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Canton's Finest - 林叁BO

Posted on December 01 2017

This month of December, we take a look into the generation of movers and shakers that have contributed much to the rise of Chinese street culture and delve deeper into this fast growing culture.

This week, we start off with the Chao Shan Fashion Queen -

潮汕时·善女王 - 林叁Bo

Flesh Imp // FI

林叁Bo // BO

FI : Hi Bo, finally get to meet you! Tell us more about yourself 

您好, Bo。我们终于碰面了。您能给我们介绍一下您自己吗?

Bo : Hello, I'm very happy that we finally met, I am Lin San Bo, and my real name Lin Jia Ni, I have quite a few things on my plate actually, but if you ask me, I am a fashion model, and the co-owner / stylist for my own label FUSION IDEA. I am also the fashion designer for one of the local production houses here.

I have also been giving shelter to homeless and sick dogs and cats, and because of that, they gave me a nickname called 潮汕时·善女王 Chaosan Fashion Queen (wordplay on fashion and kindness)

Hello,终于碰面,非常开心,我是林叁Bo,本名:林佳妮,我的身份比较多重,是一名模特,也是-合-FUSION IDEA主理人兼造型搭配师 ,华漫英雄服装部设计师,因为长期处于潮流和救助动物之中,他们都说我是潮汕时·善女王

FI : We have always seen you on fashion shoots and especially on WeChat moments, possibly all over the world, how does that feel, to be able to influence and be a role model to other youths?


BO : Thank you for your compliment, I feel very honoured. In fact, I didn't think too much, all I wanted was to something do my own, and to do it well. I have always believed that people need not do anything for the sake of others. In the eyes of God, to be true to yourself is the most transparent and important virtue. 

I am happy to know that I have a positive impact and role model to youths, but like I said, I am just doing what is good and real, and if that goodness and wholesomeness is able to impact others, I am more than happy to share.



FI : Have you always wanted to be a model? How did that happen?


BO : Haha, when I was young, I wanted to be an actress actually, I wore my mommy's clothes and gathered the children to play their own roles while I directed. When I was in junior high school, I was one of the tallest in my cohort. My grandmother told me that since I was so tall , I could to be a model when I grow up , but unfortunately, I stopped growing after that. Haha

Thereafter, I took up design, and started dancing at the age of 14. After graduating, I also managed a clothing line, got into manicure and lastly became a professional Dancer. However, it was only when I gave up my dancing passion of 13 years to rescue animals that I got into modelling.


FI : Besides from just looking good, we know that you are actually doing good. Chilling at your house the other day, I realized that you are also providing shelter to homeless and injured animals. That is really admirable. What made you do that?


Bo : You are too kind with your words, to be honest, I am still working on it. I wouldn't say that it is an idea, I think it is more a mission for us to rescue these animals. Everyone is born in the world are destined to bear their responsibility, and I am no exception. My parents divorced when I was 3 years old, grew up a latch key kid. When I was 4, the puppy my mother gave me became my playmate. Growing up loving animals, I then began to understand that they are not just animals. They can fill the emptiness of humans and sometimes, better listeners than humans. Thus, giving these homeless cats and dogs shelter was a norm for me. It became second nature, and later on, the love for these animals made me insist on being vegetarian and that slowly enlarged the scope to help the elderly, orphans, poor families, sick and homeless animals, and later even saving birds, chickens, turtles, etc. For me, it became part of my life.


FI : We also know that you and your cool husband Pop, owns the clothing label Fusion Idea. We heard about some of the concept from Pop, what is your idea behind it?

我们知道您和您很酷的老公Pop一起创立了一个服装品牌 Fusion Idea。我们有听过Pop的一些概念,您对这个品牌是有哪些想法的?

BO : From the establishment of this brand to the later stages of development, we have come up with this list because our label is definitely unique!

Brand concept: [integrate] means fusion

God created an integrated world 

There is no right or wrong in the world of nature

No good or evil, no beauty or ugliness

There is no fashion and old fashioned

No original and copy

No business and art

Only humans can create a society

Only produce so many rules and regulations

Only country and language

Only have money and rights

Only lies and struggle

Disaster and suffering

Persistence is the cause of pain

Put down the dedication in my heart

To confront the face of all things

Everything is integrated

This world is paradise - the kingdom of love

For this brand, our motto is more than selling clothes. Clothes is a necessity, from civilisation where a single leaf to the current fashion apparel, clothing is already a basic requirement, and people's first impression of a person is how they dress.

It is not easy but also meaningful for us to express what we want to say, want to convey, what we want to do and what we want to do with clothes.























FI : What’s next for you? You guys seem to have everything


BO : I seem to have everything because I am self-sufficient, but I am not complacent, so there are so many plans for the future. Currently, there are more opportunities for collaborations be it locally and internationally. Next year we will set up a brand studio, my clothing and our brand will be stocked in some trendy brand stores and we will gradually see our brand ideals in other countries.


FI : Also, we heard you are pretty good at longboard. Show us some tricks!


BO : I'm not that good at skateboarding cos I just started, but I like new things and sports, I don't want to lose out on keeping fit, so I do skateboarding and surfing.



FI : What apparel would most describe you?


BO : I think the best piece of apparel that describes me most is of course from my own label. From my ' Between Heaven and Hell' Collection that was showcased during last year's Shen Zhen Fashion Week, to this year's 'Syria's War Childs' and No Woman No Cry to the current ' Everything has a soul', I would say that these are what would be closest to me.

最可以形容我自己的衣服当然就是我自己设计的服装,从去年在深圳时装周走秀的"一念天堂,一念地狱"系列,到今年的“叙利亚战争儿童”,之后的“No,Woman,No Cry”,还有现在最新的“万物皆有灵”,那是最能表现我的作品,也是我的心声表达。


FI : You guys are living your dream and living it to the fullest, many of your fans aspire to be like you. What do you have to say to them?


BO : Don't let social norm or pressure to make you lose sight of your ideals and dreams. Do not forget why you started and maintain a good positive attitude. Do what you like, do what you do best. There is no such thing as being too late, because the only regret you will have is that you didn't even start. The only person you have to prove to is yourself, and I like to see people who appreciates my craft to become better and better  and are brave to chase their dreams, working hard to achieve what they deserve while doing things that they enjoy, treat people with gratitude and respect, so that you can live your life without regrets.



Editor's note

I got to know Bo several months back through a mutual friend's WeChat moments. She was featured in a several high profile fashion shoots in Canton, also known as Guangzhou and I was intrigued by this young lady with really interesting features, but yet totally Chinese. I thought it would be cool to speak with her and find out more about her.
As fate would have it, we got introduced to Bo by one of our boys in GZ and we started to hang out everytime we headed there.
Cliche as it may sound, but it is indeed a small world as Bo's husband is Pop, one of the first few contestants to be selected for the hottest rap reality show, RICH. (Rise In China Hip Hop)
Before knowing Bo, I am sure many of you , like me, would assume that she is one of aloof and unfriendly. I guess we should all stop judging a book by its cover, as Bo turned out to be the realest, most honest and caring person I have met so far in GZ.
From her humble beginnings, to where she is now, is the result of her relentless pursuit of what she believes in, and fulfilling her ideals against all odds and not giving a fuck about what others think about her. Bo is truly an inspiration to the people around her and her thousands of followers.
I might not have seen a hell lot of influencers, models or KOLs, but I believe I have seen enough to say that Bo represents the next generation of people with real influence, giving value and causes that truly inspires and creating greatness, and they are coming out from where you least expect them to be.




Keep it real X


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