out how these hip hop legends rock their snapbacks.


NWA or Niggaz With Attitude making snapbacks look cool.

BUT before you start shaving that head of yours and end up looking like Eminem and bringin on the haters, the idea of having a shaven pate is that Snapbacks look good without that frizzy mess by the sides. 

So if you have short hair, trim the sides so that you get some serious skin on your head. 

Some styles like Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man, Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad and Justin Timberlake's Suit and Tie could let you pull off the snapback on a good day, or even on a bad hair day. Unless of course you are diggin that Wayne's World look 


Here's how our homeboy Shigga rocks his Limpeh snapbacks. 


3. It's always about the size

The good thing about Snapbacks is that small little snap on the back ( thus the name) which gives the wearer a good range of sizes, unlike fitted, which is pretty much fixed. So, while it is common sense to get your actual size, some people decided that bigger is better, thus looking like a motley fool with an oversized snapback, covering not just your head, but your ears and your face. So remember to keep the brim around half of your forehead nothing too high ( you will end up like a cockanaden, as with the army helmet) and nothing near or covering the eyebrows. You might just get arrested by cops for being too dodgy.


4. K.I.S.S

No, not the band, but Keep It Simple, Stupid! For first timers, it is easy to either get all confused or all  crazy over the wide variety of snapbacks there are out there. So to ease into that I-have-been-wearing-snapbacks-all-my-life vibe, stick to simple type fonts, or logo ones first. Black / Red / Camo / Green are pretty good choices. If you decide to get a ballcap, make sure its from a team you know and like, or at least know what's the deal. Else, it is really quite pointless. If you decide to go with certain brands, the best way to go is to match them with your sneakers. 

5. Swag attracts Swag

Wearing a Snap Back requires some, you guessed it, some swagger, and a slight smirk. Both wil add some douchey-ness if you try too hard. So ease off on that fake swagger, literally, and be yourself. Be confident. Maybe your friends might know that you haven't been wearing snapbacks and your awkwardness might show, but when you hit the clubs or the streets, nobody else needs to know. So hit them snapbacks up, slap on some cool kicks, rock your nice gear and get that snapback swag!

6. Girls

If you are a girl and you are hot, just wear them snapbacks. There aren't no rules for yall man. :)

Rui @ruimakesyourbedrock on Instagram


Jennifer Q



And one last one of myself.

and of course myself @nicholas.cho


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