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Noah Yap - UN:CUT

Posted on April 25 2018

An inspiring story on its own, Noah Yap is one of the success stories of how messing around with funny videos on YouTube can turn you into a movie star. Armed with his unique brand of humour, we literally see him grow from a boy to a man. This series of UN:CUT, we speak to him and find out if the 'rumour' of him being the NG King is true. 











 Editor's note : 

When I first watched Noah's video on his very first channel on YouTube, ( Trivia : it was @waitformeleh, then it got hacked and he changed it to @waitformelah) I found him refreshingly funny. Straight off the cuff, real and honestly amateurish to a point that it was borderline cringey, it was his rubbery expressions that saved his ass, and of course really funny. 

After all it was the start of the YouTube creators and Noah had managed to gain some fans within a short span of time. Though we have always supported artistes and it was our first YouTuber that I have got in touch with. 

While he was funny and comical, Noah's had a really bad sense of dressing, which I thought would be good to have him up in a campaign and gave him unsolicited, but much needed make over. And like they say, the rest is history.

Over the past couple of years, I have seen Noah mature from a over-enthusiastic and loud mouth kid who has no qualms of complaining (whining) on Twitter, and giving a live update of rate of his dropping of followers, to a young man that have become stronger after going through a tough period in his life.

'Pulling through the lowest point of his life, you can only go up.' Noah said, when I asked him what's the plan for the future. Looks like he did.

Seemingly coming out from nowhere, this natural performer has expectations to fulfil. Will this bedroom actor make the cut? Is he just a stereotyped funnyman in movies? 4 years later, the question have been answered clearly through his work.

Noah is definitely an all round artiste with a flair for not only comedy, but also hosting and acting, I can't say much about his NG though.

Its not hard to see that his passion lies in entertaining people, you will see it when you talk to him, that twinkle in eyes, and that mischievous grin. Noah is definitely here to stay.










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