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New Season Preview August 11 2014, 0 Comments

We just got our hands on the latest collection for August and we can't wait to drop them.

Here's a sneak preview of some of the ones we like.






Long Sleeves Shirt


Here you are.

These are just part of the August drops.

Stay tuned for more!


Saigon Launch Recap July 14 2014, 0 Comments

Here's what went down in Saigon.

How-to - All Day Style June 26 2014, 0 Comments

Want to update your shirt wardrobe? Fret not, we are here to help you with that. We know shirts are the best solution to match with any outfit either casual or formal. Not only that, you could wear it any time of the day. Now shirt has come with different kind of design and prints. Therefore we have come out with three outfit guide, which showcase a few of our new shirt collection.



Dip-in shirt

Plain black jogger pants

Bold bagpack

Salvaro yellow shoe


target shirt

cedron green bermudas

timberland grey footwear

owle sunglass


vessel shirt

bulk bagpack

Hawaiian snapback

Hip sweat pants


And also Fleshimp has already released the new shirt collection.

Go and check out this cool shirts now!

Thank You For The Awesome Opening Party! June 19 2014, 0 Comments

We celebrated the opening of our latest flagship store last Friday the 13th and it was all kickass fun!

It was a great day out with all our guests and friends hanging out and here is the recap!

Permanent pop-up store concept right on Level 3 of Cineleisure 

We bring the best of the pop up elements to our store and included the 70's planter vibes into the store. 


The range is filled up from top to toe. 

And Party Time!

Our pals from Lion Men came by to congratulate us!

@reallobang, @charliegoh13, @originalmaxi @jaspersjaspers @bunzbox

The pretty Hayley Woo with her manager and our own Brenda.


The affable Zhou Chong Qing and stylish Jiafa!

What's a good party without famous Youtubers Ryan and Sylvia from NOC as well as Audrey and Jonathan from Cheokboardstudios

Xavier Ong also came for the party, and we had lotsa fun.

Our FEMMEX 'Heroines' Sofie with her bevy of beauties, Donna, Rei, Franscesca, Judith, Chevonne, Sophia and Annabel making the event fab!


Here's me and Sandra from the Sam Willows making Willy, GGC's manager take a photo with my sticker on his fedora. Sorry bro.

The gorgeous Emily Tan with her equally gorgeous babes having a good time. 

 The fashion show kicked off with a bang and showcased the latest FEMMEX collection.

Our lovely Cordelia always looking fine. And yes, do check her out on this month's FHM cover! 

Thanks to @anticipatingdiva for the awesome show! 

Sonia interviewing the rest of the 3 influencers Sara Wee from 53A, DJ Tinc and Sofie Chandra from Zouk

Showtime with The Zadon from The Grizzle Grind Crew doing his beatboxing set.

And of course, our homeboy Shigga Shay with Charles Enero and Lineath doin their thing. 

DJ Ghetto in his Bulletproof best for his set. 

And the sexy Tinc doing her thing on the decks! 


Our guests had a great time with Desperadoes Tequila Beers. Can't get enough of it!


Special thanks to Dan the Man, Daniel Ong for supporting us with his lovely cupcakes

Not forgetting Bernie from Fatboys who personally came down and made sure our guests are well taken care of! 

Before we closed the party, me and Vincent had a short interview.

Watch out for the official video coming out soon! 

Our team for the day, and we thank everyone who made it possible.

You could be anywhere in the world, but you chose to spend it with us.

You guys are fuckin awesome!

Shouts to

Casio SG for the awesome timepiece and watches.

Maybelline and Jing for the pretty make up.

Hairloom for the fabulous hair.

Desperadoes for the kickass beer.

12 cupcakes for the sweets.

Fat Boys for the awesome buffet spread.

Zouk for always showing us mad love.

Flesh Imp and FEMMEX crew for the behind-the-scene hard work to make the event a success!





Flesh Imp and FEMMEX Opening Party! May 28 2014, 0 Comments


Mark your calendars!


Grizzle Grind Crew 1st Anniversary March 19 2014, 0 Comments

I am sure you guys should know who the Grizzle Grind boys are, and that their Limpeh release killed it as the fastest number 1 on the asia iTunes chart within 1 day.

This 29th March 2014, the boys will do a free showcase at JCube for their 1st Anniversary so join us in celebration for these talented boys.

We will also launch the Flesh Imp X The Grizzle Grind limited edition capsule Sweat Shirt and Snapback for pre-order on 24th March so watch out for it.

An interview feature with the founder ShiGGa Shay and some of the GGC crew will also be launched so that you can know more about them and their daily grind.

In the meantime, stay grizzled up!



The Killer Gerbil X Casio G-Shock Giveaway! February 18 2014, 0 Comments

We realised we haven't been giving out good deals for awhile and you know what.

Here it is again!

You have till 28th Feb to do this and the best comment wins.

1. Follow Vincent, Nicholas and Flesh Imp on Instagram

2. Like this post

3. Comment on the post why you should win and wait for announcement!

Good Luck!

Flesh Imp 13th Anniversary! January 21 2014, 0 Comments

This week guys!

Celebrate with us and our sister label FEMMEX as we showcase the Lady Gaga limited edition collection this Friday! 

It's gonna be an awesome night out with Rozz hosting, Shigga Shay and Daren Tan showcasing their debut song, the Flesh Imp and FEMMEX SS14 collection with the Nuffnang Influencers and Anticipating Diva talents.

Win fantastic prizes if you are selected the winner of the Best Dressed Lady Gaga for the night!

All these and $200 cash!

See yall there!

4 Styles to Rock this X'mas! December 04 2013, 0 Comments

It's X'mas and we are all ready to hit the party.

The worse thing is to see someone rockin the same gear as you, while you gotta do the hide and seek.

So here are some style guides for 4 different scenarios for you guys


1. X'mas Brunch by the berth 

Anchorope Tee

Cliche as it is, this Tee can't get any less nautical and 'yachty' so if you are at one degree 15, this will definitely give you some real swag.


Feroz Berms


We were torn between going full nautical with the Bailey Berms but decided that it will be overkill, so we opted for this one instead.

Slip on a pair of loafers and you are good to go.


2. Tis the Tea Time 

Cooper Shirt  

Teatime is always a little tricky cos, it's neither formal nor casual for some. You could always overdress for tea if you are at the local kopitiam, but end up equally underdressed at The Royal Copenhagen. for all we know, Cooper here will make sure you don't lose any of that style.

Feroz Berms

Pairing with a simple yet detailed bermudas should give you an all round vibe without looking like a sore thumb, or mistaken for the server.


3. Turkey Dinner

Damien Shirt - Online Exclusive

Fresh off the block, Damien shirt is a good mix of heavy cotton at the front and oxford all around. Smart and preppy for any dinners, yet casual enough to fit a stylish house party you might have after.


Chandy Pants 

As usual, our classic pants with specially placed details give a tinge of bespoke, and cuffing them up just so slightly creates a true gentleman look.


Berowne Blue Shoes

Chunky sole with a mis-matched loafer upper gives that clashed style which turns out pretty good too.


4. It's X'mas Party!


Achilles Shirt 

Floral is the key trend this season and we should see more of these in 2014, so be seen as the trendsetter this X'mas!

Venetia Jacket


Go full on swag with Venetia as the colors go cray cray with it. Be scene!

OOTD Snapback


Forget those hashtags! BE the hashtag!

nuff said

Dexon Pants


Simple and classic with the ampulet flap in floral adding a touch of cheekiness. 

Army Green Foot Wear

Relive the army days with this boot clunk of a dress shoe. Tread with caution in the urban jungle, but fret not when you are on the dance floor!


So there we have it.

4 styles for X'mas and you are ready to turn heads and break necks


Merry X'mas Yall!




Payday Mayday! October 31 2013, 0 Comments

We know how it goes.

It's payday and before you know it, it's all gone by the first week.

So if you absolutely have to buy some clothes this November, we pick out some a countdown list of must-haves from our latest collection!

5. Dexon Pants


Fresh off the ports, our latest pants is now upgraded to premium material and awesome hand-feel. And always with the best detailing.

4. Revert Navy Jacket

Yes, I got that right. It's Navy AND Floral.

We threw up some nice florals, and then thought it would be awesome if we could use the same jacket for a more serious occasion and we mucked around the fabric mill to come up with a reversible one. 

Wear it as a floral at night and turn it out into a serious jacket in the morning!

Comes in Navy and Green.

3. Bailey Bermudas

2. Leopard Tee

Forget leopard prints ( or preenz, like how our Ris Low says it), let's maul a real one and get it imprinted onto the Tee Shirt!

A new addition to our Flesh Imp Tees, the digital graphic range is all about re-creating pixel perfect designs onto clothing. 

If you haven't got any of these Givenchy-inspired pieces yet.



and our number one, which is of course, the very limited edition Flesh Imp X LIMPEH collaboration in celebration of our boy Shigga Shay hitting the itunes chart with the witty rap LIMPEH.

You can check the limited edition collection here.

A limited edition Lookbook with CD mixtape will come with the boxset and we will be giving away some SIGNED mixtapes to some lucky contest winners!

and here they are in person doing the covert signing session!



And me and Vincent doing our best LIMPEH look with the boys.



2 styles for Summer Swag July 23 2013, 0 Comments


You know the thing about Singapore is that there is really no Summer, in fact it is pretty hot the whole time, the only layering you can do is that shimmering perspiration.

But here's a sneak preview of what we can do for this intense weather.

These will drop 30th July so hang in there!


2 summer swag styles you can rock and look cool in this heat wave.

You know how we keep playing around with our short sleeves and experimenting with the processes and techniques, so you will know for this latest drops we have added some collar piping to a slim cut white short sleeves button ups.

For details we added a button on the sleeve, just cause we can :) 

The bermudas this season also seen some awesome fabric that we managed to source, and like the last blog post on how short should we go on those berms, we added a folded panel so that you will know where to stop. 

I can't stop raving about these new belts and I have already copped one in every colour. These waist saving belts have gone a notch up in terms of quality and we are looking at some serious mix-match and mish-mash colour ways. For this get-up, we go for something that matches the collar piping.

Finish the look with some fine looking shades and you are good to go!



We know, you must be thinking it must be cray to wear long sleeves in this heat, but these ones are made with an awesome rayon cotton mix that is thin and lightweight.

We switched some panels around and decided to infuse some slips on the flanks. Bigger dudes will like this as it makes you look slimmer. Choose to roll them sleeves up if you are outdoors or keep them buttoned if you want to stay prepped. 

The bermudas are pretty similar to something we had last season, but I thought it was good to see a re-hash of that in the form of red piping. Sorted like what I used to wear when I was drum major back in school, but this gives a totally new look in the form of shorts.

The belt creates a lighter chirpier summer mood, and similarly finish up the look with some pixel shades.



It ain't heavy, it's my bag July 15 2013, 0 Comments

Let's bag some goodies!

This season, we dropped a massive collection of native and tribal designs so that you can have a reason to buy new ones!

We go totally ethnic with this one. Combining Teepee Prints with the african eagle symbol to give that tribal vibe. 

Always ready for the urban jungle, TRIBES will do the job 

If too much tribal is not really your thing, then go for something subtler, but without losing hipster points.

SCIN is a optical illusion of prints that gives you a headspin without breaking the bank. 



NEOTIVE is good for that long haul trip, especially if you are a nomad. :P 

Injecting serious neon into the prints, NEOTIVE is tribal meets Klash the Disko kids.

For the less adventurous, AZDIA would be a good choice.

Muted pastel tones for that softer touch. 


As usual, our bags are $27 a pop.

Good deals or what?!

Haze Gone, Sun's Back, Shades Out! June 28 2013, 0 Comments

Lately the sun's getting the tempo back and our skies are enjoying a slight reprieve from the haze.

It's getting hot in here so what best way to get them shades out and keep the swag.

How's some spiked peepers for you? 

With some studded details, I am sure that you be able to reflect some heat off that sun.

Don't you just wanna slap these on?

Going neon not just on the frames, but also with the reflector lenses that ups the cool factor.

At $19 a pop, I think they won't last any longer than the clear skies we are having.

Check them outhere.

Scene Kids Oughta Have Style! FLESH IMP Instagram Contest June 27 2013, 0 Comments

It's not easy to be a scene kid if you know what I mean.

But let us make it simpler for y'all. 

With Flesh Imp gear, being part of the scene just got easier.

Just throw up some fresh gear and start hashtaggin' #fleshimp and show us some Instagram love. We will pick the top 5 coolest to win $100 store credits each!

Check it 

1. By entering the Contest, you agree to the Contest Terms and Conditions listed below. 
2. The Contest is open to all, aged 17 years and older. 
3. The Contest starts at on June 26th 2013 and ends July 26th 2013.
4. The judging process will take place immediately following the end of the contest. 
5. Your Instagram profile settings must be PUBLIC and the eligible photo must be tagged 
@fleshimp #fleshimp

6. You must be following @fleshimp on Instagram
7. You must be wearing 1 or more Flesh Imp products to be eligble for this contest. 
8. Inappropriate, obscene, threatening, dangerous, or abusive content is not permitted, and those entries will be disqualified. No spam or unlawful content is permitted. All content must comply with Instagram terms of use. 
9. The contest is free of charge, and the entrant may submit an unlimited number of entries, as long as each entry is different. 
10. There will be no compensation in prizes if you are unable to claim it. The giveaways are also non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. 
11. This FLESH IMP Instagram Contest will be based on the most stylish photo with most instagram likes.  
12. The winners will be notified via Instagram, Facebook, and on our website 1 week after the contest ends.
13. The entrant agrees to all general website terms and conditions.
14. The entrant agrees to all Instagram terms and conditions.

Start hashtaggin' y'all!

3 fashion tips for the Skinny! June 15 2013, 0 Comments


Yes we know, for some of you lucky ones out there, no matter what you eat and binge, you will remain the same; slim and skinny. Hipster ready.

Being lean usually equates to being mean, and yes, attractive to most and healthy to others, but if you are too thin, it can also be a real problem. So how do we stop your granny / mother / aunties / nephews! / niece / cousins from telling you that 'you should eat more' and offer that last piece of drumstick to you.

Here we have compiled a collection of tips to create your own arsenal of visual illusion to making you look bigger. 

Look ma, no gym!


1. No skinny shirts! Or Tees!

One of the funniest things that skinny guys like most are skinny shirts. That is actually a big fashion myth. Just like blacks make you look darker and whites make you fairer. We will keep that for another time.

So, skinny = No, Slim fit = yes! To hide that small frame, get something fitted that will give you some movement from your torso. Unless you are going for the compression gear look, get something that is not too clingy or of dri-fit fabric. Also, don't go to the extreme and go for something too large, you might end up looking like you stole something from your dad's wardrobe. Our Tees and Shirts start from Size Small, which are fitted, so go for a fitting at the store, and you will see what I mean.


2. Pants on Fire

The general rule of thumb is pretty simple. Unless you want to look like a matchstick, never go for something that emphasises what you want to hide. Go for classic cut and the evergreen flat front. Of course if you are a hipster, you can always go skin tight, but I am guessing if you are already reading this halfway through, you aren't really into that hipster vibe yeah? Find details that draws attention away from your slim frame, like pockets, buttons, belt loop variations and stuff like that. Not only do they accentuate your keen attention for details, but also flatter your build with ease. Oh, and keep those hems cuffed. Keep them loose, but not too low to look like you just came out of a flood. 4-5 finger away from your ankles should do just fine. 

The same goes for shorts or bermudas. While the trend is towards tighter fit and shorter hems, the skinny will have to make do with something slightly bigger to avoid showing pencil thin legs. Go for something colored, or printed like camouflaged patterns to create the visual of a bigger you.



3. It aint heavy

Heavier fabrics add volume and beefs you up almost immediately. However in Singapore, we know that, that might just kill you, so stick to something climate friendly like oxford for shirts and higher thread count Tees. Pants are also better off thicker, as well as khakis work pants. If you can take the heat, ramp up the wool content, or go with layers to use clothes to appear like you have the mass.



So my skinny friends, ( though I secretly hate you guys) the 3 essential tips to make you look bigger, meaner and of course more attractive, without spending too much time at the gym.


Next week, fashion tips for Fat dudes! ( I love this one)


be stylish, stay hypebeast


Shopify Shoot! June 13 2013, 0 Comments

As you may already know from the Facebook and Instagram posts, me and Vincent were being featured by Shopify Singapore as both our online shops for Flesh Imp and FEMMEX are on this amazing platform.

The morning started out with an interview in our conference room. The guys from XXX Studios came and shifted some of the layout to create a nice, cosy ambient for us.

We were kinda nervous cos we had 8 pairs of eyes looking at us!

Check out the script by our side

Interestingly, XXX Studios is owned by Nicholas Lee whom you might remember as Ronnie in Singapore's favorite sitcom Under One Roof.

After going through the lines, and finally convincing Nicholas that we should just stick to our day jobs, we are done with the interview in 2 hours! Phew.


Next up, we headed down to the store for more shots of us. 

It's was a short shoot and we wrapped within 6 hours.

Yay! We are almost done!

There will be a Shopify event on the 20th June at La Salle and the guys from Shopify USA will be there.

We have been using Shopify for a while now and it is truly a really good Ecommerce platform for both startups as well as established retailers.

Watch our video when it's out and you will see some of the awesome features of Shopify. In the meantime, check out the ecommerce site that is set up to help local companies grow through online sales here!

Oh, and one of them is being able to write this blog right now as well!

We can't wait for the video to drop too!


5 top items to buy at Flesh Imp for The Great Singapore Sale! June 02 2013, 0 Comments

Ok, so the buying frenzy has started and over at Flesh Imp, we are all stoked about the great deals that we can get at discounted prices!

To sweeten the already awesome goodness that we have prepared for yall at the stores, we have also launched a webstore special for those who just want to chill at home and let the mouse ( and paypal) do the clickin'

So here's the deal.

key in 'GSS' at checkout, and get a massive 20% off the total bill. Yes, even the new arrivals!

For all local buyers, enjoy free shipping on us, no minimum purchase, no terms and conditions, just buy whatever you like ( before they get sold out), get the discount, and get them at your doorstep within 3 working days, and wear them lika boss.

For international buyers, you get a treat too. With a Flat rate USD$9.90 shipping and free shipping with purchases up to USD$150, there is no reason for you not to grab that Flesh Imp Tee that you have always wanted!

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's see which 5 items are top of the list of 'must-haves'

1. The Aventurer Black Bagpack


We heard you and we know how a bagpack makes the difference between a geek and a hacker so we tore apart that functional (read : boring) laptop bag and threw in large portions of style, faux leather and attitude to give you Aventurer. We know you know that this will kill it even if you are a true blue geek. Cop this here

2. The Flesh Imp signature Fabric Light Blue belt

This is one classic piece that never fails to make a grand entrance to your perfect ensemble.

Switch between casual and smart upon demand, our Flesh Imp Fabric belt looks good both with Shirts and Tees, tucked in and let loose. It stays the way you want it, especially with a wide array of colors. This particular one is my top fave.

One flick of the shirt, and I am on the way to the beach!

3. Polka Singlet / Tank



Speaking of the beach, the weather's been a killer lately over here in Singapore, and what's better than a cool tank to hit the waves. While I am not known to be an avid swimmer, it's always fun in the sun hitting up some beers, and lap pool chilling. All that with whole lotta style to go too.

4. Camo Bermudas

It's been awhile since I have donned some camouflage, but lately, it gets kinda nostalgic, especially with all that National Spirit going on. But hey, any excuse to wear some cool camo right? So here is that snow camo pattern that I have been craving for.

5. Nesh Shirt

Well you know we have been dropping quite a bit of shirts lately and a good mix both long and short sleeves. This one is definitely a head turner. A touch of simplicity added with a tri-color tape running across the chest, creating an air of sophistication without the glaring contrast.

Now that you have some ideas, I hope the 20% off will make it easier for your top 5 choices.



Pixelated April 29 2013, 0 Comments

When you're reading this, our FLMP crew are busy preparing for our new arrivals tomorrow!

Tribal-print tees have become a hot favourite in the streetwear scene for a while. When anyone speaks about Classics, we even think of tribal prints instead of black and white.

This week's new arrival includes our tribal print tee, pieced up in pixels for you:

Tee Roundive SGD29.00 in white and black.

An all round white tribal tee in teal blue print and black tee with sky blue print.

Tee Texcoco SGD29.00 in white and black.

Too busy for town or not in Singapore? SHOP ONLINE NOW!

AHOY! April 27 2013, 0 Comments

Set sail with our latest tees inspired by the marines.

Tee Seaman SGD29.00 Available in Gun Grey and White. The season's latest striped tees with our FLMP anchor print on its pockets.

Our favourite pick this week is Flesh Imp Tee Navy, with repetitive print of ship's wheel and anchor in marine themed colours. The Tees are teamed with pockets of same fabric with no prints to create a contrasting texture.

Tee Navy SGD29.00 Available in Heather Grey and White.

We've got more new arrivals this coming weekends. With the likes of our classic tribal prints.
Enjoy 10% on us when you purchase from our online store at
Enter promo code upon checkout: SPECIAL10

New Arrivals April 18 2013, 0 Comments

Our new season's collection sees a mixture of bold and subtle prints, with elements of military forces.
Here are some of our new tees this week.

Tee Soldier SGD 29.00

Tee Soldier is available in charcoal grey and militaria green, with military print side panels.

Tee Army  SGD 29.00

Tee Army is a versatile and easy to match piece. Fold up your sleeves by one-fold and pair with chinos. Tee Army is available in black and militaria green.

Shirt Rebel SGD59.00

Shirt Rebel is another versatile piece in the collection that can give you a either a rugged or smart look. It all depends on how you team it up with a colored chinos or denim jeans to suit your style.

Bag Amur SGD35.00

Our new season's collection also includes Bag Amur, designed in militaria print fabric with suede panels and zip tags. Bag Armur goes well with our militaria-themed tees. But to flare up these sacks, throw on some contrasting textures of solid color such as black shirt or a leather jacket with skinnies and boots to accentuate the prints.

Our new arrivals are in stores now. Don't forget to pick up a copy of our FLESH IMP LOOK BOOK at our stores when you're there. We'll give you guys a sneak peak of our next week's releases soon!

Flesh Imp New Collection Spring/Summer 13 April 17 2013, 0 Comments

Our FLMP Spring/Summer 2013 collection has launched!

If you're a fan, you would have realised our crew has shed their tees for our new season's crew tee.
In case you haven't heard, you can now get our stuff online, in the comfort of your homes!

We're having an online promo right now. To enjoy 10% off (with min. spending of SGD50.00), key in our promo code upon checkout. Promo Code (all caps with no spacings!): SPECIAL10

Our FLESH IMP LOOK BOOK are in stores now. Grab a copy to find out about our new collection today!
Our stores are at
Scape #02-20/21/22
Bugis Junction #03-22

Button Up! March 28 2013, 0 Comments

Flesh Imp always pays attention to the finest details of an apparel, from its seams to its choice of threads, we always experiment with different effects before the producing the pieces - right down to our selection of buttons on our shirts. And if you realise, the choices of buttons gives each shirt a different feel.

Here are our new button ups up on our online store,

Flesh Imp Shirt Dough // SGD 59.oo
Navy blue shirt with polka dotted collar lining and sleeve placket.
Choice of buttons are contrasting round buttons in matt wheat colour.

Flesh Imp Shirt Alley // SGD 59.oo
Soft denim-like fabric with quirky coloured buttons.

Flesh Imp Shirt Brenan // SGD 59.oo
Dim grey denim-like fabric with wooden-like plastic buttons of African wenge color. This shirt also features a unconventional rectangular elbow patch.

Flesh Imp Shirt Pokka // SGD 59.oo
Navy fabric with neatly dotted fine prints and inversely coloured sleeve placket.
The white shell buttons give it a stark contrast, especially on the lifted pocket flap.

All our new shirts are in stores now.
You can also get them online at
We're having a promotion of 10% off every SGD50.00 purchase.
Punch in those promo code upon check out!


Behind the Scenes: FLMP S/S 13 Lookbook shoot February 28 2013, 0 Comments

This season, Flesh Imp takes a little break from urban terrain and takes our "studio" to outdoors to shoot for Flesh Imp's latest S/S 2013 collection. What's a little Spring without whiffs of nature? Our new collection is also closely related to the theme but we shan't let the cat out of the bag!


We had to bring our collection wardrobe along but we gotta leave the fitting room back in the studio. Needless to say, the models featured in this Lookbook has to change in the "wild", exposing themselves to..... not anyone but the bugs and mozzies.
We wanted to show you their bites but decided against it to save your appetite for lunch.


The models featured in this Lookbook are none other than our very Flesh Imp boys and our bigger boys - Nicholas and Vincent.
We'll leave the intro of the boys for the Lookbook so you gotta grab one from our stores coming end-march!


Our friendly and chirpy photographer is Olivia, who has to brave the sun and the creepy-crawlies to shoot the boys who're always up to some sort of mischief.


Left to Right:
Hewett, Yong Siang, Ben, Anton, Wei Hao, Nicholas and Vincent


With a little direction from our photographer and the boys did it just fine!


Having to deal with insects, heat and even heights.... life of a model ain't easy.


Catch our behind the scenes video on our YouTube channel, fleshimpclothings!
Grab a copy of our Lookbook from our stores at Scape and Bugis end of next month! Discount Promo Code: SPECIAL10 February 08 2013, 0 Comments


Need we say more? SHOP NOW!

Highlights: New February Collection February 07 2013, 0 Comments

February is here! Which means Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away!
It's been a busy week and TGIF! If you haven't done your Chinese New Year shopping, do so before the crowd in town gets crazy.

New month also means new releases! Up this week are many new items that we wanna share with you.

current raves

Some of our favorite berms this week:

A little fun with pocket trimmings. Plain berms with checked lining or tribal weaves.

This new collection comprises of several versatile berms with fold up prints for a shorter and quirkier pair of berms. For days where you're looking to match your flashy tee with a plain pair of berms, simply unfold to convert. Moreover, berms are our staples for this sunny island. It's our go-to for casuals or for school and it goes well with both tee and shirts.

Here are our top three faves this week:

1. Shirt Redtape - a classic with pocket details.

2. Shirt Stripen - Classic denim fabric shirt with pocket details.

3. Shirt Dentech - Classic washed denim fabric shirt with tribal details on pocket.

If you're too busy to head on down town to get your new year shopping done, why not make purchases online and have it delivered to your door step? Browse other items at!

New shopping experience on Flesh Imp's Online Store January 02 2013, 2 Comments


Happy new year guys!
Hope you guys had a blast over the new year!
It's a brand new year and Flesh Imp's Online Store had a revamp to bring you a brand new shopping experience!

Our online store features easier navigation.


It also shows you our new arrivals and apparels all at one glance.


Our new interface also features product images of a higher resolution!


Check out our online store now!

Kenshiro Gushi Sporting Flesh Imp September 24 2012, 0 Comments

This afternoon I was just browsing the news on The Straits Times and something really caught my eye.

Kenshiro was in town to take part in the Singapore leg of Formula Drift Asia and guess what?
We're very proud to see this racer sporting our very own Flesh Imp shirt.


Sneak peeks: August 24 2012, 0 Comments

sneak peek

sneak peek

stay tuned.

The Top 5 Essentials in your Wardrobe July 27 2012, 0 Comments

We are guys. Our clothes are strewn all over the floor in our room. A wardrobe you say? Oh wait, so that’s what the huge, hollow compartment is! I thought it was just another storeroom for more junk.

Yes, a wardrobe is where one hangs their clothes and keeps clean laundry, not a decade of MacDonald’s cartons, or that shirt you wore when you first visited Fun Dazzle (that colourful indoor playground has sadly, closed down for good. Pity.). Start gathering the clothes on your floor and clean out that closet of yours! Time to introduce fresh new pieces of clothing and bid farewell to has-beens!

Having an ample number of styles in your wardrobe is vital. It gives you more leeway in coming up with different ways in creating a casual wear, to a preppy approach. For me, I enjoy having an array of patterned T-shirts, or printed ones. One can never have too many T-shirts!

Here are my top 5 MUST-HAVES in the wardrobe!

1. Printed/Patterned T-shirts
• Digital Aztec prints
• Artistic designs

T-shirts with a quirky twist to the plain background, they rock a simple ensemble in a snap! A minimalistic design on the shirt beats a basic tee so why not? I like mine to have intricate patterns with a mix of dull and bold colors, which spruce up my daily pairings of pants and Bermudas.

2. Plaid shirts

Please don’t tie this with a farm boy image, or a hipster-wannabe. Open your mind and eyes to the 21st century, where nearly everyone and anyone dares to wear the wackiest and outrageous. Men these days are braver to wearing intricate patterns and bold colours, especially with the burst of plaid and tartan for Autumn/Fall.

You can wear plaid shirts with jeans for a casual approach. Roll up the sleeves for an added polished touch. I think any guy can pull off plaid, without looking like an escaped clown from the Russian circus. There are even plaid blazers and jackets to style in!

3. Basic T-shirts
• V-necks
• Crew neck

Other than novelty printed Tees, you should have a few basic Tees in your wardrobe. In the name of essentials and the convenience of what a simple plain Tee, the basics are versatile pieces in completing an ensemble.

4. Denim jeans

Denims are classic pieces, especially denim jeans. Fitted, regular rise, straight cuts and skinny jeans are a necessity in the wardrobe of men. You can play with the lengths of jeans by rolling them up mid0way at the calves for a casual style, like into a pair of 3/4s. There are even different styles of jeans like acid-wash, dark blue denims, distressed black, of the array of choices!

5. Bermudas

In this hot and humid weather, Bermudas are a MUST. These 3/4s length bottoms are a savior during the blistering heat.

The classic style of Printed Tees July 26 2012, 0 Comments

FLMP_tee_centers__29_1 FLMP_tee_flag__29_2 FLMP_tee_varro__29_1 FLMP_Tee_Amenative__29

I love printed t-shirts. Aztec patterns, geometric designs, novelty prints, any of them on a shirt, the characteristics of them can last us to infinity and beyond (I kid you not). There is something distinguished about a printed t-shirt, like how versatile a piece can be styled with, or the design reflects your personality or takes on life. Either way, printed t-shirts are very much a staple in every man’s wardrobe. If a single tone of colour doesn’t complement your taste in clothing, printed t-shirts can take the place of vibrancy.

Flesh Imp Team

Flesh Imp Feature Product: Bermudas and Pants July 05 2012, 0 Comments

The weather is out to annihilate the entire human race. Recently, an article in the papers reported that the temperature can soar up to a crazy 34 degrees. Honestly serious Singapore? It is bad enough the temperature touched the 30 degrees mark, but to exceed over it is instant death. Beads of perspiration and buckets of sweat are proof that the sweltering heat we are experiencing is RIDICULOUS.

Well, let’s beat the heat by dressing in cooling yet stylish pieces of clothing. No FBTs or you boxers out please. They are a public eyesore and I’m pretty sure people would slam you for being a local hobo.

We have a new range of Bermudas and ankle pants with a quirky twist to the colour! Here we have a bold coloured pair of Bermudas in sky blue! Yes out with the dull, in with the bright! The light grey isn’t too bad itself. Being a versatile hue, I’m absolutely sure that these pairs of Bermudas can be styled with any T-shirt from our store!

Our pants are tweaked to add a touch of style instead of having a plain hue. We don’t have an added patched of cloth sewed at the back pockets, or those tacky dual colour pants which is disgrace to the world of Fashion. Our pants have a touch of blue folded at the leg hole of the pants for an added style. The subtle blue is a brilliant finishing touch to the pants and of course, a staple piece to style with!

Keep cool with Flesh Imp clothing guys! Be in style with these bottoms and keep out giving the wicked edge of fashion!

Flesh Imp Team

Flesh Imp Product Feature: Pop Culture Tees June 28 2012, 0 Comments

Pop culture is the totality of images, perspectives, trends, attitudes, memes, basically anything and every thing that influences the media which in turn, shapes us in our daily lives. Currently, there is one trend which has never left our minds (despite being reported two weeks ago), is the infamous young artist Samantha Lo (SKL0) who went about roads in Singapore, pasting circular black and white stickers with witty captions on the buttons of traffic lights. Her arrest caused uproar in young Singaporeans, as well as those from the creative arts industries/communities.

In lieu to this controversy, we designed a T-shirt, “Press To Release: Flesh Imp for SKL0”, in support of the freedom to express and create art and of course, to help ease the impending fine for Samantha. From this piece and movement, we hope that the young, aspiring artists out there will continue to nurture their talents and one day, use the Singapore and the world as a platform to showcase their limitless imagination and creativity.

Incorporating the artsy element and pop culture, here we have the concrete jungle: New York and a ragged up USA flag with the iconic Flesh Imp logo substituting as some of the stars. New York and the USA have always been a fiery topic on all aspects of news. Fashion week, Economics, Music, Politics, all these are the highlights in world news. America: The centre of a newsroom. She stirs the media with impact that sends frenzy throughout the world. New York: A melting pot of culture, art and fashion. NYC is the hub of all things beautiful and amazing.

Of course, another city in this world which mashes the best of both art and fashion is the city of lights, Paris. In this design, our T-shirt has a touch of French in it. With the spherical insides of the iconic Eiffel Tower, reads the words “la mode de nos jour” (Fashionable every day) that sits at the corner of the T-shirt. Looks trippy! Yes, trippy is the IN thing in pop culture, with the works of tribal, Aztec and all designs ethnic, which we too enjoy reflecting the styles in our T-shirts too!

There you have it! Flesh Imp features Popular Culture in their T-shirts. Do head down to the stores for more fresh designs before they run out!

Flesh Imp Team

The Brandery Asia - Flesh Imp May 21 2012, 0 Comments

Last weekend was real busy for us!
We hit Suntec city from Wednesday preparing for The Brandery Asia, the first fashion trade show that showcases local street and urban labels from Singapore as well as in the region.
The response was good and we hope that Flesh Imp will be seen around the region soon!

Here is our setup for the week, complete with a sneak preview of the Jul - Sep 2012 collection!

Featuring our very own Neo with the latest Aztec inspired collection

We brought a mini Flesh Imp Store to the exhibition grounds so that visitors and buyers will have the same feel and vibe similar to shopping at the Flagship store. Yes, complete with the mini Red Bull fridge!

The beauty is in the details and we spared no expense in bringing our sofa and other props to complete the Flesh Imp shopping experience.

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without the Feiyue X Flesh Imp Capsule collection, with the special limited edition 'Plain Lo' on show!

We had a great time at the show and special thanks to Jack, Sandra and Jean for making this possible!

SHOES [New Arrival] April 13 2012, 0 Comments

Flesh Imp Shoes2

Flesh Imp Shoes1

This season, we're toning down the color palette to complementary colors-
Blues and mustard.

These babies are an excellent match for tweed or flannel trousers and for any occasion.

Popular to many style icons, suede definitely is for those who is confident and has his own individual sense of style.

To sum it up, who doesn't love suede right? Ah.. except for when it rains of course...

Look who's gettin' famous!? March 02 2012, 0 Comments

We knew she be going places when we picked her as the winner for the LookBook category for our Flesh Imp X Canon Photo Journal in June last year.

'Take a look at me now!'

Watch out for a special shoot between Flesh Imp and @OnlyNoah on 5th March 2012 @ our Scape Store!

Ship ahoy! January 15 2012, 0 Comments

The nautical trend has been around for ages and comes back every few years.
For this spring/summer 2012, sail away in stripes in our nautical collection!

There's nothing not to love about this classic trend.

Watch our video to be inspired!


Here are some looks in courtesy of  Lookbook:









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Flesh Imp_Men's Pants_Doop 1_$59
Some fresh pants

Flesh Imp_Men's Berms_XPockey 1_$45
Fancy something shorter

Mens_Long Slv_Redy 1_$59
Strut it with an outerwear

Flesh Imp Shoes Carl $73
Shoes made for walking

Something extra