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Flesh Imp Street Fea:ture Bunny

Flesh Imp Street Fea:ture

Besides from being the home to the pandas, Chengdu's other must-go destination is going to be Tai Koo Li. Built in an interesting way where only one or two shops are housed within a single structure, Tai Koo Li is also a great place to do some trend spotting, as well as picking up some style inspiration. 

Today on Street Fea:ture, we talk to Bunny, a Hainan native, who studies in a university in Chengdu.

Chengdu Bunny

Bunny // B

Flesh Imp // FI

FI : Hi Bunny, tell us who is 'Bunny'

B : Hi, I am Bunny and I am 18 years old. I think I am pretty normal, actually, and at 18 years old, I am pretty much like most girls this age, hoping to meet my Prince Charming. And oh, I really love to party!

bunny chengdu

FI : Ah, so we have a party girl right here. So can we say that you are pretty familiar with the party scene in Chengdu?

B : Haha, well, yeah, kinda. ( giggles) To be honest, I think I spent more time in clubs than in school, but in a good way. I mean apart from partying partying, I really like how a club operates in terms of building a brand from scratch, how they market it and operate it and create such a culture that uses music to bring everyone together. When I party in Chengdu, I look out for the vibe, in Hainan, my hometown, I enjoy partying with my friends more.

bunny CD

FI : Interesting, so what kind of music do you like?

B : I love EDM! Don't ask me why

 bunny chengdu china

FI : HAHA! Looking at what you are wearing, I can see you being really versatile, so what would we describe your fashion style?

B : I think my style is 'no style.' ( Laughs out loud) Honestly though, cos. to be frank, I try not to stick to a single 'style' because I like to dress up according to occasions and also my mood for the day. That's great cos it makes me versatile, like you said.


bunny cd china chengdu

FI : Nice, so if you are piece of apparel, what would you be?

B : Hmmm, I really don't know how to answer that. Can I be greedy to say I wanna be whichever? Is there any kind of clothing that can be transformed into anything when I put it on? I wanna be that!


FI : We aren't really sure if there is something like that, but hey, if you are good for it, let's do it! Haha. So tell us about your style inspiration.

B : I think that would have to be my mum! She is one of the most stylish person I know and she have been buying clothes for me since high school so I guess it grew on me. I am lucky I have a cool mum!




在今天的Street Fea:ture, 我们邀参加请到了Bunny,一个海南女孩,一个在成都读大学的海南女孩。



FI : 再多跟我们介绍下自己吧 Bunny

B : 我其实没什么特别的,是一个天天想要碰到白马王子的99年的一个小女生,蹦迪是我的日常。

FI : 你家乡是海南的,那你对成都是一个印象呢?这个城市是否有什么不同之处呢?

B : 因为我的活动只有蹦迪,能感受到不同的就是成都的酒吧氛围,成都的酒吧我更注重的是氛围,但在海南我更注重的是跟谁一起蹦迪,毕竟海南是我家嘛,亲朋好友肯定不少呀。

FI : 据我们了解你是一个派对狂魔,那你喜欢去哪种酒吧、找哪种音乐呢?

B : 我最喜欢的类型当然是电音,没有原因。

FI : 你的时尚风格?

B : 其实我也搞不太懂我的穿衣风格啦,好像什么风格都会融入一点。


FI : 把你自己形容成一件衣服,你会选哪个,为什么?

B :只要好看的衣服我都喜欢,所以什么类型的衣服我都想成为。

FI : 你的品味经常受谁影响?

B : 我最大的时尚灵感来自我妈咪,她是一个很时尚的女人,高中以前我的衣服都是她给我买的,庆幸我有一个潮妈

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