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Hello, My Name is GANGSTER

GANGSTER, a renowned bboy, 3-on-3 basketball player and also 
an influencer with 650,000 followers on Weibo. We take a peek
into his life and how he sees himself in shaping the scene of
Still on the vibrant city of Chengdu, I managed to hit up

Flesh Imp // FI
Gangster // G

FI : It's really a pleasure to meet one of Chengdu's mover and shaker,
would you tell us more about you?

G : Hi everyone, I am GANGSTER, a KOL out of Chengdu.

FI : You are a renowned street dancer as well as 3-on-3 baller, and also
a well-respected KOL in Chengdu, how was your journey so far?

G : I guess it's my commitment that makes things happen for me, well, maybe
it could also be my OCD haha. I take serious pride in my work.

FI : Speaking of which, you are very versatile in terms of style and fashion,
where do you get your influence and how do you get inspired?

G : I really like vintage and keeping to heritage is one of my biggest loves.
My wife, Kara who is also a fashion designer, helps me out on certain styling as well.
I collect a lot of traditional Japanese designs in the form of clothes and prints, because
I believe that heritage will never die, regardless if you are in the East or West.
Based on this ideology, my inspiration is usually juxtaposed against old vs new.

FI : Sounds awesome, so what are you busy with right now?

G : I just had a baby boy and I am busy with that right now. I am also busy with
a new project, which will happen second part of 2018!

FI : In Chengdu, you are definitely someone that most people look up to, and we are
looking forward to a collaboration. Anything you wanna share?

G : Sure, I am looking forward to the collaboration as well, and it will definitely
be something that stays with tradition, yet modern.

FI : Your lovely wife is a fashion designer and also very stylish, do you guys style each other?

G : Of course, in fact sometimes we end up fighting haha. But I like how we can both spur
each other on in terms of style and fashion because it reflects both our individual looks,
as well as a couple.

FI : Chengdu is a great city and you have definite impact on the youths.
Where do you see yourself doing this?

G : Honestly, I don't see myself as that big an impact, but if that happens,
I am happy because it's always a good thing to be an influence to everyone.
For me it's really simple. I just do what I like based on my beliefs and
if it works for people, that's great, but I won't do stuff that pleases others,
just for the sake of it.

FI : That's a great philosophy, so let's say you are a piece of apparel, what would you be?

G : Let's just say I am a thermal innerwear, cos while I don't look like it, according to my wife
I am a warm and sweet kinda guy.

FI : Last but not least, what's your take on Chengdu right now?

G : Chengdu? It's fuckin complicated, but that's a good thing, and I
hope that people in Chengdu keep it complicated. :)

Editor's note :
When I first saw Gangster during a Halloween event in Chengdu, we were
hanging backstage where The Higher Brothers were performing. I was
captivated by his overall style and mannerism. I told myself, this
guy is charismatic, and oozes natural cool. After a round of introduction,
I realised that Gangster, indeed, is someone that a lot of Chengdu peeps
look up to.
Admitting that his Mandarin is not that good, it feels pretty awesome to hear him
speak Sichuan. Contrary to his menacing looks, Gangster isn't all mean and fierce.
Prior to this interview, we spoke a couple of times and he shared his dreams and vision
for the future and his earnest struck me intensely and about making good for the culture
in Chengdu.
The idea of a collaboration came naturally as we exchanged thoughts and ideas and I must say,
I am totally looking forward to it!





5、在成都,您绝对是一名偶像,据我们所知,您将和Flesh Imp有个合作计划,您能告诉我们这将是个什么活动吗?






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