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New Season Preview August 11 2014, 0 Comments

We just got our hands on the latest collection for August and we can't wait to drop them.

Here's a sneak preview of some of the ones we like.






Long Sleeves Shirt


Here you are.

These are just part of the August drops.

Stay tuned for more!


Style - Don't worry, be Happy - Dress like Pharrell Williams April 08 2014, 0 Comments

Pharrell Williams have always been the epitome of style.

Ever since his N.E.R.D days and this stylish rapper is always associated with all things cool.

With his Happy music video trending so rapidly, Pharrell has once again made history and strengthened him as the king of swag.

We know we can't come close to being this dude, but hey, at least we can try, can't we?

So here goes.

4 looks that actually comes close.

1. Casual Day









2. Party time








3. Not so formal






4. Licensed to thrill







That's all folks, 4 styles that get you closer to Pharrell, (if that is what you want to do..)

I know, we did contemplate adding this infamous hat into the style guide, but ah well, I believe that some styles, only Pharrell, and Pharrell only, will be able to pull off.

Take a look at this and you will know what I mean.



Be Happy.




Flesh Imp 13th Anniversary! January 21 2014, 0 Comments

This week guys!

Celebrate with us and our sister label FEMMEX as we showcase the Lady Gaga limited edition collection this Friday! 

It's gonna be an awesome night out with Rozz hosting, Shigga Shay and Daren Tan showcasing their debut song, the Flesh Imp and FEMMEX SS14 collection with the Nuffnang Influencers and Anticipating Diva talents.

Win fantastic prizes if you are selected the winner of the Best Dressed Lady Gaga for the night!

All these and $200 cash!

See yall there!

Rock out at ZoukOut! December 07 2013, 0 Comments

Definitely one of the most anticipated event of the year, ZoukOut is possibly the best way to wind down after a year of hard work. Well, even if you have been slacking, it is still the best party, hands down.

Most of the guys I know have been hitting the gym so that they would have all the legit reasons to show some buff, but for those who haven't, or don't really care, here are some fashion styles that can let you get away without going topless.


It's pretty much a Tees / Shirts + Berms + Flip Flops affair. 

Mix them up yo

1. Tee + Berms + Flip Flops 

2. Shirt + Berms + Flip Flops 

3. Tee + Shirt + Berms + Flip Flops

Shy, buffed guys can use the shirt as a teaser, if you know what I mean. 

Tip 1. Our shirt sleeves run a lil tight. Big biceps or small biceps, will look big in these bad boys. 


Here are the selection!

Sail White Tee Shirt 

Get onto the beach vibes with this one. Vision yourself holding a shot glass standing by the beach looking towards the moving vessel across the Sentosa straits.


To make sure you get all the attention without doing the talking, SWAG up with this tee. Good lookers get admired, the average looking, you still get credit for being #bold


Ancre Tee

Anchors have been all the rage this 2013, and much as we love to hate this nautical trend, it seems here to stay till 2014. So the creativity doesn't stop here.

Yolanda Haiyan Relief Tee 

When you are having fun, don't forget to do your part for donation relief for the Haiyan victims. The Flesh Imp team would be rocking this at Zoukout.


Cross Shirt

Monogrammed Shirts are simple, stylish and easy to match. Refer to the various combos available to keep them buttoned / unbottoned.


Ballard Shirt

Get into the tourist mode with Ballard and see what happens if you switch to a pseudo foreign accent.


Bailey Bermudas

What's a beach party without Bailey's? Both the drink and the bermudas here are gonna make you navigate like a beach party pro at ZoukOut! Go for it. You know you want it.


Abram Bermudas

They say, go loud or go home. I say just do it.

This one. Conversation piece / Chick Magnet 


Chandy Bermudas

For the mellow fellow, this one will keep you looking fine and prepped while you feast your eyes on the eye candy at the party. 

For Flip Flop ideas, take no further look that these guys


Have a great ZoukOut guys!

See ya there!



4 Styles to Rock this X'mas! December 04 2013, 0 Comments

It's X'mas and we are all ready to hit the party.

The worse thing is to see someone rockin the same gear as you, while you gotta do the hide and seek.

So here are some style guides for 4 different scenarios for you guys


1. X'mas Brunch by the berth 

Anchorope Tee

Cliche as it is, this Tee can't get any less nautical and 'yachty' so if you are at one degree 15, this will definitely give you some real swag.


Feroz Berms


We were torn between going full nautical with the Bailey Berms but decided that it will be overkill, so we opted for this one instead.

Slip on a pair of loafers and you are good to go.


2. Tis the Tea Time 

Cooper Shirt  

Teatime is always a little tricky cos, it's neither formal nor casual for some. You could always overdress for tea if you are at the local kopitiam, but end up equally underdressed at The Royal Copenhagen. for all we know, Cooper here will make sure you don't lose any of that style.

Feroz Berms

Pairing with a simple yet detailed bermudas should give you an all round vibe without looking like a sore thumb, or mistaken for the server.


3. Turkey Dinner

Damien Shirt - Online Exclusive

Fresh off the block, Damien shirt is a good mix of heavy cotton at the front and oxford all around. Smart and preppy for any dinners, yet casual enough to fit a stylish house party you might have after.


Chandy Pants 

As usual, our classic pants with specially placed details give a tinge of bespoke, and cuffing them up just so slightly creates a true gentleman look.


Berowne Blue Shoes

Chunky sole with a mis-matched loafer upper gives that clashed style which turns out pretty good too.


4. It's X'mas Party!


Achilles Shirt 

Floral is the key trend this season and we should see more of these in 2014, so be seen as the trendsetter this X'mas!

Venetia Jacket


Go full on swag with Venetia as the colors go cray cray with it. Be scene!

OOTD Snapback


Forget those hashtags! BE the hashtag!

nuff said

Dexon Pants


Simple and classic with the ampulet flap in floral adding a touch of cheekiness. 

Army Green Foot Wear

Relive the army days with this boot clunk of a dress shoe. Tread with caution in the urban jungle, but fret not when you are on the dance floor!


So there we have it.

4 styles for X'mas and you are ready to turn heads and break necks


Merry X'mas Yall!




5 Hottest Scores Right Now November 13 2013, 0 Comments

YES! The hottest score right now gotta be Badgalriri.

(Photo: Badgalriri)

Sorry we digress.

We're supposed to be talking about the hottest fashion score right now but 'the hottest score' just led us into drooling about Riri. Other than the Barbadian hottie, also on our hottest score list is.....

Katy Perry.

(Photo: KatyPerryVEVO)

OKAY. Back to the topic.
Here are the latest ready-to-wear trends for FALL/WINTER13 that you might wanna pick up.
Of course we're giving you recommendations with our FLMP pieces.

(Photo: Hypebeast)

Of course, we've got some awesome new bombers that have already dropped at our Flesh Imp Scape Store.

You might also like our new Parka.

With the weather these days as confused as Mile Cyrus, you can be sure our latest serious of Outerwear will cover your back.


Just when you think we got them all, here's a surprise find on the list.

Hands down this gotta be the top favorite in our list.

These ones are reversible so you can match different outfits:

Grey has to be the hottest color of Fall/Winter and especially grey on grey.
The trick to keeping up with the latest trend this season is to layer up the greys with other greys.
Try layering grey tee with a jacket in a darker shade of grey.

Our definite color choice and the hue that we're cool in since we were a kid. For our new collection we added a new twist to our usual blue shirts. Using variations of prints, we hype up our shirts with bits and pieces. Less is always more.

(Photo: Hypebeast)



We're lovin' and creatin' awesome pieces with one of the latest trend - styled prints. Essential for our climate and a comfy everyday wear, we spruced up our FLMP berms with styled patterns in different ways.


Well you guys (and girls) already know this. Must-have.

Okay we gotta add this irrelevant hottest score inside. Lighten up and enjoy a little laugh. This sh*t never fails to crack me up. If you like them, I have some asian version ones too. Wahhaha. 

Comment below to tell us what  you like and what apparels or accessories you'd like to see on Flesh Imp!

Payday Mayday! October 31 2013, 0 Comments

We know how it goes.

It's payday and before you know it, it's all gone by the first week.

So if you absolutely have to buy some clothes this November, we pick out some a countdown list of must-haves from our latest collection!

5. Dexon Pants


Fresh off the ports, our latest pants is now upgraded to premium material and awesome hand-feel. And always with the best detailing.

4. Revert Navy Jacket

Yes, I got that right. It's Navy AND Floral.

We threw up some nice florals, and then thought it would be awesome if we could use the same jacket for a more serious occasion and we mucked around the fabric mill to come up with a reversible one. 

Wear it as a floral at night and turn it out into a serious jacket in the morning!

Comes in Navy and Green.

3. Bailey Bermudas

2. Leopard Tee

Forget leopard prints ( or preenz, like how our Ris Low says it), let's maul a real one and get it imprinted onto the Tee Shirt!

A new addition to our Flesh Imp Tees, the digital graphic range is all about re-creating pixel perfect designs onto clothing. 

If you haven't got any of these Givenchy-inspired pieces yet.



and our number one, which is of course, the very limited edition Flesh Imp X LIMPEH collaboration in celebration of our boy Shigga Shay hitting the itunes chart with the witty rap LIMPEH.

You can check the limited edition collection here.

A limited edition Lookbook with CD mixtape will come with the boxset and we will be giving away some SIGNED mixtapes to some lucky contest winners!

and here they are in person doing the covert signing session!



And me and Vincent doing our best LIMPEH look with the boys.



Staff Picks! October 18 2013, 0 Comments

This season we see tons of exciting new arrivals and when the stocks came in, everyone from the office to the store were stoked and we got them to pick out their favourite.

It might be your favourite too!




Needless to say, Zero being the swag dawg as he is, the LIMPEH vibe is definitely very him!

' I can finally say ' I am Limpeh ' and turn my back proud! - Zero




Cute as she is, Sara has a style between preppy geek and stylish freak. But we all know it just takes a pair of nerdy peepers to make her look like one. Nonetheless, she still wants to make sure that everyone knows with this tank.

' I could share it with my boyfriend, you see...' - Sara




Floral Tee

I just want to give this a shot. Period



Barlow Shirt


Vincent is known to wear stylish shirts, and this one is one good fit. Especially when he has it customised to fit his tall frame. 

' Been wanting to get my hands on this one ever since I got hold of this unique fabric during the conceptualisation process' - Vincent Q


So there you have it!

Staff picks for you.

What about yours?


Looking Good Without Busting The Bank October 08 2013, 0 Comments

The other day I was at the store and some customers told me it was getting pretty hard to assemble a decent set up looking good without busting the bank. 

That got us thinking 'What is the decent cost of putting together some good looking gear?'

A quick survey got us various answers, with various definition of 'busting the bank'.

So we decided to go for a few options.

1. Full get up Cap, Top and Bottom @ $100

2. Top and Bottom @ $40

And surprisingly, here's what we got!

For the $100 and under range.

Check Shirt $19

Dope Snapback $29

Cleon Berms $19

Marshall Neon Shades $19 

Grand Total of $86!!

Sunnyblock Shades $19

Earnest Shirt $39

Kazimir Berms $39 

and the total checks in at $97!!

If you have a budget, $40 and under is for you

Laude Shirt $19

Japhyr Pants $19

Total comes in $38!

FLMP City Tee $19

Rothel Berms $19

Total checks in at $38!

And you know what,  as a bonus, we added a $70 category and we are pretty surprised what we managed to do!

Flower Tee $29

Cadbey Berms $39

Total of $68

Aztec Tee $29

Gallus Berms $39

Total of $68! 

So there you have it!

Awesome gear at / below $40, $70 and $100.

Looking good, and have some spares for that hot dinner date!

What did you manage to find at the stores for $40?


3 awesome shirts for this National Day Weekend August 05 2013, 0 Comments

The weather these days have been insane and the heat is searing hot.

I can't imagine how to look good without breaking a sweat

Well, but you know what this weekend holds! It is the ultra long weekend where Hari Raya meets National Day.

I know the holiday mood is unbearable especially if you aren't out of town for this rare weekend.

So here we have some new arrivals for you to break out for the holidays. 

Be it celebrating the nation's 48th birthday or just taking a chance to hang out in style.

First on the line up we have Curtis, which looks pretty much like Leafy


Look closer and you will see the difference.

This is 'fly-off-the-shelf' potential so be quick!

Next up we have SHARRIF

Yes, we know long sleeves will almost kill you in that heat, but hey, we got your back covered with this one.

Made with lightweight rayon cotton mix, this shirt is that one life saver that keeps you look all swagged out without the sweat-out.

Keep them down or roll 'em up, SHARRIF will keep the style factor in check.

Last but not least, we have BURGESS, which, judging from our staff's reservations, is gonna be a sell-out. 

Polka dots on lightweight rayon polyester mix is what we need in this hot weather. 

Get dotty with this one. Never goes out of style.


So there we have it. 3 perfect pieces for the National Day weekend.

I am going to post some perfect (and free) locations to catch some National Day Fireworks for you and your date!


One Love

- N

G-Shock 30th Anniversary 'Shock The World' July 30 2013, 0 Comments

It was an impressive set-up and after months of build up, the event was held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa at The Coliseum.


Me and the rest of the crew headed over after dinner and was greeted by a huge G-Shock watch entrance.



Vincent going up the nicely decorated steps


The inventor of G-Shock, Mr Kikuo Ibe sharing with us how he made several prototypes before he finally created the first G-Shock.


Here’s me and Vincent with the legend himself!



The night was fun filled with many activities where the winners of the design-a-G-Shock competition for the Casio G-Shock 30th Anniversary was announced, as well as the dance competition! More details here 



We ended the night taking photos with our good pals from Butter Factory, Shigga Shay and the Miss Universe Singapore finalists!


AOS DJs rocked the night



Hanging out with Shigga Shay and The Grizzle Grind Crew of the Limpeh fame, and the cast of movie ‘That girl in Pinafore” Daren Tan, Hayley Woo and XiaoPang.


Miss Universe Singapore finalist Amanda Toh and 2nd Runner Up Cordelia Dapne graced the event as well!


Before we left, our crew took a shot with the G-Man!


Till the next post

Stay stylish

5 top items to buy at Flesh Imp for The Great Singapore Sale! June 02 2013, 0 Comments

Ok, so the buying frenzy has started and over at Flesh Imp, we are all stoked about the great deals that we can get at discounted prices!

To sweeten the already awesome goodness that we have prepared for yall at the stores, we have also launched a webstore special for those who just want to chill at home and let the mouse ( and paypal) do the clickin'

So here's the deal.

key in 'GSS' at checkout, and get a massive 20% off the total bill. Yes, even the new arrivals!

For all local buyers, enjoy free shipping on us, no minimum purchase, no terms and conditions, just buy whatever you like ( before they get sold out), get the discount, and get them at your doorstep within 3 working days, and wear them lika boss.

For international buyers, you get a treat too. With a Flat rate USD$9.90 shipping and free shipping with purchases up to USD$150, there is no reason for you not to grab that Flesh Imp Tee that you have always wanted!

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's see which 5 items are top of the list of 'must-haves'

1. The Aventurer Black Bagpack


We heard you and we know how a bagpack makes the difference between a geek and a hacker so we tore apart that functional (read : boring) laptop bag and threw in large portions of style, faux leather and attitude to give you Aventurer. We know you know that this will kill it even if you are a true blue geek. Cop this here

2. The Flesh Imp signature Fabric Light Blue belt

This is one classic piece that never fails to make a grand entrance to your perfect ensemble.

Switch between casual and smart upon demand, our Flesh Imp Fabric belt looks good both with Shirts and Tees, tucked in and let loose. It stays the way you want it, especially with a wide array of colors. This particular one is my top fave.

One flick of the shirt, and I am on the way to the beach!

3. Polka Singlet / Tank



Speaking of the beach, the weather's been a killer lately over here in Singapore, and what's better than a cool tank to hit the waves. While I am not known to be an avid swimmer, it's always fun in the sun hitting up some beers, and lap pool chilling. All that with whole lotta style to go too.

4. Camo Bermudas

It's been awhile since I have donned some camouflage, but lately, it gets kinda nostalgic, especially with all that National Spirit going on. But hey, any excuse to wear some cool camo right? So here is that snow camo pattern that I have been craving for.

5. Nesh Shirt

Well you know we have been dropping quite a bit of shirts lately and a good mix both long and short sleeves. This one is definitely a head turner. A touch of simplicity added with a tri-color tape running across the chest, creating an air of sophistication without the glaring contrast.

Now that you have some ideas, I hope the 20% off will make it easier for your top 5 choices.



New Arrivals April 18 2013, 0 Comments

Our new season's collection sees a mixture of bold and subtle prints, with elements of military forces.
Here are some of our new tees this week.

Tee Soldier SGD 29.00

Tee Soldier is available in charcoal grey and militaria green, with military print side panels.

Tee Army  SGD 29.00

Tee Army is a versatile and easy to match piece. Fold up your sleeves by one-fold and pair with chinos. Tee Army is available in black and militaria green.

Shirt Rebel SGD59.00

Shirt Rebel is another versatile piece in the collection that can give you a either a rugged or smart look. It all depends on how you team it up with a colored chinos or denim jeans to suit your style.

Bag Amur SGD35.00

Our new season's collection also includes Bag Amur, designed in militaria print fabric with suede panels and zip tags. Bag Armur goes well with our militaria-themed tees. But to flare up these sacks, throw on some contrasting textures of solid color such as black shirt or a leather jacket with skinnies and boots to accentuate the prints.

Our new arrivals are in stores now. Don't forget to pick up a copy of our FLESH IMP LOOK BOOK at our stores when you're there. We'll give you guys a sneak peak of our next week's releases soon!

Button Up! March 28 2013, 0 Comments

Flesh Imp always pays attention to the finest details of an apparel, from its seams to its choice of threads, we always experiment with different effects before the producing the pieces - right down to our selection of buttons on our shirts. And if you realise, the choices of buttons gives each shirt a different feel.

Here are our new button ups up on our online store,

Flesh Imp Shirt Dough // SGD 59.oo
Navy blue shirt with polka dotted collar lining and sleeve placket.
Choice of buttons are contrasting round buttons in matt wheat colour.

Flesh Imp Shirt Alley // SGD 59.oo
Soft denim-like fabric with quirky coloured buttons.

Flesh Imp Shirt Brenan // SGD 59.oo
Dim grey denim-like fabric with wooden-like plastic buttons of African wenge color. This shirt also features a unconventional rectangular elbow patch.

Flesh Imp Shirt Pokka // SGD 59.oo
Navy fabric with neatly dotted fine prints and inversely coloured sleeve placket.
The white shell buttons give it a stark contrast, especially on the lifted pocket flap.

All our new shirts are in stores now.
You can also get them online at
We're having a promotion of 10% off every SGD50.00 purchase.
Punch in those promo code upon check out!


Highlights: New February Collection February 07 2013, 0 Comments

February is here! Which means Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away!
It's been a busy week and TGIF! If you haven't done your Chinese New Year shopping, do so before the crowd in town gets crazy.

New month also means new releases! Up this week are many new items that we wanna share with you.

current raves

Some of our favorite berms this week:

A little fun with pocket trimmings. Plain berms with checked lining or tribal weaves.

This new collection comprises of several versatile berms with fold up prints for a shorter and quirkier pair of berms. For days where you're looking to match your flashy tee with a plain pair of berms, simply unfold to convert. Moreover, berms are our staples for this sunny island. It's our go-to for casuals or for school and it goes well with both tee and shirts.

Here are our top three faves this week:

1. Shirt Redtape - a classic with pocket details.

2. Shirt Stripen - Classic denim fabric shirt with pocket details.

3. Shirt Dentech - Classic washed denim fabric shirt with tribal details on pocket.

If you're too busy to head on down town to get your new year shopping done, why not make purchases online and have it delivered to your door step? Browse other items at!

Highlights: New January Collection January 31 2013, 0 Comments

Our new collection is in stores now!

This week, we have several new designs for our polo tees, Flesh Imp tees and shirt!

The polo tees are available in round-tip collars, giving you the sleek and clean look.
Our favourite pick would still have to be these tribal-insired designs in heather grey.
This Chinese New Year, we also injected a few tints of reds into our collection to grace the occasion.

Another range of polo tee that comes in sharpened collar tips.

Exclusively for this Chinese New Year are Tee Mayor and Tee Mayan in red:

Also in our new collection this week are our Tee Wild (with wild pockets) and Tee Cityscape.

Several new shirts were also released this week and here are the top five that we love!

1. Shirt Leo - urban street with a dose of wild Africa.

2. Shirt Pockit - subtle prints on plains.

3. Shirt Pinker - twist in the pink; tribal sleeves.

4. Shirt Bendy - conventional shirt with floral surprise.

5. Shirt Greyhuf - classic double-breasted shirt.

Like anything you see above? Click on the image itself to purchase them at our online store!

Check out our online store now! ---->

Kenshiro Gushi Sporting Flesh Imp September 24 2012, 0 Comments

This afternoon I was just browsing the news on The Straits Times and something really caught my eye.

Kenshiro was in town to take part in the Singapore leg of Formula Drift Asia and guess what?
We're very proud to see this racer sporting our very own Flesh Imp shirt.


The Top 5 Essentials in your Wardrobe July 27 2012, 0 Comments

We are guys. Our clothes are strewn all over the floor in our room. A wardrobe you say? Oh wait, so that’s what the huge, hollow compartment is! I thought it was just another storeroom for more junk.

Yes, a wardrobe is where one hangs their clothes and keeps clean laundry, not a decade of MacDonald’s cartons, or that shirt you wore when you first visited Fun Dazzle (that colourful indoor playground has sadly, closed down for good. Pity.). Start gathering the clothes on your floor and clean out that closet of yours! Time to introduce fresh new pieces of clothing and bid farewell to has-beens!

Having an ample number of styles in your wardrobe is vital. It gives you more leeway in coming up with different ways in creating a casual wear, to a preppy approach. For me, I enjoy having an array of patterned T-shirts, or printed ones. One can never have too many T-shirts!

Here are my top 5 MUST-HAVES in the wardrobe!

1. Printed/Patterned T-shirts
• Digital Aztec prints
• Artistic designs

T-shirts with a quirky twist to the plain background, they rock a simple ensemble in a snap! A minimalistic design on the shirt beats a basic tee so why not? I like mine to have intricate patterns with a mix of dull and bold colors, which spruce up my daily pairings of pants and Bermudas.

2. Plaid shirts

Please don’t tie this with a farm boy image, or a hipster-wannabe. Open your mind and eyes to the 21st century, where nearly everyone and anyone dares to wear the wackiest and outrageous. Men these days are braver to wearing intricate patterns and bold colours, especially with the burst of plaid and tartan for Autumn/Fall.

You can wear plaid shirts with jeans for a casual approach. Roll up the sleeves for an added polished touch. I think any guy can pull off plaid, without looking like an escaped clown from the Russian circus. There are even plaid blazers and jackets to style in!

3. Basic T-shirts
• V-necks
• Crew neck

Other than novelty printed Tees, you should have a few basic Tees in your wardrobe. In the name of essentials and the convenience of what a simple plain Tee, the basics are versatile pieces in completing an ensemble.

4. Denim jeans

Denims are classic pieces, especially denim jeans. Fitted, regular rise, straight cuts and skinny jeans are a necessity in the wardrobe of men. You can play with the lengths of jeans by rolling them up mid0way at the calves for a casual style, like into a pair of 3/4s. There are even different styles of jeans like acid-wash, dark blue denims, distressed black, of the array of choices!

5. Bermudas

In this hot and humid weather, Bermudas are a MUST. These 3/4s length bottoms are a savior during the blistering heat.

The classic style of Printed Tees July 26 2012, 0 Comments

FLMP_tee_centers__29_1 FLMP_tee_flag__29_2 FLMP_tee_varro__29_1 FLMP_Tee_Amenative__29

I love printed t-shirts. Aztec patterns, geometric designs, novelty prints, any of them on a shirt, the characteristics of them can last us to infinity and beyond (I kid you not). There is something distinguished about a printed t-shirt, like how versatile a piece can be styled with, or the design reflects your personality or takes on life. Either way, printed t-shirts are very much a staple in every man’s wardrobe. If a single tone of colour doesn’t complement your taste in clothing, printed t-shirts can take the place of vibrancy.

Flesh Imp Team

Date Night! June 21 2012, 0 Comments

Your crush pulls a Carly Rae Jepsen on you and tells you to call her, maybe for a date?

We’re positively sure you won’t decline her offer and in the moment of wonderment, you snap at the thought of your wardrobe.

“What am I going to wear and give a decent impression to the girl?”

Fear not! We’ve got you covered in that department.

“Clothing is the outward expression of the inner person” as renowned Italian designer Giorgio Armani once said. The clothes on your back are what you will communicate to your date on the experience she’s in for. We understand behaviour is the dictation of how your (romantic) evening will go, but showing up in a poor fitting shirt which makes you look like you borrowed the wardrobe of Cee-Lo Green, or wearing a pair of jeans two sizes too small that cramps your legs up (which results in cutting off all blood supply to your feet) would send your date soaking up her pillow at night with tears on why she agreed on going out with you in the first place.

With that in mind, We assure you these tips will get you the girl of your dreams, and too help that your sense of fashion does not equate to Justin Bieber’s style (he has an issue with fitting jeans and wears them 3 sizes too big that it snug nicely, below his butt cheeks).

What should you wear?


A good, fine cut shirt would do the job if you’re indecisive over the prints on T-shirts, or if throwing a vest over your Tee would make you look like a geek (oh girls love the Joseph Gordon-Levitt style by the way). You can button up for a formal appearance, or throw it over a T-shirt for a causal look.

For the love of fashion and looking good, always make absolute sure that your shirts and clean and free from stains. You don’t want to wear a shirt with a 1 month-old ketchup stain on the sleeve, or an unsightly grass stain lingering on the back of your shirt. Have the shirt to be wrinkle-free for an impressionable appearance.


No, we permit you to wear Bermuda shorts on your first date! Save them for subsequent dates when everything is going smoothly and she’s already comfortable with your presence.

Jeans and dress pants, both are excellent choices for presentable bottoms. We would choose dress pants over a pair of jeans as pants are more, professional. Either way, both are appropriate for a first date. Remember to wear them in a perfect fit and length! You would want to feel comfortable throughout the date, and not constantly pull up your pants or tug at your jeans.

That’s just fugly.


Shoes are a no brainer. Just don’t wear a pair of Crocs with socks, or those Havaianas slippers (so what if they cost freaking $50 a pair?) Slippers worn with pants and a shirt would land you in the canal, beaten up. No wait, that’s for Crocs with socks. Either way, you’ll loose the girl, and your friends.

We would go with a pair of wing-tip brogues. Brogues are smart and presentable, or boat shoes! Those are formal-casual which is apt for you if you don’t want to look too formal.

Dos & Don’ts

We’re no Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey in giving the best advices about dating, but here are some points to take note (based on experiences and opinions):

1. DO keep the conversation going with your date and have substantial amount of topics/stories to share.
2. DON’T adjust your shirt or pants in front of your date. It only goes to show that you’re nervous (and she may feel the same too) and uncomfortable. Be confident and smart!
3. DO make sure you’re clean from head to toe; clothes are crisped from ironing and wrinkle-free.
4. DON’T over-spray your cologne. You don’t want China to know what scent you’re wearing. Use 1- 2 sprays on the neck/collar of the shirt and you’re good!
5. DO keep eye contact while speaking to your date. She isn’t on the ceiling or on the floor. Look right at her to show interest and smile!

Flesh Imp Team

Flesh Imp Feature Product: Tribal prints T-Shirt June 14 2012, 0 Comments

First thought about Tribal prints: were they really inspired by red Indians who locate in a godforsaken, remote jungle?

Rhetorical question, but I will elaborate on why Tribal prints is a fashion statement, and how you can style them. I understand the simplicity of men’s clothing being only T-shirt and Bermudas or jeans; however you do not want to channel the inner clown in your fashion sense. Tribal prints for males come in either prints or weaves so it’s child’s play in pairing them with your wardrobe staples. Read on a little more to find out how our Tribal prints can spruce up that boring set of plain tees in your wardrobe!

Do not overdo the tribal prints to a large extend when you could be mistaken to be a lost Red Indian from an undiscovered tribe. Pair tribal prints with solid colours, be it on your t-shirt or denims, but make sure they stand out in your outfit. It is imperative to wear them moderately.

Casual is definitely the way to go in donning this ethnic fashion. The look of both Indian motifs and Ikat prints works best through bottoms and shirts, and to the most extreme end, albeit the weather in Singapore is an outcry, outerwear like sweaters or cardigans. Tribal prints are always a statement and any one can instantly feel comfortable in them.

Our Tribal T-shirts are amazingly designed, that features the prints to almost a digital pattern, which mashes the past and present to conclude a compose style. The T-shirts come in three colours with different tribal prints to choose from! You won’t go wrong with any of our designed Tees as they complement almost any wear! Of course, please don’t tarnish the label by pulling a Moscow Circus theme. That is a mortal sin to commit in the Fashion industry.

Flesh Imp Team

Press To Release! June 08 2012, 1 Comment

Flesh Imp Team

Spring/Summer 2012 Menswear TREND March 07 2012, 0 Comments

This season,  it's all about the craze for python prints, checks, scarves and mesh!

Let the pictures do the talking as they inspire you..

Python Prints

All I can say is that Snake skin is the new leopard print!
Fashion labels are bringing forth snakeskin prints this season.
Such bold prints gives off a masculine appeal.
Jil Sanders (Source)

Jil Sanders (Source)
Roberto Cavalli (Source)
Roberto Cavalli (Source)
Christian Louboutin (Source)
Christian Louboutin (Source)


Checks prints are versatile and classic.
What not to love?
Roberto Cavalli (Source)

Alexander McQueen (Source)

Junya Watanabe (Source)

Costume National Homme (Source)


Gucci (Source)

Dolce & Gabanna (Source)


Predominantly a female accessory.. but who says we men can't look better in it?
Scarves for men adds an elegance to our wardrobe.
And it's no problem if you want to look masculine and rugged in it too.


Canali (Source)

Robert Geller (Source)

(Lanvin) (Source)

Cerruti (Source)

Nicholas K (Source)


The first thought of men in mesh gave me a really horrid image in my head..
But after seeing runways of male models strutting in them, it does kind of look funky.


Ann Demeulemeester (Source)


Dolce & Gabanna (Source)

Dolce & Gabbana (Source)

Robert Geller (Source)

Hermès (Source)

Shirt I, or Shirt I not? January 03 2012, 0 Comments

It's time to get all shirted up!

Remember our post on Oxfords? This time we went all inspired and decided to get creative with the fabrics and cuts to bring you something for the year of the dragon!

Virgo $59

Full cotton denim stripes

Check out the Denim details

Great for a match with denim berms or even pants!

Polka $59

We know how boring it is to have either a full polka dotted shirt, or the usual pocket detail. So we went for the extra cut to change the fron chest panel to polka dots. As usual, the tailored collars remain.

Redspot $59

One of the staff picks this collection, the Redspot has the makings of a trend setter.

Back gingham panels with sleeve fastener detail, complete with matching 'elbow patch' but in a more 'workwear' style. This brings the lumberjack in you, urban style!

Jean $59

Following the draft of Redspot, we made a full back panel so that this once utility wear gets a facelifted fashionable edge.

Yell $55

No prizes for guessing why we call this 'Yell'. Unlike to usual gingham checks of red and white (yes, that 'tablecloth' one), we gave it a new lease of life by getting crazy on our color palette.

Nice details prevails!

So, if you are still thinking of Shirt you, or Shirt you not, the answer is is 'Yes, you shirt!'

Do It Like a Dude! Wear It Like a Jacket! November 20 2011, 0 Comments

I am sure there are days you get so hyped up about some of the new clothes that you have just purchased, and absolutely can't wait to wear them ALL?

That happens to me ALL the time, but hey, you got only one head, one torso and two legs, so unless you have a co-joined twin, wearing 2 different tops or bottoms seem pretty much impossible eh?

But, yesterday we got inspired by someone at our store wearing our latest Oxford shirt like a Jacket and I thought ' This allows you to wear both at the SAME time!'

And so here we are, wearing it like a jacket!

First, we put on our latest Soft Feel Tee ' America' ($29) and slip on our pants Groom ($59).
Throw up that Shirt ' Blu' ($59) and we have a pretty preppy look for the weekend or party night out.

To add on some spice, we got a detail in the form of keychain 'Feather' ($19)

We looking good or what?

Flesh Imp March 11 New Arrivals! March 31 2011, 0 Comments

It was a great sunny day and Simon took the boys out for some fun in the sun!

Check it out now

FLMP 2011 FEB/MAR updates! February 22 2011, 0 Comments

From the looks of it, we are gonna have a bunch of pretty nice looking photos for these coupla months, all thanks to Simon, our very talented intern!

Here's what happened last night! (yes, he works fast too!)
Take a look at his one-man photog + stylist combo before he set off to the wild realms of Bukit Timah
Here's Simon in action

Throwing out some pretty good shots with Anton who gamely laid down on the ashpalt on Simon's direction.
BEHIND THE SCENE Photoshoot 1.5
IMG_6513 IMG_6569
Anton & Simon taking a little breather from getting artistic.

We knew Simon had his eyes on this rad looking western-style shirt the moment he whipped it off the shipment.

Yes, we are quite sure that John Wayne would have done the same too.

here's more from the shoot to soothe your cravings from our Fine-Cut department.

You will notice a good mix of denim with flannel, combined with some nice cotton detailing throughout.

And at a good price of $55.00, it's obvious why they are always flying off the shelves.
1 5
Click here to see what's new.
Whether it's a day out at the beach or taming a bucking bronco at the rodeo in the arcade, maybe a chillaxing day by the pool, or just some serious partying at Zouk,  Straw Hats have become a stylish way to cover those eyes and look a million bucks while you are at it.

Just like how Simon does it. :)

November Collection part 2 November 02 2010, 0 Comments

Part 2 is mainly our Flesh Imp range.
You will be stoked to find out that we have some pretty interesting shirts and pants for this season

Available in Green and Brown Corduroy

We experimented on this new material specially developed for this season where the weather gets all cool and nice. Throw on these for a casual day out at the beach or simply for a night out at the club.

Available in Blue and Dark Blue Denim

The current trend of Pants is sneaking up on us faster than we think and in this season of must-haves, so if you haven't, please add these on your checklist.
Our soft spot of fine details made us produce a pleated version, which we think is not too bad if you are going for that bespoke air without looking too frumpy. :)

Green, Khaki and Brown


With Carrot cut pants taking centre stage this season, it is our turn to let our interpretation to shine with this season.

src="" alt="" width="675" height="675" />

src="" alt="" width="675" height="675" />


Available in Brown, Khaki and Grey


How can we forget about our all time best selling bermudas?



Woollen $39

Just to whet your appetite, we are showing you just a few.

Go check out the webstore when it's up this weekend. Better yet, go check out the stores this weekend.

Next up, our favorite denim berms gets a facelift with some new colors.


Available in Light and Dark Blue Denim


Launching soon!

Flesh Imp FW 2010 LookBook BTS October 26 2010, 0 Comments

It was a perfect Sunday as we headed to the West side of the island for a fantastic shoot with Rohan, from Looque Models.

The small crew consisting of our photographer Finn, makeup and hair specialist Danielle, merchandiser / stylist Von as well as Vincent and myself walked down the beaten path near the railway tracks to get some rare shots of the seldom-seen part of the island.

Doing up Rohan is easy peasy. Being good looking has its privileges!

This season, we have got a little something extra special for you.
Celebrating our 10 years, we are increasing the product range and doing a little update on our looks.

From urban street wear to Contemporary Street Wear, it is going to be a refreshing change for sure!
Check out Rohan's interpretation of our current collection and you will know what we mean

Turning on the accents of tranquility, the Flesh Imp FW 2010 LookBook is drawing on the substance of simplicity that created a perfect fusion of style and design. More on that when the LookBook is done.

For this shoot, we are experimenting with the Nokia N8 because we heard about its kickass 12 megapixel camera with HD function on both photo and video! (you could say we are tired of hauling a big ass DSLR on shoots!)
Like our veteran photog says, ' Wow, if this Nokia works, I will be using this from now on!
Well, it looks like that might just happen! (when it finally launches end of the month!)

And yes, as usual, the video edit will be out, hopefully within a week.
The shoot was done pretty quickly and we were on our way in under 3 hours!
Flesh Imp FW 2010 LookBook coming soon

Fresh New Drops! June 10 2010, 0 Comments

As usual, things have been very crazy for us with so many things happening... Flesh Imp x Gibson, Red Bull Art of Can, and of course a few more other soon-to-be announced projects!

But first things first, our fresh new drops are ready to roll!
This time, let's go with the boys, with some of the biggest drops this month!

Tees them!

OG Cube also available in Dark Grey

OG X Also available in Black

Disco, also available in White

Road, also available in Black
Dark Grey

Shoes, available in Purple variant print
Pink Print

Cut and sew it!

Buttoids, available in a few colors

Stripoits, available in a few colors







For the ladies, we have these!

Eiffel, also available in White

Hotboys, also available in Cream

Diamond, also available in White

That's pretty much all we have for today boys and girls. Have a great almost-weekend with the World Cup to keep that spirit alive!

That's Zero by the way..

FANTASTIC FAB-RUARY February 01 2010, 0 Comments

In a heartbeat and we are hurtling towards the year of the Tiger.
We are on official countdown to Chinese New Year and yeap, just 14 days away!
It's a double happiness because the first day of CNY is also Valentine's Day, where all couples get lovey dovey.

As usual, we have lined up some fabulous winners this festive season so that you can go a-visiting looking like a million bucks!

Hang in there as this will be a 2-parter (possibly 3!) because it is a MASSIVE update! You will be spoilt for choice. Trust us! We made sure we got the best for you.

Let's start with the guys first this time.

Men's Tee are a must.

We know how you love acronyms and this season, we send you a little love in the form of FML.

For the uninitiated, this is what it means.

Available in White as well.

Next in line is this gem of an acronym that we always use. TMD.
No points for getting this one right.
Available in Embossed White and Black

OG Can in Hot Red.
Sure parent pleaser for the CNY!
Available in White, with Red Print!

Here are more apparel to whet your appetites.

More Tees!

More Cut and Sewn, for that casual preppy look, plus our best selling Shirts and Polos

Our fabulous Mens Pants and Bermudas!

Not forgetting our ALL TIME BEST SELLER Bag Packs!!

And of course, last but not least, our latest Eye Candy!

More in the next update.
Oh, by the way, our BAGS are seriously running out fast, you better get them before they fly off again.
With the 15% off 2nd item, and 20% off 3rd item, it is easy to find reasons to buy more..

and in the Men's department.... January 08 2010, 0 Comments

And in the Men's Department, we have Ronald rocking the shoot for us.

It has been awhile since we last saw him. Used to hang out and ball with him and being one of the first generation of Flesh Imp Crew, it's always good to catch up once again.

Massive drops of Tees, which are mainly made up of photosque prints with hand screened process injected with inky hues of colors for that nu skool touch. Our  Polos also make to the top of our list this season with checks, dots and stripes. You might notice the bright button details that we added, and also the slimmer fit.

We are totally loving the  Shirts , (you gonna totally love them too!) as we pumped up the volume on the checks and tartans, and also added a short sleeve range for those who wanna do a get-go on those tattoos!

not forgetting the fabulous outerwear, which comes in two schools. One with the bespoke parisan vibe as well as our favourite hoodies which also takes on a lighter fabric and checkered version.

And of course the 4 newcomers in the Premium Denim section. There is no excuse now for saying we don't have what you want. Be it plain gleaming, we have Glitz, or even grey in the form of Joel, maybe you want a little fade in your black, we have Zero (not our designer) and of course, for the distressed fanatic, this is gonna make you jump.


Front Fade lines, aka 'Whiskers'


Chronically Distressed


Grey Day


Pure Black Desire (complete with Waxed Finish Process)

These series of Premium Denim is by far one of the best that we have came up with(yet), and totally hand processed using premium 20 Oz Japanese ring spun Denim. It is also made in Japan! Yes, this time round we spared no expenses to bring you the best.

Even though we upped the ante on the production , it is still retailing at an affordable $73, so trust us when we tell you that this is one denim that totally kicks ass!

*UPDATE* We made it even SWEETER for you, guys!

These mofos are now going for an Introductory Price of $65.00!!

For some weird reason I can't seem to upload pictures on the blog so bear with us(and check out the various links instead) while WordPress sort its shit out.