Halloween Tips and Cheats! October 18 2013, 0 Comments

ok, so it's a couple of days till halloween and you haven't done anything, and in fact, not even planning on heading for a night of weird hunting.

Then suddenly, the day before Halloween your pals decided to include you in their entourage and all you have is that Jack-O-Lantern Tee Shirt from Toys-R-Us when you were in secondary school.

Time to hit the panic button.

Yeah we know how that feels, hanging out on Halloween night with everyone in full gear and full set up while you hang around looking sheepish in that lame attempt of wearing a big white tee trying to be casper, or some blood streaks off the side of your mouth, or worse still, a devil horn headband. 

And yes, giving that 'Oh, I am going as myself' excuse isn't going to cut it or impress anyone, especially if you are trying to gain entry into the club past that bouncer. And he is even better dressed up than most.

So how?

Well, instead of going trick or treating ( which is almost non-existent here, unless you want to get shouted ' XIAO AH?!" by the auntie next door), here are some simple tips and cheats to make that Halloween an exciting one with most of the stuff easily available and DIY-able.


1. What's up Doc?

Well, if you really hafta, then dress up as a doctor. Find an old shirt, pair of dark pants and grab a simple halloween doctor kit and you are good to go. 

If you have time and friends in UK, you could also get this full set up sent from here

For more gore, add fake blood. You could DIY with some red coloring and corn syrup!

The last time I tried this, many people came up to me and told me ' Doc, I am sick, can you help me?' (hot chicks included)


2. Ah Boys To Men

No, not really, but you get the drift. 

This one is simple, go dig up your old army fatigues and old camo stick and just stay still on a green mat. 

For more bizzare costumes ideas you could check this out.

3. Digital Dudz

Ok, I know, some of you really have no time to assemble or it's too much of a hassle then maybe this will work for you.

Just try not to go too lazy on this one though.

Download the digital dudz iPhone app here, android here

Combining digital wizardry into Halloween costumes never been easier.

Using the templates within the app, you can literally come out with 100s of ideas.

Just use duct tape, scissors, and a good old Tee or Shirt!

 Check out the 7 tips for using this amazing app.


So there you have it, some lifehacks for Halloween.

Have a ghoulie weekend!

oh, I might just go as this.


What are you going to be this halloween?