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Chengdu's OG - R.Sun


Often called the Berlin of China, Chengdu is pretty much the cultural hub of China. Music, arts, fashion, clubbing scene, everything cool and stylish, Chengdu's probably got it. But way before Chengdu's got its cool, I think it has probably got one of their OG DJ's to thank for, and today we sat down with R. Sun, one of the pioneering DJs in the vibrant state we call Chengdu.

Flesh Imp // FI


FI : Hi Sun pleased to meet you. Would you give us a short introduction about yourself to our readers in Singapore and also about the Chengdu scene

SUN : Yo Nick, Sup everyone, my name is R.Sun and I moved to Chengdu since young. I am currently working on my own agency that deals with EDM and street culture. I got to know about hip hop in 1999 and initially it was street dance and I crossed over to music. 

It was in 2005 that I fully transitioned into a turntable DJ and I have not looked back since. I am still not used to be called an OG DJ, as there are other DJs who are more 'OG' than I am, and are the real DJs that brought hiphop and street culture into Chengdu. 

In reality, Chengdu might not be the most advanced city in China, ( it's tier 2 city), but since the opening up of China, Chengdu have been the best city to develop cultural and the arts and the youths here are full of creativity and vibrant energy. 

FI : You have been to Singapore before to perform, back in 2013, what was it like?

SUN : Yes, I had been to Singapore twice and it was through the invitation of a local DJ Academy on a exchange program. I feel that Singapore is a great country and everyone here is friendly and nice. I love the vibes here and the culture here is awesome. I also love the street art here and it is really vibrant, especially the clubbing scene. It's really a developed environment here in terms of music and culture and the clubs here are really good. The only difference is that the pace of Singapore is really fast compared to Chengdu. We are just kinda chill back home.

FI : We also know about that you are a DMC Winner and it must be a proud moment for you and the pride of Chengdu, and recently you were a judge for DMC Chengdu, did you see any evolution since you were a participant?

SUN : Thanks man, DMC is considered the epitome of turntablism and winners of this competition are given the stamp of credibility. DMC have been in China for 12 years and definitely have helped shaped the local DJ scene and providing a platform for all turntable DJs from all over the world to interact and network. I was very honored to be part of the judging panel for this year's DMC judge and this allows me to see the growth and evolution from a different angle. The biggest difference I have seen is the number of people taking part as compared to 12 years back, and they are getting younger and better. That pretty much says a lot about the massive growth that turntablism is going through right now.

FI : Besides from being a DJ, we also know that you are the co-owner of a new Company you just set up. Tell us more about this company and concept.

SUN : Yes, I set up this company with the vision of imparting skills that I have acquired over the years. Helping to grow the scene further and grooming the next generation of DJs in the genre of EDM, music festivals and sound systems. We intend to manage up and coming artistes as well. Pretty much what I have been doing since Day One, and putting them all together into a better structured manner.

FI :  When can we expect it to be launched and who’s gonna be the headliner?

SUN : The Company's gonna start in 2018 but we have pretty much started up most of the operations. Currently we are just pending on some of the confirmations pertaining to the artistes and products. As for the events and who's the headliner, I have gotta keep it under wraps for now.  

FI : What are your vision for the future? Do you feel that you are creating history?

SUN : My biggest hope is to see Chinese Hip Hop go far and not be a passing trend or hype like folk music a couple years back. I wish that it will continue to grow and evolve and be a mainstay as a music choice of today's youth. I daren't say that I am making history, because there are many others like me, never giving up and making sure that the culture will grow into something tangible and strong. I believe that the strongest force that would create history would be the unity of everyone that make it happen.


FI : Any advise or shoutouts for aspiring change makers there?

SUN : I wouldn't consider myself to be totally successful, but I can definitely share something that I feel that is important to those who want to be part of culture building. You must never forget why you started, persevere and never stop improving yourself. 

The reason why I started is because I love working on culture building and enjoy the process of seeing the growth. I never forget this and that is why I am happy doing this and never will never stop doing.



Editor's note :

Sun is no stranger to the DJ scene, even around the world as this veteran turntablist is pivotal in shaping the culture in Chengdu. One thing I noticed about the people in Chengdu is that they are always passionate in pushing the scene and the envelope and putting in effort and at most times sacrificing their time to push the culture for their city. Sun has recently set up a company that helps local clubs promote street culture.

With years of experience and network backing him up, I am sure Sun will be a force to reckon with in Chengdu.

Go get 'em



FI : 您好,Sun, 很高兴和您见面。您能给我们新加坡的读者们作一个简单的自我介绍吗?您算是成都的OG DJ. 你一直都想当一位吗?你也看着成都的文化发展成长,于什么感想?

SUN : Nic你好,大家好。我是R.Sun,生活在成都,目前做一些与电子音乐和街头文化相关的工作。我是从1999年开始接触Hiphop,刚开始是街舞,后面通过街舞过度到了音乐,从2005年开始转型成为一名Turntable DJ一直到现在。OG DJ不敢当,还有比我更早开始的前辈。他们为这个文化做的贡献更为重要。其实成都在中国并不算最发达的城市,但这里自古以来都有非常适合文化发展的土壤,这里的年轻人都充满了创造精神。

FI : 您之前有在新加坡演出过吗?是怎样的形式?您觉得如何?有感觉到任何不同的地方吗?

SUN : 之前有在新加坡演出过2场,是通过新加坡本土DJ学校邀请的文化交流活动。觉得新加坡是一个高度发达的国家,人们有着很好的包容心,文化发展也很好。之前去看到很多非常棒的街头艺术,当然还有很棒的俱乐部。总之很喜欢。至于不同的地方,应该是新加坡的生活节奏比较快,而这边真的非常慢。

FI : 我们了解到,你是国际DJ锦标赛DMC中国区排名第四的优胜者,对于你和成都来说都是件值得骄傲的事情,你觉得这个比赛怎么样?最近的DMC比赛你也做了评判,你有看到什么样的进度?

SUN : 谢谢。DMC算是唱盘DJ比赛中认知度和专业度最高的比赛。中国赛区已经有12年的举办历史。为唱盘艺术在中国的发展作出了非常重要的贡献。也是中国唱盘主义DJ最好的交流平台。今年很荣幸成为DMC中国西南分赛区的裁判,让我从不同的视角看到这个文化的发展。从最早全国只有十多人参与到现在分赛区人数都超过之前,越来越多的年轻人不断参与进来,可以看出唱盘文化在中国已经开始快速发展起来。

FI : 除了DJ,我们还了解到你还是一家新公司的合伙人,可以和我们分享一下这个公司和概念吗?
SUN : 是的,这个新公司是将音乐和青年文化作为核心,包含电子音乐和DJ课程,帮音乐节和俱乐部做产品服务,艺人代理等项目。

FI : 我们什么时候可以看到这家公司的开幕,什么艺人或活动会打头阵?
SUN : 公司将在2018年正式开幕,但目前已经开始市场活动。目前主要启动的部分是艺人代理和产品服务方面。活动和艺人方面暂时卖个关子。

FI : 你对将来有什么期望和计划?你是否觉得你做的这件事是历史的转折点?

SUN : 最大的期望就是中国的Hip Hop文化不要像之前的民谣一样只是过往云烟,而是可以稳步的发展下去。不敢说自己做的事会成为历史的转折点,因为像我一样一直在坚持的人很多,我相信通过大家的努力,一定会像好的方向发展。

FI : 你有哪些宝贵的建议可以给众多想创业的文化家们说说?

SUN : 因为现在自己还不能说很成功,所以只能简单分享一下自己的心得。对于文化创业来说,我认为最重要的几点是:不忘初心、坚持、不断提高自己。我们喜欢和追求的这些文化给我们带来了快乐,所以我们要快乐的坚持下去。

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