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UU3D - Make your own Mini-me!

Last weekend was a flurry of activity and to start the frenzy off was the launch of the Uu3d pop up store at Scotts Square and I was honored to be invited to be part of this cool project alongside famed hairstylist David Gan, aesthetic doctor Georgia Lee as well as show producer Daniel Boey.

Here's the full list of the individuals that were invited to be part of this cool launch.

From A to Z, so I was N!

The process took less than 30 mins where I was scanned by the Japanese master Mikanbako and I literally see a 3D version of myself forming on the screen!

As the scanning is an intricate process, I cannot move for the entire duration, as well as wearing my glasses. Thus in the process, you might notice that my eyes are a little...erm...crossed! 

My glasses was scanned separately and placed onto my face after the 3d printing process.

Here are some of the questions that you might have.

I would like to show you the rest of the exhibition, but I think it is better for you to make a trip down and have a closer look at how cool this pop up store is.

However, I am sure you would like to see how realistic my figurine turned out to be.

Here's me with a huge Nike Flyknit Trainer. 

I am always amazed with how the features turn out to be so sharp, right down to my hairstyle, expression, and the greyed facial hair. If you can take a closer look, you can actually see the Flesh Imp logo at the anchor on the Tee Shirt! And oh, the tatts turned out pretty well too. 

Don't stare too long at the figurine, it might just smile back atcha!

Here's another shot of the scale of things. The AM95 I am wearing was actually a challenge for the guys to scan, but as you can see, it turned out pretty AWESOME!

So head on down to check out the store, and in the meantime, go get yourself scanned and have a figurine customised!

As updated by the lovely Carol from Kinetic, the $300 or 10cm option is only available if you have had the Small / $850 option made. 

Go check it out now!

Uu figurines..

Collect all 23!


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