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By My Side With David Choi

Posted on January 02 2018

Prince of YouTube - David Choi

David Choi is known for his humorous song ' YouTube, A Love Song' which was aptly featured on the YouTube homepage in 2006. That literally blew up the singer / songwriter David Choi that we know of today. Millions of views on social media and a decade later, the David that we see today is a level headed artiste who understands the YouTube culture, and his way around it to help evolve and grow the next generation of YouTube artistes. 

We managed to sit him down when he was in town for some meetings and pick his brain on what's next for him.

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Flesh Imp //  FI

David Choi // DC

DC : Hi, My name is David Choi and I’m a singer, songwriter, producer from Los Angeles, California.

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FI : You just had a tour!! Tell us how that feels.

DC : The best part of touring is you get to meet all the wonderful people who have been supporting you throughout the years.

FI : Have you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

DC : My goal was always to do music full time. I’ve never had any ambitions of becoming a performer - more of a writer producer. But life is strange and my path happened to lead me in the direction that it did and I’ve grown so much from it. It also made me a better writer and producer.

FI : People often feel that cover singers seldom become successful, what are your thoughts?

DC : There are plenty of cover artists that do extremely very well for themselves, especially on YouTube and Spotify. In reality, most artists signed to major labels are artists that don’t write their own music to begin with, thus, I guess technically they can be considered cover artists as well. Covers are a great way to gain new fans and get discovered nowadays.

FI : That's really true. Where do u see yourself in the next 5 years?

DC : Besides working on new music and productions, I plan on venturing into other passions of mine like the tech industry. I’ve always loved social media and connecting with others. I want to be a part of that industry and improve it for creators and consumers.

FI : Describe your fashion style

DC : I have a slight urban streetwear vibe mixed in with a bit of simplicity and comfort.

FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why

DC : I’d be jogger pants because I love extreme comfort mixed in with style.

FI : Shout outs

DC : Flesh Imp, Singapore, and my beautiful friends around the world.



Editor's Note

I had the chance to meet David a couple of years back through NOC's Ryan Tan and at that time while I knew who he was, I did not know how popular this guy was in Singapore.

Fighting away from screaming fans and giggly fans, we had to adjourn to our mini office at Flesh Imp. And David said,' Hi I am David, pleased to meet you!'

To be honest, I would have expected David to be acting all diva but no. After getting the introduction done, I realised David possessed a clear and defined mindset about what he wants in life. Perhaps he was over the stage where numbers don't matter as long as he does his best, or he doesn't really gets distracted by the fame that got him to where he was.

The David that I got to know is someone that knows what he can do, and he knows exactly how to get it.

Over the past few years as I got to know David better, I got to see the tech side in him. Always trying to find ways to connect like minded artistes through the use of social apps, and connecting them regardless of race and boundaries, David is definitely someone that sees the big picture and working towards it. I am sure in time to come, David will be known not just as David Choi the singer, but David Choi the changemaker.




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