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#ootd winners for October! November 01 2013, 0 Comments

And here we have 3 winners for October!

You guys won yourself a $100 store credit!


Go check them out yeah?

Winners, send us an email at!


We will notify you via IG as well!


What the Man of Steel wears when he is not saving the world June 15 2013, 0 Comments

This is the Man of Steel weekend, and we can't wait to watch the blockbuster.

We all know that Henry Cavill have totally buffed up for his role in Man of Steel.


What takes 5 days in hollywood will take an eternity for human years.


But what we can do, at least, is to get some red and blues onto us, to look, well closer, to the Man of Steel when he is not saving the world.



Check the selection right here

4 reasons to download the Shopguru app! June 05 2013, 0 Comments

Recently we got to know about this great app that have just been launched and we are really stoked about it.

It's called Shopguru and we are totally sold on the idea.

Here's how it works, download the app ( of course) and sign up using Facebook or your email and start earning points.

Now how is that different from other shopping apps?

Well, for starters, the points are easy to score, just browse the good deals that the shops are offering and you get points just for looking!

It gets better, walking into the store gets you points, scanning a specific item as well and definitely more when you start buying!

So here are the 4 reasons we think you should download Shopguru

1. It's a kickass app to finally reward us for shopping ( a good reason to splurge without the guilt)

2. Score points almost anywhere you shop! ( close to 100 merchants over 1000's of stores)

3. Claim your rewards ranging from Starbucks vouchers to iTunes credits, right down to iPad minis!

4. We are on it!

Here are some photos of the launch.

Now that is one bag that we would love to carry around

Download the app here

Remember to use this code erWG to get a head start of 500 points!

and while you are at it, download the Flesh Imp app here too! 


5 top items to buy at Flesh Imp for The Great Singapore Sale! June 02 2013, 0 Comments

Ok, so the buying frenzy has started and over at Flesh Imp, we are all stoked about the great deals that we can get at discounted prices!

To sweeten the already awesome goodness that we have prepared for yall at the stores, we have also launched a webstore special for those who just want to chill at home and let the mouse ( and paypal) do the clickin'

So here's the deal.

key in 'GSS' at checkout, and get a massive 20% off the total bill. Yes, even the new arrivals!

For all local buyers, enjoy free shipping on us, no minimum purchase, no terms and conditions, just buy whatever you like ( before they get sold out), get the discount, and get them at your doorstep within 3 working days, and wear them lika boss.

For international buyers, you get a treat too. With a Flat rate USD$9.90 shipping and free shipping with purchases up to USD$150, there is no reason for you not to grab that Flesh Imp Tee that you have always wanted!

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's see which 5 items are top of the list of 'must-haves'

1. The Aventurer Black Bagpack


We heard you and we know how a bagpack makes the difference between a geek and a hacker so we tore apart that functional (read : boring) laptop bag and threw in large portions of style, faux leather and attitude to give you Aventurer. We know you know that this will kill it even if you are a true blue geek. Cop this here

2. The Flesh Imp signature Fabric Light Blue belt

This is one classic piece that never fails to make a grand entrance to your perfect ensemble.

Switch between casual and smart upon demand, our Flesh Imp Fabric belt looks good both with Shirts and Tees, tucked in and let loose. It stays the way you want it, especially with a wide array of colors. This particular one is my top fave.

One flick of the shirt, and I am on the way to the beach!

3. Polka Singlet / Tank



Speaking of the beach, the weather's been a killer lately over here in Singapore, and what's better than a cool tank to hit the waves. While I am not known to be an avid swimmer, it's always fun in the sun hitting up some beers, and lap pool chilling. All that with whole lotta style to go too.

4. Camo Bermudas

It's been awhile since I have donned some camouflage, but lately, it gets kinda nostalgic, especially with all that National Spirit going on. But hey, any excuse to wear some cool camo right? So here is that snow camo pattern that I have been craving for.

5. Nesh Shirt

Well you know we have been dropping quite a bit of shirts lately and a good mix both long and short sleeves. This one is definitely a head turner. A touch of simplicity added with a tri-color tape running across the chest, creating an air of sophistication without the glaring contrast.

Now that you have some ideas, I hope the 20% off will make it easier for your top 5 choices.