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Simon L - NOX " The Volume of Life "


NOX's Simon L

simon nox 1

This week, we look at a young club owner whom has his sights set in creating a new playground for underground music fans. At 27, Simon L owns a multi disciplinary co working space which houses creative offices, 3 clubs, lifestyle stores complete with food and beverage concepts. 

NOX, run by Simon and his team, is the where underground DJs spread their music. We speak to this boyish owner who is also a DJ about what makes him tick.

Flesh Imp // FI

Simon // S 

FI : Hey, Simon, what's good?

S : Hey man, my name is Simon and I’m currently doing all things related to music in Chengdu

nox simon chengdu

FI : You were in Singapore before, is that where you picked up DJ and music? 

S : Yes, I was studying in Singapore, and that’s also when I started to know and learn music production.

nox chengdu simon

FI : At 27, you are already doing a fantastic job running NOX, what hopes do you have for the music scene in Chengdu?

S : Simply put, I hope NOX could become the home of all underground music lovers, regardless of genres. 

nox simon chengdu Simon L

FI : What about in general? What do you hope to achieve?

S : My dream is to gather more friends who love music to create and advocate the idea of  'Peace and Love'. 

Simon L Nox

FI : What act would you want most to be performing in NOX?

S : I guess in this time and era, live shows should be the best way to engage and inspire. Only live shows can bring the experience and feeling into a even real way.

simon L Nox Chengdu DJ

FI : If you can be any piece of clothing, what would you be?

S : Anything? haha then I wish to be the Invisible Cloak from Harry Potter, because I want to focus on the bigger scheme of things and I like to draw attention away from myself.

simon L performing at NOX

FI : That is really cool, lastly, any shout outs?

S : I know that this article will be out during CNY, so here's wishing all readers a great year of dog and may everyone reap a prosperous year!

Editor's note : 

To be honest when I first spoke to Simon, I felt quite disassociated with him. I wasn't sure if it was the vibe, or he is just really introverted. However after a couple of meetings, he warmed up and we spoke at length at how to create a vibrant scene in Chengdu through NOX. At 27, Simon seems to be a level headed guy, fully focussed on his path to make history. I remembered asking him why he is still single, his reply was simple. " I just wanna focus on my career."


If you are in Chengdu next time, be sure to hit up NOX. 

I might just be there too. :)



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