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Spotted on Instagram!

I am sure many of you know that Flesh Imp is on Instagram and we just got past 9500 followers!

Thank you for the love guys!

For those that have yet to follow us, what are you waiting for!?

You get latest updates, news, as well as chances to win freebies and good deals!

Here are some of the people that follow us! you should too!


Ah Boys To Men

Tosh Zhang

1 local movie you should watch this year

Besides from Ah Boys To Men, there is one other local movie production that we think you should watch. Especially if you miss your secondary school days!




Here's a little information about the story

That Girl In Pinafore is set in the 1990s. Secondary school student Jiaming (Daren Tan) is coping with both his final-year studies and his parents' bar business. While lazing around at the airport, he is spurred on by his two chums Cao Gen (Seah Jiaqing) and Hao Ban (Kenny Khoo) to strike up a conversation with any girl. Jiaming encounters...

Limpeh is limpeh, I am your Shigga Shay Limpeh!

I am sure you guys have already heard the latest single from our boy Shigga Shay who have managed to shoot to Number 1 on the Singapore iTunes store.

The super single 'Limpeh' composed and sung by Shigga Shay feat Tosh Rock and Lin Wei Liang and the Grizzle Grind Crew have hit...

Parody of the year

Here's an update for my previous post! As you guys know, Night Owl Cinematics made a stop at Flesh Imp last week for a video shoot! And the video has since been labelled the Parody Of The Year.

Watch the video to find out why over 200,000 viewers (in 3 days!) spent almost 4 minutes of their time watching this:

Grizzle Grind Crew at FLMP

It's always great to see budding local talents in the music scene and Grizzle Grind Crew is one of the rising stars.
In case you haven't heard, Grizzle Grind Crew is:

ShiGGa Shay
DJ NashD
Tosh Rock
DJ Hund

Shigga Shay has been rocking hits on the radio with 'Rock My World' featuring Vanessa Fernandez and 'Echoes' featuring Sylvia Ratonel and with Shigga Shay's new crew, we can't...