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Dan Matthews aka @danakadan

Posted on October 10 2017


An alternative rapper, Korean adoptee, super talented. What else can he do?

Taking time off his super busy schedule when he was here for Music Matters couple weeks back, we had exactly 2hours to interview and shoot him. And boy, it was an experience working with probably the best guys in the business.

Flesh Imp // FI

Danakadan // Dan

Distressed White Tee


FI : We all know what you do and seen you in action, but tell us anyway.

Dan : My name is Dan - i'm an alternative rapper and producer out in Los Angeles, CA.  I'm a Korean Adoptee - and spend a lot of my time reflecting, writing, and talking about my bi-racial identity. Growing up with a family that didn't reflect my cultural self has given me an interesting outlook on life.  It's pushed me to write + produce content that addresses all of this.  I write a lot of music that i think reflects life rather than escapes life. Hopefully people can listen to it and see themselves in these songs. 


Camo Tape Oversized Tee


FI : I think it must be extraordinary growing up with a bi-racial identity ; so how was it finally meeting your biological family?

Dan : It's been about 4yrs since I've reconnected with my biological family and it's been a real blessing. I'm really thrilled to say that we talk often and are trying to keep our relationship moving.

FI : How's your Korean though?

Dan : Hopefully I'll learn more Korean soon! That's a goal! I need to learn my native language - I'm so bad. They're still based out in Korea though and I'm here in the US. So it's a journey every day. 


FI : That sounds awesome, you might just make it big in Korea as a KPOP star, haha! Which brings to me my next question; before taking this route, did you have any interesting jobs prior?

Dan : My whole life has been full of interesting jobs. I'm thrilled to say that even today that i get to live and work an interesting life.  I was once a Sushi Chef and got to eat HELLA sushi and drink beer.  That was fun. Beyond that just being a content producer and musician now is one of the most exciting things that's ever happened and continues to happen to me. 


FI : Whoa, are you still friends with the sushi shop? We should hit them up when we are in LA! So having gone through so many jobs and it is apparent that being in entertainment is your calling, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Dan : In five years i hope to be continuing to do what i'm doing now.  Hopefully just with a billion dollars. A billion dollars would be nice.  That and helping next generation of content creators and musicians. 


FI : Yeah, pretty much. A billion dollars would be perfect, wouldn't it? Tell us about your fashion style? Billion dollar bling or low key swag?

Dan: My fashion style, like my personality, goes back and forth between being really simple with grays + blacks to really loud colors.  It depends on situation. 


Band Oversized Tee


FI : Sounds legit, but what about this, compared to piece of apparel, what would you be?

Dan: I would be a pair of Converse.  I can be worn for a long time and have different textures to my life.  


Tiger Bomber Jacket


FI : I am sure you have loads of the iconic sneakers yourself. Well, before we go, anything else you wanna share?

Dan : Shoutout to Nicholas for whom the Trap Gods blessed with the ability of most amazing clothing. That and shoutout to Eric + Wesley Chan of whom are my best friends for life apparently. 

Editor's note: 

To be honest, prior to meeting Dan 3 years ago, I have no idea who he was and what he does. The only thing I knew about him was that he was an alternative rapper based in LA. 

When I got up close and hung out with Dan during one of his shows in LA, I was totally amazed by his professionalism and stage presence. 

Full of ideas and positivity, Dan is an inspiring presence to many around him. With his sights set on creating a bigger platform for all Asian artistes to be part of a collective, he is set on making it happen with his drive and hunger for success.

It was a quick 2 hour shoot, but throughout the time, Dan showed a part of him, I did not see previously and honestly, looking at him in his usual get up, I did have a bit of trouble styling him. 

But all that was unfounded as he came through and shining like a new fashion icon that really rocked the clothes, (I mean the clothes does help, but, you know) and give us a chance to see Dan in new light.

All the best bro




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