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'Was it worth it , Steven?'

Posted on January 23 2018

For most Buzzfeed fans, I am sure you will know who Steven is. Having a tremendously good response with Worth It, a food show with a twist, Steven is definitely on a roll.
We managed to steal some time with him when he dropped by Singapore.
Flesh Imp // FI
Steven Lim  // SL
FI : Hi, who is Steven Lim?
SL : Hi! I’m Steven Lim and I’m most well-known for Worth It – a digital food show on BuzzFeed I created and host. I graduated from university with a degree in Chemical Engineering but due to extreme boredom I started making videos in my spare time. Now, I’m an Executive Producer at BuzzFeed Studios! Some more things about me: The most important thing in my life is my faith in Jesus. When I need to recharge, I like going to the beach alone and journaling. I love pencils, graph paper, and rulers... I guess you can’t take the engineer out of me complete. To me a good time out doesn’t depend on what you do, but who you’re doing it with.
Steven Lim Buzzfeed 2
FI : You were doing YouTube videos before Buzzfeed, what was the first thing in your mind when you knew you were gonna join them?
SL : I was extremely hesitant to join BuzzFeed at first. I was passionate about making Asian American content and I wasn’t sure if BuzzFeed would give me the freedom to do so. But the overwhelming reason of why I decided to take the job was because of the people there. It was a breath fresh air being around other creative talent, people who inspired me and challenged me to be better. And that’s what I’d encourage anybody in a creative field to do... find people who understand your struggles and can be there in the highs and lows with you. 
Steven Lim Worth It 3
FI : // You are of Malaysia descent, and grew up in LA, if given a choice would you choose to be in Asia or in the US?
SL : I’m really glad I grew up in the States, and to be honest I don’t think I would’ve gone into digital media if I hadn’t. Growing up as a Chinese Malaysian American gave me a unique perspective that was the catalyst for me to start making videos. But of course there’s always a part of me that thinks “what if?” And hey... what if I were to move “back home” to southeast Asia and create content? Now that’s something I’d love to do one day… :)
Steven Lim Buzzfeed Worth It 5
FI : Was ‘Worth It” something that you have always wanted to do? Or was it by chance that you realized people liked the content.
SL : “Worth It” was my personal passion project, but I had a feeling it could be a hit (although not to the extent it is today). The thing that I just try to do with Worth It is be relatable and talk about food the way you would talk to your friends over dinner.
buzzfeed steven lim worth it flesh imp
FI : I love how you talked about long distance relationships and how to deal with it. (by both being busy and active) Have you considered be in a love guru?
SL : Probably not. Too much pressure! I already struggle to give people food recommendations…
Steven Lim Buzzfeed Singapore Flesh Imp
FI : We see you like dressing simple on videos, is that your true fashion style, if not, what is it?
SL : To understand my fashion sense, you have to understand my personality. I’m actually quite shy and reserved on the inside. I rarely speak up in group settings, and I typically try to blend into situations.

I love fashion because it allows me to juxtapose my personality with appearances. When I build my own outfits, I like to be a little loud (but not tacky), a little different, a little more. And that goes with my hair too!

buzzfeed singapore flesh imp steven lim 

FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, and sneaker what would you be, and why?

SL : I’d be a jacket. Not only is it my favorite article of clothing, but jackets provide the finishing touches to an outfit. They help accentuate the good parts of an outfit, and cover up some of the bad.

Buzzfeed Steven Lim Flesh Imp 

FI : Last but not least, this photo/interview feature, was it worth it?

SL : Hahaha! Absolutely worth it. Love what you’re doing here and excited to see more people know about Flesh Imp!

steven lim buzzfeed sam willows benjamin kheng worth it buzzfeed flesh imp nicholas cho

Editor's note : 

To be honest, when Ryan Tan (of NOC) called and said, "Bro, Steven Lim is in town and i think he needs more summer clothes." I was like ' Steven Lim? Hell no! What?!! ". Then he said, 'No bro, not that Steven Lim, Buzzfeed Steven Lim la." 

And I was like 'Alright, phew." and I got to see the side of Steven that you probably don't see. 

I find a common similarity amongst all the YouTubers / video content creators that I have met, and they are quite introverted and their on-screen persona is always larger than life and sorta like their alter ego. Steven is also one of them. Another trait I realised that they possess is the pursuit for making good content. The primary focus is content, and not fame, likes or views. Of course, when you start to transition into a channel that views matter, I think that differentiation is really important.

While doing the shoot, Steven was really apologetic about not being 'stylish' and 'fashionable', but it is his humility that makes it so easy to style and shoot him, and present to you a different kind of Steven with this feature.

Take a look for yourself, it's definitely worth it.

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