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In Fuzz We Trust

Posted on March 01 2018

In Fuzz We Trust

More than often, it takes a big break for an artiste to blow up. We have seen singers or actors having that break, but what is it like for a comedian in Singapore? We speak to Fakkah Fuzz, Singapore's favourite stand up guy, on his way to global domination.

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Flesh Imp // FI

FF // FF 

FI : Who is Fakkah Fuzz?
FF : Someone who either entertains you or pisses you off. Either way, he’s ever so grateful that you took the time out of your busy working schedule to give him a reaction. I’m really just a simple dude who loves simple things. HipHop, Comedy and Old School rock music would probably be the only things you find on my spotify playlist. However, I have added some Daniel Caeser to my playlist cuz I realized girls don’t really like to make love to Metallica. Better late than never. 

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FI : Everyone started somewhere, where did you do your first act?
FF : If you’re gonna talk about the first time I ever performed on stage in front of people? That would be at primary 6 when I got caught scribbling the word “penis” on the class blackboard during recess. They came back from recess, saw it, the whole class laughed and the teacher said “If you like attention so much I should make you tell a story in front of the whole school during assembly tomorrow morning. I went on stage and told the shit out of The Emperor’s New Clothes. I had the whole school going crazy cuz I was making voices and fake fainting on stage. Principle didn’t find it amusing at all and proceeded to punish me by caning me. He did it in his office cuz he knew if he did it publicly, it would be more of a favour to me.

FI : As a malay comedian, was it easier or harder for you to do materials pertaining to race?
FF : I dont see myself as a malay comedian. I see myself as a universal comedian who is of Malay descent. I plan to make everyone laugh as as much as possible still stay true to my roots. That is why you always see me telling jokes in both Malay and English on stage. With that being said, anything that is pertaining to race or culture that is mentioned by me on stage is based on my own observations and experiences. So to answer ur question - its pretty tricky but I’ve gotten away pretty good so far.


FI : Did you ever had any joke that fell flat? What was damage control
FF : Yes. You swallow your desire to kill yourself and just move on with life. You gotta keep things moving or else that will be your last memory on stage and nobody wants that.

FI : Big ups to Almost Banned! What transpired in between?
FF : Woke up one morning and got a call from Netlflix saying they loved the online material and asked if I wanted to do a One Hour Stand Up Comedy Special with them. Like many other good business people would do I told them I would think about it while hiding my excitement and disbelief. Of course I was pretending, I would’ve said yes straight away. We sold out the capitol theatre and I did one hour of Fakkah Fuzz which you can now watch on Netflix. Still feels surreal to say because at the end of the day I still have to help my mom carry vegetables home every sunday. Things have changed but some still stay the same.

fuzz rock and roll

FI : We see you often in rock and roll inspired pieces, is that your style?
FF : I would say so yes! As I’ve mentioned before I’m a blend between hiphop and Rock. I love rocking tattered jackets and denim and piecing it with studs. I’ve grown a liking towards boots which I’d pair with denim ripped black straight cut jeans. I started rocking alot of band tees back when I would save up $15 a week to get one. Nowadays my style has grown but it still centres around blending the two elements together (rock and hiphop) and display it the best way it represents me.


FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why
FF : I’d be a belt with a complicated buckle. A girl needs to be REALLY SURE before she makes the decision to put in effort to open it up.

fuzz bw

FI : Shout outs
FF : Flesh Imp for always helping me out with style and making me look good. Mom and Dad I know you are reading this and of course for all you kids out there with dreams and are always told you will never turn into anything when you grow up because you are not smart enough, or pretty enough or good enough. Find your flame and keep it burning because only you get to decide where your life goes. And thats real.

Editor's notes :

I am a fan of stand up comedy and I have been to enough shows to know who's the real deal and who's trying too hard. When I first saw Fuzz doing his thing at a beach club / bar many years back, he was this scrawny kid, doing his thing. He was genuinely funny, raw, uncut, but definitely funny. However, I felt, it was going to be a long and winding road for him to be pursuing comedy in Singapore. 

Fast forward years later, Fuzz not only made a name for himself in comedy, but also did us proud by pulling off his own sold out show, and a Netflix special to boot. It goes to show how hard work, consistency and never giving up will get you where you are. 

We look forward to seeing Fuzz taking over the world with his unique brand of humor.



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