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Flesh Imp x Sole Superior #chicksinkicks Gallery November 24 2014, 0 Comments

Over the weekend we had some sneaker fun at Sole Superior.

Singapore's first and probably best sneaker convention, the second installation of this sneakercon saw a new wave of sneakerheads hitting Zouk in full force.

Besides from our Flesh Imp x Sole Superior Snapbacks that were sold out at the event, the #chicksinkicks gallery was also launched.

Here are some of the cool shots that we did with @ericchenrr

Featuring Cordelia, Amanda and Melody




Download and view the awesome #chicksinkicks LookBook here in full!


Nick (in kicks)

September Instagram Winner! September 30 2014, 0 Comments

Alright, we heard ya!

So what's the best way than to give out some awesome store credits to the winner for September's Instagram Giveaway.

Here you go!

Congrats my man!

Congrats buddy!

Check him out here

Email us at to find out how to claim your $80 online store credits!


Sale Grid - More Good deals on the low September 30 2014, 0 Comments


Tees + Snapback

2 for $29

Button up Short Sleeves 

1 for $29

Button up Long Sleeves

1 for $39


1 for $29


1 for $39

Nothin' over $39

Cop now



Hot Tees for October September 30 2014, 0 Comments

Here's a sneak preview of what we have in store for October.

Don't Sleep! Peep the full collection here.


SALE! In Store Only! September 24 2014, 0 Comments

Check these good deals happening right now in-stores!

Tees and snapbacks from $12

Shirts from $19

Berms and pants from $29

Shoes from $39

Watch for the outfit grid later.


Outfit grid for the week! September 01 2014, 0 Comments

Here we have the outfit grids of the week.

Casual Beach Out

Serious Shirt Prep

Rock Out Hip Hop

Keep those entries coming!

The best outfit grid will win $200 worth of Flesh Imp Vouchers!

Send them to!

Outfit Grid of the month! August 27 2014, 0 Comments

Here are some outfit grids for your Wednesday vibes.

It has been a while since we have done outfit grids and the reason is because we have been running out of ideas.

Check what we did here.

And with that, we want to announce that Share your outfit grid with us and we will pick the best and the winner will get a $200 wardrobe from us!

Vincent Q

New Season Preview August 11 2014, 0 Comments

We just got our hands on the latest collection for August and we can't wait to drop them.

Here's a sneak preview of some of the ones we like.






Long Sleeves Shirt


Here you are.

These are just part of the August drops.

Stay tuned for more!


Instagram Style July 15 2014, 0 Comments

We have been getting a lot of #fleshimp lately and we wondered why we didn't keep up with the showcase of these stylish peeps rocking our gear.

So here's 3 for this week!


Hailing from LA, this stylish dancer is now based in Vietnam for a dance school he set up.

And oh, on free days, he gets to judge on the Vietnam's version of 'So you think you can dance'


Here's our NYC connect Lie Laurent, making music and sm*ki* shit up


Last but not least, our very sizzling 1/4 of the Sam Willows, Sandra.

Besides from #stopdropyoga, she makes #snapbacks look good.


Till next week...


TGIW 2nd Anniversary - TEASER ALERT July 09 2014, 0 Comments

Just sayin'




FLORAL PRINTS June 04 2014, 0 Comments

Floral prints are blooming everywhere; it’s the latest trend for this summer. From graphic prints to floral, menswear are influenced by these prints for this season.




These prints are usually found on shirts and t-shirts, however now it can be found on formal pants, Bermuda, blazer and even suits are covered with floral prints.






In the past, men use to think that floral prints are feminine to wear but time has changed, as we see more men wearing floral prints on the streets now. It has become more vibrant, something loud but stylish.

Now the print has become subtle and the kind of trend that you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. Get your floral shirts today at flesh imp!

BAG TREND June 04 2014, 0 Comments

Bag is an item everyone needs to have whenever you go out to work, school or going out on a casual day. A bag comes in a different kind of style and shape. However there are three main bags design that people always wear and would look great no matter what! Here are the designs that would never goes out of trend.





Buckle backpack is easy to match with your outfit whether it’s formal or casual. Up till today it has produce with lot of different kind of pattern and color. No one would get tired with buckle backpack!




Studded backpack became a sensation due to celebrities who were seen carrying it. Therefore it becomes a trend lately as people were inspired by them. This bag is loud but stylish, and it goes well with any outfit!







Not to forget the bag that would never go out of trend is the basic backpack. Almost everyone is using this basic backpack to school, work or basically anywhere! It comes in different pattern, color and design.

And also Flesh Imp is launching new series of bag! Be prepared!



Instagram Takeover! May 28 2014, 0 Comments

We got busy since the past month and some of our good pals decided to help us take over our Instagram page!

See a different side of our pals as they take control of our Instagram page and show us a side of them that we have never seen before! 


Here's the schedule!

DJ Ghetto : 28th May 2014

Maxi Lim : 30th May 2014

Grizzle Grind Crew : 31st May 2014

Joshua Tan : 6th June 2014

Charlie Goh : 9th June 2014


So keep your Instagram over here for some serious takeover action by our favourite boys.

And they are giving out some VIP tickets to our Opening event on the 13th June Friday!




Dress like Recruit Ken Chow May 22 2014, 0 Comments

Remember Recruit Ken Chow, we missed him at the Ah Boys to Men musical, but he will be back for Ah Boys to Frogmen, so what better way to recieve him back from Australia dressed like him?







splattered shirt

macho brown pants

timberland grey footwear


Like how Joshua is wearing a simple outfit, try pair up the white splattered shirt with khaki color pants and also the timberland shoes. It would form a splendid simple outfit like his!


floral black t-shirt

pleated green jogger pants

salvaro coffee footwear

crew bracelet


Want to wear at your own comfort yet looking good at the same time, just like how Joshua does it? A t-shirt, jogger pants and sneakers would be the answer.



hipster sweater

brawny grey sweat pants

varvatos black footwear

classic sunglass


Finding a pullover that goes well with any pants? The hipster pullover goes well with any bottom whether its pants or Bermuda.



Definitely Joshua-approved.

SWEATER WEATHER May 15 2014, 0 Comments

We have spotted a lot of people wearing sweater on the streets lately, so here some tips to all sweater lovers out there, we have create a style guide that suit for this rainy season.



Fries sweater

Pocket black jogger pants

Archery Black bag pack

Varvatos brown shoes


Want to have a new look to school? How about our fries sweater? It’s bright in yellow and it’s fries! Who doesn’t love it?




Five black sweater

Ricky Meroon Bermudas

Blits brown Bracelet

3Star black Snapback


Don’t want to be over dress to meet your friends? How about pairing your sweatshirt with Bermuda.




Snakeskin Sweater

Brawny Grey Sweat pants

MBP Sun glass

Salvaro Yellow Shoes


You don’t feel like dressing up? Want something casual? Here’s another style tips that will help you to solve the problem!


Why don’t you give it a try today!

#ARMSWAG May 15 2014, 0 Comments




Bracelet is a trend that would not dies off quickly, as it may be a part of your daily life essential. It also enhances the look of your same old plain style, doesn’t matter if its leather, beads or rope.




Most of people like to wear matching bracelet with their outfit, up to their own preference. However, now it’s the trend to pile those bracelets up. You would never go wrong with lots of bracelet.







You feel like adding some accessories to your outfit? Why don’t you give a try by wearing a stack of mix-and-match bracelet? It makes your outfit looks classy and it goes well with every style whether its casual or smart wear.


And we are releasing a collection of bracelet soon.



Flesh Imp x Zouk : Phuture Bulletproof April 30 2014, 0 Comments

Microsoft Word - Flesh Imp X Zouk Bulletproof Mechadise.docx

The teasing is stopping this week as we finally unveil the collaboration with Zouk!

The club we all love, and grew up with, Zouk, is throwing a big birthday bash for the 1st Anniversary of Phuture’s Friday movement – Bulletproof.

As part of the celebrations, we have teamed up with Singapore’s pioneer nightclub to present a Flesh Imp x Zouk Bulletproof merchandise.

Since 1991, Zouk has driven Asia’s dance music culture to a new level and the Zouk culture has evolved into a subculture of its own. Flesh Imp’s brand values – style, uniqueness and independence – are the qualities embraced at Zouk. With fuse of the creative elements from two different industry leaders, a unique and indivisual collection is created.

The Collection

The exclusive collection consists of two series of Sweatshirts and Snapbacks.

Bulletproof Series
Like the essence of Bulletproof’s night and music, the series features a bold all-over print that signifies a montage of strong and impenetrable force that Phuture is holding on to since Bulletproof’s inception. Flesh Imp throws in its bold signature white prints on black, which will certainly have the wearer leave a strong impression on the dance floor!

DJ Ghetto rockin' the sweats behind the decks

Microsoft Word - Flesh Imp X Zouk Bulletproof Mechadise.docx

Totem Series
A totem is a symbol or emblem of a group of people and in this case – the fonts and style used are set to represent the unity and bond that Bulletproof nights have created and have been known for. The series also spots a message “I Am Who I Am” that is aligned with Flesh Imp and Zouk’s believes in individuality and freedom of expression.




Dropping 5th May 2014 at Flesh Imp Scape 

Sweats $45

Snaps $39

Don't sleep!

Available in Ladies Sizes cos we know how much you love DJ Ghetto!






Style : What to wear for the ( long ) Weekend - Ah Boys To Men Musical Opening week! April 16 2014, 0 Comments

Just last Sunday we had a visit from Charlie and Maxi at the Scape store and they were mad busy with the rehearsals for Ah Boys To Men Musical.

Before the beginning of a hectic 22 show run, these twosome from the fondly-known as 'The Triple Threat' managed to drop by and say hi. 

For those who have yet to got the tickets to this delightful musical of the wildly successful local movie, you can get them here.

It was a chill Sunday and the boys and I chatted a little and it is heartwarming to see local talents get some much love.

It was never easy and it was great to know that both Charlie and Maxi were level-headed young men whom, before their big break on the movie screens, were on their daily grind, pushing the limits and finally found success after much hard work.

We also talked about following our dreams and challenging ourselves and never giving up, and I think these boys will definitely make good role models because they don't let anything stand in their way of their dreams.


So... seeing that this is a Good Friday long weekend, what do you think you should be wearing to the opening of the Ah Boys To Men Musical?

Here are some inspiration from 'The Triple Threat' themselves!


Here's what we think Charlie would wear.

Outfit 1

Starpe Tee

Hip Grey Sweats

Timber Snapbacks

MVP shades


Outfit 2

21T Tee

Zipper Black Sweats

Dope Floral Snapback

Marshell Black Shades


Maxi in Beast mode

Outfit 1

Hype Singlet

Brawny Grey Sweats

3star Snapback

Salvaro Yellow Shoes


Outfit 2

Trieye Tee

Ricky Berms

Salvaro Footwear

Mib Brown Shades



Our favourite youtuber turn movie star Noah looking all dapper in Hong Kong

Outfit 1

Dog Tee

Corona Jacket

Rhemus Pants

Purcell Footwear


Outfit 2

Judice Shirt

Maitland Blazer

Tommy Pants

Varvatos Shoes


Can't wait to see them in action this weekend!


Moving Out and Moving Up! April 15 2014, 0 Comments

I must admit, the closing down April Fool's joke have been pretty successful, and we really got yall fooled. But it seems like not many of yall actually got the joke, even after the explanation was updated.

Anyway, as many of you have heard, we are expanding and moving to a spanking new location come June!

It seems like just yesterday when we first opened in 2011 at Scape and we were just looking through some of the videos of the opening and for those who have not seen it, check it out here.


But hey, we are moving to a bigger location and none other than Cineleisure, in front of our other label FEMMEX!


Watch this space as we will post more updates about the opening in the days to come!


Teaser - Sweat some joggers April 10 2014, 0 Comments

It's long overdue but better late than never.

After working hard on the cuts and style, we managed to come up with these pretty dope sweat-joggers for this season.



Limited pieces available at Flesh Imp Scape now.

Online Store will be updated 14th April 2014


Vincent Q

Style - Don't worry, be Happy - Dress like Pharrell Williams April 08 2014, 0 Comments

Pharrell Williams have always been the epitome of style.

Ever since his N.E.R.D days and this stylish rapper is always associated with all things cool.

With his Happy music video trending so rapidly, Pharrell has once again made history and strengthened him as the king of swag.

We know we can't come close to being this dude, but hey, at least we can try, can't we?

So here goes.

4 looks that actually comes close.

1. Casual Day









2. Party time








3. Not so formal






4. Licensed to thrill







That's all folks, 4 styles that get you closer to Pharrell, (if that is what you want to do..)

I know, we did contemplate adding this infamous hat into the style guide, but ah well, I believe that some styles, only Pharrell, and Pharrell only, will be able to pull off.

Take a look at this and you will know what I mean.



Be Happy.




Style Guide April 02 2014, 0 Comments

Alright, it's time for some stylin Thursday and if you haven't got over the April Fool's prank we pulled earlier, here's the apology for making you guys worried. 

So today, with tons of new drops plus a cool 14% off discount code, you know that there is no better chance to cop that fresh as f*ck merchandise before they even hit the stores!

So here we have some serious stylin' from both the new arrivals and the mark-down department.

Here we go.







Three Star

Shades here and bracelet here





Shades here and bracelet here




Pants here

Shades here and bracelet here

Tee Shirt






Grizzle Grind 1st Ann1versary Sweat Shirt

Grizzle Grind 1st Ann1versary Snapback

Berms here


The weekend's almost here, order today, and get them sent the next day. 

Swag ready without even stepping out the door.

And yes. APRILFOOLS give you a 14% off!



Fashion Fix - Zippered March 24 2014, 0 Comments

It’s date night and your favourite pair of pants just died, zippered side up, on you.

You barely have 1 hour to that date and you really wouldn’t want to change the ultimate game outfit for the second choice one.

What do you do?

Watch this video.

All you need is just 15 minutes and a pincer and you are game on.


Check out this nifty DIY guide by Billy Norris

Never get floored by a busted zipper again!



Instagram Giveaway Alert! - FLMP Lace Clips! March 19 2014, 0 Comments

This time, we have some sick Lace Clips for you!

We will be picking 3 winners this time and they will get these awesome looking lace clips!

You know the drill

1. Follow @fleshimp, @vincentqflmp and @nicholascho

2. Tag 5 friends

3. Comment below the post

That's it!

Then wait for 31st March 2014 and keep those fingers xxx that we hit you up with an email!




Good luck guys!


Grizzle Grind Crew 1st Anniversary March 19 2014, 0 Comments

I am sure you guys should know who the Grizzle Grind boys are, and that their Limpeh release killed it as the fastest number 1 on the asia iTunes chart within 1 day.

This 29th March 2014, the boys will do a free showcase at JCube for their 1st Anniversary so join us in celebration for these talented boys.

We will also launch the Flesh Imp X The Grizzle Grind limited edition capsule Sweat Shirt and Snapback for pre-order on 24th March so watch out for it.

An interview feature with the founder ShiGGa Shay and some of the GGC crew will also be launched so that you can know more about them and their daily grind.

In the meantime, stay grizzled up!



Grizzle Grind Crew Anniversary Shoot March 11 2014, 0 Comments

Last Sunday we had a great time with The Grizzle Grind boys for their photo and video shoot.

We are stoked to be part of their 1st Anniversary shoot.

Our slot was at 1pm and guessed who we saw the moment we stepped in?

Ivan, the manager for the crew, doing a little dance move while the rest of the guys tested the lights.

Sam Willows were part of this shoot too. Can't wait to see the video already. 

Me and Vincent talking to Jin, or ShiGGa Shay to his fans about the shoot. And oh yes, he is wearing the limited edition Flesh Imp x Grizzle Grind Crew sweats.


We are up next and we finally had the chance to rep the handsign on video. And trying our best to look bad-ass!

Here's how to do it Grizzle Grind Style with the boys.

This is the first time we saw ShiGGa in his element. Checking out every shot and making sure it is up to his direction.

Hey, afterall, this is the guy that did The Lionmen Music Video.

Dropping 29th March 2014, the Grizzle Grind Anthem Music Video is gonna kick ass. 




Pinrollin' March 11 2014, 0 Comments

A lot of you have been asking about joggers and sweatpants and we hear you.

We are in development stage and you should see some nice drops soon.



In the meantime, check out Justin Lau and how he converts his jeans and pants into joggers.

Pinroll it!

The Killer Gerbil X G-Shock Giveaway Winner! March 04 2014, 0 Comments


We know you have waited for this moment and the winner is @mostdopeyanix !


Wait up for the next giveaway and we gonna see some real winners soon!

Check out the Flesh Imp Instagram Page now and hashtag your #ootd and #fleshimp for some $100 online store credits!


Shrink your Baggy Shirts into fitted button ups! March 04 2014, 0 Comments

This season is all about button up shirts and we know we have been all sold out a coupla times and many of you started scrambling for them.

Besides from waiting or even camping online to wait for the next launch, perhaps all you need are some tips on how to DIY some old baggy shirts into some nice fitted button ups!


Check out our boy @styledbychris DIY video here

Check it out 

Watch out for more tips from him soon!


The Killer Gerbil X Casio G-Shock Giveaway! February 18 2014, 0 Comments

We realised we haven't been giving out good deals for awhile and you know what.

Here it is again!

You have till 28th Feb to do this and the best comment wins.

1. Follow Vincent, Nicholas and Flesh Imp on Instagram

2. Like this post

3. Comment on the post why you should win and wait for announcement!

Good Luck!

Happy Chinese New Year! February 10 2014, 0 Comments

Here's to an awesome Hor-Say New Year!


Rock out at ZoukOut! December 07 2013, 0 Comments

Definitely one of the most anticipated event of the year, ZoukOut is possibly the best way to wind down after a year of hard work. Well, even if you have been slacking, it is still the best party, hands down.

Most of the guys I know have been hitting the gym so that they would have all the legit reasons to show some buff, but for those who haven't, or don't really care, here are some fashion styles that can let you get away without going topless.


It's pretty much a Tees / Shirts + Berms + Flip Flops affair. 

Mix them up yo

1. Tee + Berms + Flip Flops 

2. Shirt + Berms + Flip Flops 

3. Tee + Shirt + Berms + Flip Flops

Shy, buffed guys can use the shirt as a teaser, if you know what I mean. 

Tip 1. Our shirt sleeves run a lil tight. Big biceps or small biceps, will look big in these bad boys. 


Here are the selection!

Sail White Tee Shirt 

Get onto the beach vibes with this one. Vision yourself holding a shot glass standing by the beach looking towards the moving vessel across the Sentosa straits.


To make sure you get all the attention without doing the talking, SWAG up with this tee. Good lookers get admired, the average looking, you still get credit for being #bold


Ancre Tee

Anchors have been all the rage this 2013, and much as we love to hate this nautical trend, it seems here to stay till 2014. So the creativity doesn't stop here.

Yolanda Haiyan Relief Tee 

When you are having fun, don't forget to do your part for donation relief for the Haiyan victims. The Flesh Imp team would be rocking this at Zoukout.


Cross Shirt

Monogrammed Shirts are simple, stylish and easy to match. Refer to the various combos available to keep them buttoned / unbottoned.


Ballard Shirt

Get into the tourist mode with Ballard and see what happens if you switch to a pseudo foreign accent.


Bailey Bermudas

What's a beach party without Bailey's? Both the drink and the bermudas here are gonna make you navigate like a beach party pro at ZoukOut! Go for it. You know you want it.


Abram Bermudas

They say, go loud or go home. I say just do it.

This one. Conversation piece / Chick Magnet 


Chandy Bermudas

For the mellow fellow, this one will keep you looking fine and prepped while you feast your eyes on the eye candy at the party. 

For Flip Flop ideas, take no further look that these guys


Have a great ZoukOut guys!

See ya there!



Win a Flesh Imp x X-mini speaker! December 05 2013, 0 Comments

Alright by now you know this will be happening every month.

So this month, let's up the ante and get everyone something extra special for X'mas!


Follow @fleshimp, @vincentqflmp and @nicholascho and like this photo. We are looking for the best comment and he or she will win this baby yeah!


So check it!