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Maxi Lim UN:CUT

Posted on March 12 2018

Ever since we have launched our interview series, we have gotten pretty good response. 

We decided to up the ante and go into video interviews, as well as getting closer with the questions to the people you love.

To kick this off, we start with Maxi Lim, and ask him some real questions.

Today is also his birthday, so here's wishing him a good one!


maxi and nick

snake maxi 

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Editor's note :

I knew Maxi back in 2013, just right after the first Ah Boys To Men movie was launched. I remembered it was he, Charlie and Joshua who came to the store with Noah Yap as he introduced these freshly minted movie stars to us.

Then, still chubby and baby faced, Maxi's on screen persona as Aloysius Jin totally stuck in my mind. That goes to show how good his acting skills were, to create such an impact of my impression of him. 

Many know him as the actor and Muay Thai enthusiast, but little known about him was his little venture into a clothing business probably the same time as Flesh Imp, which really got pretty serious, as he and his team managed to get seed funding from IE Singapore. Another little known fact about him was that he was already a competitive fighter before his big break as an actor, and is only seen doing Muay Thai in recent years.

We got considerably closer the past two years as he was the guy responsible for me getting into Muay Thai, and we have been training frequently together. I got to see the side of Maxi that not many others could.

Maxi is probably one of the most loyal and caring friend that one can have, a person that you can definitely rely on, in times of need. I recalled when Noah was undergoing rehabilitation, Maxi was the one that rallied everyone, including us to write letters of encouragement and he would visit and make sure that we get it done, and he would personally send them to Noah when he visited him.

He is also a dedicated professional. When I speak to him about work, his eyes light up and speak with such conviction that you can feel his fervour and the kind of expectations that he have for himself.

On his plans after Ah Boy To Men, Maxi is confident that he is versatile enough to cover all roles. I recall during the interview, I asked a question about him being stereotyped and stuck with 'Aloysius Jin' type of roles, and his reply was really something to ponder about. 

" Some actors try their best to be different in their roles, but none of them are remembered. I am happy that I can be remembered for such a role, and if I can do well in a role, I am sure I can do well in others too. "

It is awesome to see the journey of growth of a friend, actor, fellow Muay Thai mate and buddy. 

From a doe-eyed newbie, to a almost veteran of sorts, and expanding his ideas and style of acting to greater heights, there is only one thing I can tell him.




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